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Anatomy of a True Super-Premium Protein
For as long as sports nutrition has existed as an industry, the cornerstone of any company's product line has always been its protein powder. Protein is the yardstick by which the quality of all its other products has been measured, and the company's own integrity and ranking as a serious contender is judged.

However, the last few years have seen protein powder demoted to a convenience item in many quarters. Material costs artificially inflated by the developing functional food industry, a rapidly growing infant formula market and the big guns of the beverage industry entering the arena have meant that even long-established sports nutrition companies had to wait in line and eat humble pie served by the industry they built. Even the most ethical companies have begun to resent being forced to carry a product that now merely allowed them to get their foot in the door, as price fixing became the norm and the introduction of cheaper, poorer quality vegetable proteins, like pea and rice isolates/concentrates allowed lesser competitors to compete on an even keel.

Believe it or not, one of the biggest online retailers determined in an in-house study that we had descended to the point where, if you took out the dairy ingredients and the bottle, the total value of the ingredients left in most "all-in-one" protein formulas was a little under a dollar! Thankfully, quality science is worth defending, which brings us to the Holy Grail of proteins, ProSource's NytroWhey Ultra Elite!

Do You Know Your BV?
BV (or Biological Value) is a concept central to understanding the muscle-supportive utility of the protein you buy. It is also perhaps the scoring system most open to abuse by unscrupulous manufacturers. A figure often quoted in order to "big up" the perceived value of what's on offer, the whole system was originally based on the assumption that egg was the only protein source capable of hitting the maximum score possible of 100.

Wait a minute, you're saying the maximum score of 100? What about all those products we read about with a BV in excess of 150? Well this is what happens when you conveniently apply outdated technology and information to the superior materials made available by up-to-date studies and today's more advanced processing techniques and options. Indeed, the latest research has shown that these scores can be dramatically improved by combining whey processed by different methodology and to varying degrees, the exact same principle behind a superior formulation such as NytroWhey Ultra Elite. To understand the turning point in protein formulation that resulted from this research, we need to recap two key facts that were established in the conclusions.

Ultra-Rapid Action Hydrolysates
Maximize Extreme Muscle Growth

 The digestion rate of a particular protein source is an independent regulating factor of post-meal protein retention. Originally, this indicated the natural conclusion of blending whey (a dietary "fast" protein) with casein (a dietary "slow" protein), thereby promoting a sustained positive nitrogen balance. However, the same research demonstrated that whey was a far more anabolic protein, thus, with today's advancements in processing technology, we can produce a functional whey blend that will provide stimulation of constant protein synthesis, i.e. anabolism!

ProSource's NytroWhey Ultra Elite contains a range of easily digested whey proteins and fractions at different stages of processing/isolation that support constant positive nitrogen balance through this prolonged absorption and subsequent increased Fractional Synthesis Rate when consumed at regular intervals, aka, the optimal anabolic environment. The team that came up with the study behind that ground-breaking opening statement (Boirie et al) also observed that ingestion at the faster end of the spectrum, i.e. whey hydrolysate, is accompanied by a greatly accelerated in vivo digestion and absorption rate when compared with a whole protein source, e.g. milk (aka, whey + casein).

The "initiator" of the whole anabolic chain reaction sparked by NytroWhey Ultra Elite is a super potent anabolic matrix of two unique proprietary protein technologies developed by Glanbia, the USA's foremost protein manufacturer. TherMAX is a unique, easily absorbed micro-processed hydrolysate that rapidly delivers extremely low-molecular weight di- and tri-peptides for immediate assimilation right when your aching muscles are screaming loudest for "assistance." As revolutionary as TherMAX has been, the next component in NytroWhey Ultra Elite is even more electrifying in its growth potential.

Highly Bioactive Leucine
"Switches On' Anabolism

Right now, the buzzword on protein supplement labels is "leucine." Without a doubt, the leucine content of a protein has become a huge selling point, and with good reason. L-leucine is a major regulator of muscle protein synthesis! Some studies have even found that, in combination with sugars, leucine alone can be as effective at this as some complete proteins! It has demonstrated the ability to limit muscle wasting during illness/injury and also to assist in ligament repair. Even the muscle and bone loss experienced through the weightlessness experienced in space flight is known to be impacted by leucine supplementation.

There are as yet so many studies verifying leucine's anabolic potential, yet we still do not understand all of its mechanisms. We know for example that it improves insulin synthesis and mTORC1-S6K-rpS6 signalling when added to a complete protein, thereby potentiating almost maximal protein Fractional Synthesis Rate post workout, even when added at a dosage of only 5g. Yet when we see this same effect on FSR after endurance exercise enhancing performance adaptation, we know that it is unlikely to be attributable to the same mechanism.

Of course, then we have its even more anabolic metabolites, HICA, KIC and HMB to consider. Indeed, while leucine, its powerful metabolites and the BCAAs in general may definitely be some of the most powerful tools we have in our anabolic arsenal, there is no doubt they all require further research. One fact that does not require further research is that leucine and the BCAAs are far more bioavailable in their peptide bound form. NytroWhey Ultra Elite contains Leuvon 590 Leucine Peptides, a whey hydrolysate standardized for a massive 40% Leucine Peptides! This super bioavailable hydrolysate allows NytroWhey Ultra Elite to deliver up to four times the amount of leucine per serving of other brands in a mere 25g scoop.

