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An Inside Look at iForce Nutrition

An Inside Look at iForce Nutrition
[Editor's Note: As part of our ongoing "Inside Look" series of interviews, we've been sitting down and discussing the current and future challenges facing the supplement industry with some of the industry's most influential leaders. This week, we're privileged to speak to Niko Contardi, a senior member of the management team at iForce. iForce is an excellent example of a company that entered the field with a focused emphasis on a particular niche (in their case, diet supplements) and expanded in a sensible, strategic manner as their fanbase grew. Today, they're one of the more prominent players in the industry. Of course, the claims and opinions expressed in this article are Niko's own.]

ProSource: Can you state the basic philosophy of your company and how it translates into the manufacturing and marketing of your products?
Niko Contardi, iForce Senior Sales Manager: The basic philosophy of iForce Nutrition is to produce products that work through the most effective known mechanisms of action in the human body, and as a result give users the strongest possible results with our products. This translates into formulas that focus on maximizing key bodily processes such as the krebs cycle, sleep stages, or hormonal negative feedback loops. By focusing on the human body and what it needs to perform more efficiently, formulating and marketing our products becomes significantly more effective. This approach is superior to focusing on individual ingredients, which is what many companies do.  

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ProSource: Tell us a little about how your company got started.
Niko Contardi: iForce Nutrition began in 2006, when we saw that there was a major gap in the dietary supplement industry that could be filled with more appropriately formulated products for any and all athletes. The line started with a few select products and has expanded significantly over the past eight years to include at least one product in every major category.
ProSource: What key feature of your product line distinguishes it from those of your competitors?
Niko Contardi: Unique ingredients, high doses of scientifically proven ingredients, and painstaking care to insure that what is stated on the label is exactly what is included in the product.
ProSource: Briefly describe a recent promotion or product launch your company undertook and why that promotional was successful.

Niko Contardi: Mass Gainz has been our most recent success! We feel that this is due to the unique ingredients (carb sources are oats and quinoa) and its amazing taste!
ProSource: How important are the trade shows and expos to the growth of your company?
Niko Contardi: I am not 100% sure that the ROI is always there, but we do like staying in front of the customers and this allows us to do so almost every other month throughout the year.

ProSource: What does your company do to ensure ethical standards?
Niko Contardi: iForce Nutrition produces all of its products in CGMP facilities, and we use only proven and DSHEA compliant ingredients. iForce Nutrition wants to provide users with only the most effective yet safe products available, and makes sure of this by testing each and every run of each and every product for banned substances as well as purity and composition.
ProSource: Let's say a customer is just starting a fitness regimen, can only afford one product, and he/she comes to you. Which one supplement do you recommend? Why?

Niko Contardi: 100% Whey Protean. Getting enough protein in per day is absolutely paramount to making gains in both lean body mass and fat loss, and there is no easier way to get in additional protein each day than with a great  tasting protein shake.
ProSource: What do you believe are the best and worst things about the supplement industry?
Niko Contardi: The best things about the supplement industry are that there are many great ingredients and compounds available which can help athletes be better athletes. The worst part is that there are some companies who choose to hide ingredients from the label which can be dangerous to consumers. This is why it is so necessary for consumers to be educated and use supplements from companies they trust due to a past record of compliance and rigorous testing.
ProSource: What do you think is the key to continued success in this industry?
Niko Contardi: Innovation, uniqueness, and the ability to grow and change in the face of adversity.

ProSource: Pick one supplement product category that you believe is poised for great change and advancement in the coming two or three years. What is it and how will customers see that impact?

Niko Contardi: The pre-workout category. The FDA is becoming more controlling on stimulants and with the blatant spiking of illegal compounds in certain pre-workouts, it is absolutely clear that many products will change as a result. Either the industry can police itself and keep products clean, or the FDA/DEA will have to do it for us.

ProSource: Thanks for visting Niko.

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