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An Inside Look at VPX

An Inside Look at VPX

[Editor's Note: For almost 20 years, VPX has been a leading light in the supplement industry, researching, developing, and launching a series of celebrated products, particularly in the performance beverage category. Recently, we sat down with Jack Owoc, CEO, CSO of VPX and talked about a wide range of topics currently impacting the industry, about where he sees the science of supplementation going in the coming years, and about what keeps VPX growing and prospering. Very few people have Jack's longevity and track record of success in this business, and he's also a respected writer on performance and nutrition issues, as well. The claims and opinions expressed in this article are Jack's own (not ProSource's), and you can bet Jack had plenty of interesting opinions to offer.]

ProSource: Can you state the basic philosophy of your company and how it translates into the manufacturing and marketing of your products?

Jack Owoc, CEO: VPX is a premium supplement company where science is at the forefront of everything we do. Testing and studies are nonstop at our headquarters in an effort to bring to market the most cutting-edge muscle, performance, and appearance- enhancing supplements possible.

VPX stands out from the rest of the supplement industry in numerous ways. The primary reasons are that we produce our own products and operate in three super-high-end, state-of-the-art facilities totaling more than 205,000 square feet. We produce products with scientific manufacturing knowledge that has been gained over a 15-year period and close to 20 years worth of studying and sourcing raw materials from around the world. Most of our competitors just don't have these types of resources to draw from. In the rare instance when a company makes its own products like VPX does, that company has the option to go way beyond what other companies can do to develop a flawless supplement. Most companies just don't have this option.

For example, if you want to flavor a product, you may get three or four attempts to approve samples by an outside manufacturer. At VPX, there are instances when we conducted hundreds of taste tests on one single product. We have an unorthodox style at VPX, where I open my doors to my entire staff every single day. The wheels of innovation never stop, and we allow nothing to get in the way of research and  development.

ProSource: What key feature of your product line distinguishes it from those of your competitors?

Jack Owoc: The countless amounts of University studies and science that go into each and every product. The science and the ability to create superior products is something we are proud of at VPX, and everything has come full circle in 2012-2013. When I started 18-plus years ago, I spent a large portion of my time writing diets, supplementation, and exercise protocols. I recently went back to exactly what made me successful in the first place. That is, my team and I just launched VIVO 360! VIVO 360 is a nutrition, supplementation and exercise application.

However, the game-changing difference between 18 years ago and today is
that we have now simultaneously entered into a scientific and technological renaissance. This allows VIVO 360 to tap into a massive community of dietitians, personal trainers, gyms, and social media outlets to help millions of people on a daily basis. It's a revolutionary concept where everybody is benefiting and maximizing their efforts to reach their ideal physiques.

The user has the most sophisticated body re-composition (losing fat while gaining muscle) science in history right at their fingertips on their smart phone and computer. The user picks his or her foods and supplements and has more than 400 video exercises to choose from on their smart phone. This then allows the VIVO 360 program to generate the most cutting-edge body redesign protocol ever developed.

The program has far greater compliance than other diets for myriad reasons. You use VIVO 360 on your smart phone for everything. If you miss a meal, VIVO 360 recalculates and inputs a supplement for you so you don't fall off track. A second reason  is convenience. If you need a meal replacement and you have delicious Protein Rush  drinks and Zero Impact Bars to choose from, compliance and success skyrocket! Also,  you pick the meals, supplements, and training program. If you pick it, you have no excuse not to stick with it!

In the past, trainers and dietitians have always shoved "diet" foods down the client's throat. And, as you will learn when you read my book, Meltdown Ultragenomics, all "diets" have one thing in common: a 100 percent failure rate. When all the pieces of the puzzle (diet, exercise, and supplementation) are properly put into place, success rates go through the roof, but the degree of success experienced also takes on a whole new level.
ProSource: How important is customer feedback in your research and
development process?

Jack Owoc: Customer feedback is very important to VPX. From new desired flavors to reaching new goals, we always appreciate hearing from our customers. The consumers are the ones who drive the brand. They only want to put the best products in their bodies and should only expect the best from VPX. We are always listening on the forums or they can reach out to us directly at our website.

ProSource: Briefly describe a recent promotion or product launch your company undertook and why that promotional was successful.

Jack Owoc: I can't get into too much detail just yet, but we have something in the pipeline that is going to rock the industry to its core! Let's just say that if you're a fan of our Zero Impact bars, you're going to love what's coming next.

Protein Powder
Protein Snacks
Post-Workout   Energy& Endurance

ProSource: Of the following choices: a) pricing b) product effectiveness c)
customer service, which is most important to your customer and why?

Jack Owoc: Product effectiveness. Customers reach for VPX because they are expecting a superior product that's based on countless hours of R&D and products that are backed by University studies. Our biggest weakness is profitability, because it takes a great deal of money to do what we do at the extreme level at which we do it. If you look at NO-Shotgun for example, it's backed by three university studies: two at Baylor and one at Florida State University. The studies show NO-Shotgun increases muscle gene proteins up to five times (5X) normal and yields 18 times (18X) the muscle DNA (the blueprint code to build more muscle cells) in just 28 days! Furthermore, strength and lean muscle increased dramatically, and NO-Shotgun was proven not to be associated with any negative side effects. To create and meticulously test a product this great takes money. This is why it hurts when I see consumers getting their wallets and muscle jacked when consuming non-science-based, ineffective, muscle-destroying pre-workout concentrates.

ProSource: Finally, pick one supplement product category that you believe is poised for great change and advancement in the coming two or three years. What is it, how and why will customers see that impact?

Jack Owoc: Carbohydrate supplementation, because we are entering a new era of game changing super-carbs! A significant amount of R&D went into developing our  evolutionary Carbonx, and it is the first product to utilize two of the most potent scientific carbohydrate inventions: Carbonx Highly Branched Cyclic Dextrin (CHBCD) and  Carbonx Hydroxypropyl Distarch Phosphate (CHDP). With the rise in popularity of endurance sports such as CrossFit, Carbonx is the ideal solution to providing your body with its natural energy currency (glucagon) without overtaxing your CNS. In fact, one amazing attribute of CHDP is that it improves endurance in humans by up to 78.1% when compared to glucose! I think there is near-unlimited potential for this product in the endurance category.

ProSource: Thank, Jack, for sharing your thoughts with our readers.

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