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The Item: IFBB Pro League Contest Results, Andrew Oye's IFBB Pro Athletes Roundup

The Scoop: Just Announced: Over the weekend, IFBB Pro Kevin English was named the winner of the 2011 Olympia 202 Showdown at Joe Weider's Olympia Weekend in Las Vegas, Nevada.

Olympia 202 Showdown Final Results
1. IFBB Pro Kevin English
2. IFBB Pro Flex Lewis
3. IFBB Pro Jose Raymond
4. IFBB Pro Jaroslav Horvath
5. IFBB Pro Shaun-Joseph Tavernier
6. IFBB Pro Jason Arntz
7. IFBB Pro Stan McQuay
8. IFBB Pro Tricky Jackson
9. IFBB Pro Al Auguste
10. IFBB Pro Marvin Ward

The remaining field: IFBB Pro V. Ettienne (11th), IFBB Pro Amit Sapir (12th), IFBB Pro Guy Cisternino (13th), IFBB Pro James Llewellin (14th), IFBB Pro Mboya Edwards (15th), IFBB Pro Sergio Pestano Ramos (16th), IFBB Pro Fernando Noronha (16th), IFBB Pro Rixio Tapia (16th), IFBB Pro Pierre Chamoun (16th).

The "So What?": The victory in 2011 marks Kevin English's third consecutive Olympia 202 Showdown title. As reported in "Andrew Oye's Pro-Muscle Report," though qualified to compete, last year's 2nd place runner-up at the 2010 Olympia 202 Showdown, IFBB Pro David Henry, and 3rd place finisher, IFBB Pro Eduardo Correa, were absent from this year's lineup due to military deployment and injury, respectively.

Those open slots left space for James "Flex" Lewis to move up to the runner-up position in 2011, better than he probably would have fared in the Mr. Olympia Open Class (won by IFBB Pro Phil Heath), in which Lewis had also qualified to compete by placing 3rd at the Mr. Europe Pro Bodybuilding Championships (won by IFBB Pro Ronny Rockel). Yet, there is a possibility that Lewis might try the class switch again, taking on Open Division athletes at the Arnold Sports Festival's upcoming inaugural IFBB Pro Arnold Schwarzenegger Classic Bodybuilding Championships in Madrid, Spain. 

Andrew Oye's Verdict: While the crowning of Kevin English as the 2011 Olympia 202 Showdown Champion was not shocking, it is significant. He'll go down in history as one of only two IFBB Pro League athletes to ever hold that specific title -- the other being David Henry, who won the inaugural Olympia 202 Showdown in 2008. English is the longest and the last titleholder, because, next year, the 202 Division will become the 212 Division. Hence, future winners of the "lightweight" division contest will be technically and officially known as "Olympia 212 Showdown Champions."

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