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The Item: IFBB Pro League Contest Results, Legends Update, Special Achievement, Andrew Oye's IFBB Pro Athletes Roundup

The Scoop: Just Announced: Over the weekend, IFBB Pro Marius Dohne was crowned the 1st place champion in the Open Division at the 2011 IFBB Tampa Pro Bodybuilding Championships in Florida. Dohne displayed his signature symmetry, which propelled him ahead of pre-show favorite IFBB Pro Hidetada Yamagishi, who took 2nd place. Canadian IFBB Pro Frank McGrath grabbed 3rd place into his huge forearms. IFBB Pro Mark Dugdale took 4th place, and IFBB Pro Marcus Haley finished in 5th place.

The remaining field: IFBB Pro Robert Piotrkowicz (6th), IFBB Pro Jason Huh (7th), IFBB Pro Khalid Almohsinawi (8th), IFBB Pro Brandon Curry (8th), IFBB Pro Marc Lavoie (10th), IFBB Pro Alexandre Nataf (11th), IFBB Pro Santana Anderson (12th), IFBB Pro Gregory Ulysse (13th), IFBB Pro Lee Banks (14th), IFBB Pro Jerry Nicholls (15th), and IFBB Pro Jonathan Rowe (16th).

The "So What?": As reported in "Andrew Oye's Pro-Muscle Report," the Top 3 IFBB Pro League athletes at the Tampa Pro Bodybuilding Championships earn Olympia qualifications to challenge 4-time Mr. Olympia IFBB Pro Jay Cutler at Joe Weider's Olympia Weekend in Las Vegas (September 16). The win in Tampa marks Dohne's first victory in a professional bodybuilding contest. Dohne earned his IFBB Pro card by winning 1st place in the Super-Heavyweight Class and the Overall title at the 2009 South African National Bodybuilding Championships. Yamagishi's placement this year was an improvement from last year's Tampa Pro, where he had placed 7th. Dugdale's move from the 202 Division to the Open Division yielded a decent result but not an Olympia qualification at this show.

At the Tampa Pro event, forever-fit, 51-year-old, IFBB Pro Lee Labrada was honored with the Ben Weider Lifetime Achievement Award. A sports-nutrition industry entrepreneur, Cuban-born Labrada (a.k.a. "Mass with Class") earned his IFBB Pro card after winning the Middleweight Classes at the 1985 NPC National Bodybuilding Champions and 1985 IFBB Mr. Universe. His career in the International Federation of Bodybuilding & Fitness includes victories at the 1986 Night of Champions and at Grand Prix Championships in England, Greece, Spain, Finland and Holland, as well as seven Top 5 finishes at the Mr. Olympia contest between 1987 and 1993, during the reigns of 8-time Mr. Olympia IFBB Pro Lee Haney and 6-time Mr. Olympia IFBB Pro Dorian Yates.

Andrew Oye's Verdict: Onstage, Florida-based Marcus Haley displayed his dissatisfaction with his placing and later posted an apology, writing: "I want to apologize to the judges and all competitors for the way I reacted to my 5th place. My emotions got the best of me for a moment and I just couldn't crack a smile. Congrats to all of you guys who competed. I will have a few drinks, dust myself off and keep on truckin'." There is something to be said for sportsmanship, so it's good that Haley acknowledged his slip.

An athlete who did not slip was "Sultan of Symmetry" Marius Dohne (a MUSCLE INK Magazine cover athlete when he burst on the scene in 2010). We'll have to see if Dohne and "Wrath" Frank McGrath (on the comeback trail following last year's serious car accident) feel ready to accept their invitations to compete at the Olympia for the first time (after would-be first-timer IFBB Pro Evan Centopani recently announced that he would skip the "Super Bowl of bodybuilding" for family matters). Perhaps invitations to compete at the Arnold Sports Festival's IFBB Pro Arnold Schwarzenegger Classic Bodybuilding Championships (won in 2011 by IFBB Pro Branch Warren) will soon follow as well.

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