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The Item: IFBB Pro League Contest Results, Andrew Oye's IFBB Pro Athletes Roundup

The Scoop:
Over the weekend, the 2008 winner of the 202 Olympia Showdown IFBB Pro David Henry was declared the winning physique with a 1st place award in the 212 Division at the Europa Games' 2013 IFBB Phoenix Pro Bodybuilding Championships. IFBB Pro Mark Dugdale took the 2nd place runner-up position. IFBB Pro Guy Cisternino nabbed 3rd place. IFBB Pro Charles Dixon was the 4th place finisher, followed by IFBB Pro M. Cardona in 5th place.

Some of the remaining field included: IFBB Pro Wendell Floyd (6th), IFBB Pro Jose Raymond (7th), IFBB Pro Bola Ojex (8th), IFBB Pro John Sherman (9th), IFBB Pro Marco Rivera (10th), IFBB Pro Kevin Ofurum (11th), IFBB Pro Guy Ducasse (12th), IFBB Pro Daron Lytle (13th), IFBB Pro Lee Apperson (15th), IFBB Pro Luis Santa and IFBB Pro Cory Mathews (16th).

The "So What?":
As reported in "Andrew Oye's Pro-Muscle Report," the IFBB Pro Olympia Qualification Series Point System: (1st automatic qualification, 2nd - 4 Points, 3rd - 3 Points, 4th - 2 Points, 5th - 1 Point) applies to IFBB Pro League athletes' eligibility to compete at the 2014 Olympia Weekend to face reigning 212 Olympia Showdown Champion IFBB Pro James "Flex" Lewis. At the last pro contest in Arizona, the 2011 Phoenix Pro Bodybuilding Championships (staged by a different promoter and featuring Open Division bodybuilders), IFBB Pro Troy Alves took home the win. The Europa Games Expo also featured IFBB Pro fitness, world wrestling championships, martial arts, tae kwon do, karate, judo, grappling, powerlifting, arm wrestling, strongman and more.  

Andrew Oye's Verdict:
David Henry placed 2nd at this year's Olympia 212 Showdown, where Troy Alves (who dropped down from the Open Class) took 8th place in Las Vegas. I wonder if Alves is rethinking his decision to switch divisions. This weekend, 212 Division competitors also had an opportunity for Olympia Qualification Series points at the IFBB Prague Pro Bodybuilding Championships in the Czech Republic (won by IFBB Pro Flex Lewis).  This year, athletes in the 212 Class were also pleased to learn that their division will be added to the IFBB Pro Arnold Schwarzenegger Classic for the first time in 2014.

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