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The Item: Career Updates, Contest Preparation, Andrew Oye's IFBB Pro Athletes Roundup

The Scoop: Recently Announced: IFBB Pro Dennis Newman is considering a return to the professional bodybuilding stage. A week ago (in addition to UFC MMA Fighter Chuck Liddell, "Incredible Hulk" Actor, IFBB Pro Lou Ferrigno, and 4-time Mr. Olympia IFBB Pro Jay Cutler), Newman made an appearance at the L.A. Fit Expo (TheFitExpo), where he announced his goal to train in preparation for a newly added event on the IFBB Pro League contest schedule -- the IFBB Pro World Masters Bodybuilding Championships on deck for December 10, 2011, in Miami, Florida.   

"Being an athlete, I want to challenge myself and I think a show would be something to look forward to. I'm old enough that if I'm going to do this, I want to do it now. Not when I'm 50," says 41-year-old Newman, who admits he is dissatisfied with his shortened career as a competitive pro. "I want to [make a comeback] to be healthy and look good. Maybe some of the new guys can see that they can appreciate the guys from back in the day when they had symmetry and artistic style to [bodybuilding]."

The "So What?": As reported in "Andrew Oye's Pro-Muscle Report," Dennis Newman earned his IFBB Pro card at the 1994 NPC USA Bodybuilding Championships. Known for his marketable look, the 5'10", 250-pound Newman was a popular fitness cover model off the stage and an impressive physique on the stage during the 1990's. His last competition was the 2001 IFBB Night of Champions, now known as the IFBB New York Pro Bodybuilding Championships (won by IFBB Pro Orville Burke in 2001 and by IFBB Pro Roelly Winklaar in 2010). A bout with leukemia pulled Newman away from the sport. He went on to star in "No Pain, No Gain," an independent film with bodybuilding as a backdrop.

Andrew Oye's Verdict: I dig the irony that an event in the state of sunny Florida, where many folks migrate to retire, is possibly bringing bodybuilders out of retirement, particularly one like Dennis Newman, who many feel missed reaching his potential in his heyday. Newman never got a chance to compete on the sport's most prestigious stages -- the Arnold Sports Festival's IFBB Pro Arnold Schwarzenegger Classic Bodybuilding Championships (dominated by 4-time Arnold Classic Champ IFBB Pro Flex Wheeler) or the "Super Bowl of Bodybuilding," Joe Weider's Olympia Weekend (dominated by 8-time Mr. Olympia IFBB Pro Ronnie Coleman). The question is whether he can stand up against the likes of Coleman, 2008 Mr. Olympia IFBB Pro Dexter Jackson, IFBB Pro Troy Alves, IFBB Pro Darrem Charles, IFBB Pro Ed Nunn, IFBB Pro Toney Freeman, IFBB Pro Pavol Jablonicky, and other IFBB Pro League athletes who have been named as possible participants in the World Masters contest.

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