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The Item: Career Updates, Special Appearances, Andrew Oye's IFBB Pro Athletes Roundup

The Scoop: Recently Reported: IFBB Pro League athletes had career updates or made recent guest appearances at various bodybuilding, physique and fitness events. The "Andrew Oye's Pro-Muscle Report" latest roundup includes the "Hulk" and the Pak-Man.

The "So What?": In a radio interview this week, star of TV's "Incredible Hulk" and 2-time Mr. Universe IFBB Pro Lou Ferrigno reminisced about his recently departed mentor Joe Weider and how primetime TV helped bring the presence of bodybuilders into American households. "Two years, I was on ABC's Wide World of Sports...and that received tremendous attention worldwide. When I did the 'Hulk' TV series, it wasn't a costume. It was real muscle...when people saw that Mr. Olympia-caliber muscle definition, striations and density, everybody wanted to lift weights."

Ferrigno declared that had he stayed in the sport and not pursued TV, he would've won the Olympia 7 or 8 times. "Because I was so passionate about it, I think I would've been unmatched for a long time." From my MUSCLE INK Magazine interview with him, I know Ferrigno isn't shy about pointing out a sense of under-appreciation, ever since the days of his underdog portrayal versus IFBB Pro Arnold Schwarzenegger in the '70s documentary film "Pumping Iron."

Reportedly, 2013 Arnold Classic Runner-Up IFBB Pro Ben Pakulski underwent hernia surgery recently and is recovering for his next contest. As athletes like IFBB Pro Ronny Rockel, IFBB Pro Toney Freeman and IFBB Pro Michael Kefalianos prepare for the next IFBB Pro Olympia Qualification Series contest -- the FIBO Power in Germany (April 11-14), IFBB Pro Troy Alves (who I reported encourages former Vince McMahon WBF athlete and retired IFBB Pro Vince Comerford in his possible comeback) just announced that he will compete at the Orlando Pro Bodybuilding Championships (April 20).

Andrew Oye's Verdict:
I interviewed Troy Alves at the Olympia Weekend a few years ago. Alves (last seen taking 9th place at the 2012 Masters Olympia) is a nice guy and perhaps he'll do well in his move to the 212 Division, a class that needs more stars to challenge reigning Olympia 212 Showdown Champ IFBB Pro Flex Lewis.

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