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The Item: IFBB Pro Athlete Update, IFBB Pro League Legends Update, Andrew Oye's IFBB Pro Athletes Roundup

The Scoop: Just Reported: IFBB Pro Bodybuilder Casey Viator passed away, on his birthday, at 62. (September 4, 1951 - September 4, 2013).
The "So What?": Born in Lafayette, Louisiana, Casey Viator gravitated to bodybuilding and competed in the 1968 Mr. Louisiana Championships, finishing in 3rd place. The 1969 Teen Mr. America Championships saw Viator landing 6th place; yet, he managed to still be declared the top athlete in the Best Arms, Best Abs and Most Muscular categories. At the 1970 Mr. America contest in Los Angeles, California, Viator was named the 3rd place runner-up, but it was also there where he met Arthur Jones. Under the training tutelage of Jones, Casey Viator won the 1971 AAU Mr. America at just 19 years of age, becoming the youngest ever to earn the title. Viator's victory and potential led Jones to offer him a job at his new company, the Nautilus Group. Viator's referral of would-be IFBB Pro Mike Mentzer (a fellow 19-year-old competitor he met at the 1971 Mr. America) to Jones helped shaped Mentzer's popular high-intensity training principles. The highlight of Viator's professional bodybuilding career was a 3rd place runner-up finish at the 1982 IFBB Mr. Olympia contest. Viator also competed at the 1995 IFBB Pro League Masters Olympia, won by IFBB Pro Sonny Schmidt

Contest History:
1969 AAU Teen Mr. America (6th)
1970 AAU Mr. America (3rd) (Winner Most Muscular)
1970 AAU Teen Mr. America (1st) (Winner Most Muscular)
1970 AAU Mr. USA (1st) (Winner Most Muscular)
1971 AAU Mr. America (1st) (Winner Most Muscular)
1971 AAU Junior Mr. America (1st) (Winner Most Muscular)
1978 NABBA Mr. Universe – Medium (2nd)
1979 IFBB Canada Pro Cup (5th)
1980 IFBB Grand Prix California (3rd)
1980 IFBB Grand Prix Louisiana (1st)
1980 IFBB Grand Prix Miami (2nd)
1980 IFBB Grand Prix Pennsylvania (1st)
1980 IFBB Night of Champions (5th)
1980 IFBB Olympia (14th)
1980 IFBB Pittsburgh Pro Invitational (1st)
1981 IFBB Grand Prix California
1982 IFBB Grand Prix Belgium (4th)
1982 IFBB Grand Prix Sweden (3rd)
1982 IFBB Olympia (3rd)
1995 IFBB Masters Olympia (12th)

Andrew Oye's Verdict:
Known for his dominant forearm development, 5'8", nearly 220-pound IFBB Pro Casey Viator, as reported in "Andrew Oye's Pro-Muscle Report," also trained alongside greats like 7-time Mr. Olympia IFBB Pro Arnold Schwarzenegger and 3-time Mr. Olympia IFBB Pro Frank Zane. Viator went on to establish his own fitness training business. Amid condolences, quad-king IFBB Pro Tom Platz, who placed 6th at the 1982 Olympia behind Viator, adds, "Casey was a huge inspiration to me... In fact, as a young man I modeled my squat program after his."

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