High-Quality Whey Isolate is the
Cornerstone of a Premium Protein Formula

The quality of a protein extends way beyond its simple amino acid profile or number on conventional scoring systems. Certain proteins contain unique bioactive fractions and factors also able to influence how much is retained and often much more. NytroWhey Ultra Elite also contains Provon ultra-pure CFM whey isolate, also from Glanbia. This is an instantized high-protein, low-fat isolate produced from sweet whey, and it is also low in lactose.

More importantly, the gentle, low-heat membrane filtration techniques employed in the Cross Flow Microfiltration process yield a vastly superior undenatured isolate, rich in bioactive growth and immune support factors, far superior to any other commercially available isolate on the market. Today, many companies use the term "undenatured," but as the standard by-product of cheese production, this is totally misleading. Let's take a look at what the brutal heat adulteration and pH adjustment applied to regular whey is robbing you of by showing you what could be present if it were processed in the same manner as Provon:

  • Beta-Lactoglobulin: The most predominant fraction in bovine milk, rich in BCAAs. Reasonably stable under most processing techniques.
  • Alpha-Lactalbumin: The main fraction in human milk, it is therefore considered by some to be the most nutritive and easily digestible fraction for humans. Bovine milk has a low percentage content of this particular fraction and this has presented a long-standing problem for the infant-formula market. Partially denatured by acid pH conditions.
  • Lactoferrin: This is perhaps the most important fraction of all; a view shared by biotechnology companies and protein experts alike. Considered to be the most biologically active fraction, it is known to assist in tissue growth, wound healing and to bind, scavenge and transport iron. It is nvaluable to those vulnerable to iron depletion, those who have an excess or simply those who have impaired absorption ability. Research has often demonstrated its strong imunomodulatory effects and its capacity as a powerful antioxidant. Antibacterial pharmaceutical products have been prepared containing this material. Acid pH and heat denatured, totally destroyed at 152 degrees F.
  • Lactoperoxidase: This is another highly bioactive fraction that has also been demonstrated to boost immune function. It has been used in dental formulas to inhibit caries.
  • Glycomacropeptides (GMPs): These fractions are a good example of the finely balanced synergy that is unique to the maternal milk formulas of each species. GMPs are known to modulate digestion by initiating the release of the hormone cholecystokinin (CKK) after the ingestion of fat or protein. This then aids the passage of bioactive fractions like lactoferrin and lactoperoxidase into those areas of the intestinal tract where they can impart most benefit. This action may be kept in check by opiate-like peptides known as casomorphins, found in the micellar casein of portion of maternal milk. Basically, their job is to slow things down where necessary, making sure that nutrients do not pass through the system unabsorbed. Both lactoferrin and GMPs offer further protection by promoting the growth of protective probiotic bacteria in the large intestine. Damaged by pH adjustment.
  • Immunoglobulins: As antibodies, they have quite a wide range of immuno-supportive functions. IgG is perhaps the most specific to human immune function, along with IgA, it helps to neutralize toxins and other unwanted invaders in the circulatory and lymphatic systems. IgD and IgE are highly antiviral. IgM is known to fight bacteria. Acid pH and heat denatured, destroyed at 140 degrees F.
  • Bovine Serum Albumin (BSA): A glutathione precursor, BSA has powerful antioxidant and tumour prevention properties. Damaged at 162 degrees F.
  • Lysozyme: This is known to destroy bacteria and viruses. Damaged by heat and pH adjustment.

Beware Ionic Exchange Proteins!
It would be impossible for me to close this chapter without covering ionic exchange whey, or to be more precise, why you should avoid it at all costs. This process involves separating proteins on the basis of their electrical charge. Hydrochloric acid and sodium hydroxide are the chemical reagents normally used to achieve this. The electrical charge on the proteins attaches them to resins in the reaction vessel. Obviously, these reagents damage the pH-sensitive fractions previously identified and denature some amino acids.

Referring to the above, it becomes clear that we can say goodbye to glycomacropeptides, the immunoglobulins, lactoferrin, the growth factors and a big percentage of the alpha-lactalbumin content. Cysteine and methionine will also be denatured (lost). If some fractions have been eliminated or reduced, then the resultant shift in the balance will mean that other, less desirable fractions will now represent a higher percentage of the material.

Before ion exchange came along, ultrafiltration was the only practical alternative in operation. However, a French patent on this process meant that all companies had to pay heavily to use it. This expensive inconvenience resulted in the big companies looking for other alternatives. When the ion exchange process was developed, it provided these companies with a lot more freedom. Even when microfiltration came along, the ion exchange process still retained its popularity, as the set up cost is around one fifth that of microfiltration and many times cheaper than the CFM that goes into NytroWhey Ultra Elite, Provon. So you see, the development of ion exchange whey had little to do with any benefit to the consumer.

Superior Manufacturing Protocols and
Raw Materials Sourcing Make NytroWhey
Ultra Elite Your Best Protein Value!

As a former lifter and coach, and someone who has introduced several novel compounds into the industry, I believe that most athletes buy their protein powder for one thing and one thing only: PROTEIN!

No gimmicks, no diluted blends, no second-class catering ingredient hiding behind a ton of sugar and great flavouring, JUST PROTEIN, the higher the quality, the better! In NytroWhey Ultra Elite, ProSource has taken the baton and run with it when it comes to the evolution of the protein powder, for no other product comes close to it. NytroWhey Ultra Elite is a delicious, easy mixing, rapidly assimilable superfood, crammed with bioactive growth factors. If you thought a protein powder was only ever in the diet to make up the numbers, guess again. Try new NytroWhey Ultra Elite, feel how a protein powder should really work for you!