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The Item: Career Updates, Special Appearances, Andrew Oye's IFBB Pro Athletes Roundup

The Scoop: Recently Reported: IFBB Pro League athletes had career updates or made recent guest appearances at various sports, bodybuilding, physique and fitness events. The latest "Andrew Oye's Pro-Muscle Report" Pro Athletes Roundup includes pros with military ties and brotherly ties to bodybuilding.

The "So What?": IFBB Pro Jose Raymond is prepping for his pro debut at the IFBB New York Pro Bodybuilding Championships. At 5'4", Raymond plans to present 186 lbs. of muscle in the 202 & Under Class. Raymond earned his IFBB Pro card by winning the Middleweight Class at the 2007 NPC National Bodybuilding Championships (where IFBB Pro Evan Centopani won the Super-Heavyweight Class and Overall title).

In a recent interview, military man IFBB Pro David Henry praised the addition of the 202 Division to IFBB Pro contests -- as he should, being the biggest beneficiary, thus far, as the inaugural winner of the Olympia 202 Showdown at Joe Weider's Olympia Weekend last year. Henry placed 12th in the Open Division at the 2008 Arnold Sports Festival's IFBB Pro Arnold Schwarzenegger Classic (won buy IFBB Pro Dexter Jackson). Fellow military man IFBB Pro Leo Ingram also plans to hit the New York Pro stage in the Open Division at about 260 lbs. He placed 8th at the NY Pro last year. Ingram won the Overall at the 2006 IFBB North American Bodybuilding Championships to earn his pro card.

Hawaii-native and IFBB Pro Chris Faildo (who retired with 22 years of service in the Army National Guard) reminisced about competing at the Team Universe Championships, where he competed several times, taking 1st place in the Lightweight and Welterweight classes four times, and won the Overall title in 2007.

Andrew Oye's Verdict: In the beginning of Jose Raymond's competitive career, much of the talk centered on him being the brother of fellow NPC competitive bodybuilder Tito Raymond. Ironically, some predicted Tito might turn pro first, but Jose is now the IFBB Pro League athlete and some expect big things from him in the 202 Division. It's fascinating that after 27 years in the competitive-bodybuilding game, Chris Faildo has yet to compete on an IFBB Pro stage and now focuses on doing exhibitions. It's also interesting that Leo Ingram retired from the U.S. Navy last year -- after 20 years of service --  to focus on bodybuilding.

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