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An Exciting New Era of Fat-Loss Power is at Hand!
Zycor: An in-depth investigation

BioQuest is known for innovating some of the most efficacious and respected supplements in the fitness field. This is no surprise, since they have worked with some of the industry's best scientists from many disciplines to advise on the latest and most promising compounds to formulate their products. Zycor is the latest, and some would argue, the most impressive product from BioQuest and it serves as testament to the company's mission to provide the new and innovative products that have been substantiated by scientific evidence. In fact, Zycor takes on a completely new angle for fat loss. In this article we present the scientific rationale that make this the most well thought out product of its kind on the market today.

For at least the last six months or so, the excitement has been building among supplement science experts and elite bodybuilders as the sheer scope and extent of BioQuest's breakthrough achievement has become increasingly apparent. In no uncertain terms, Zycor represents the future of fat-loss science as it relates to dietary supplements. Its ultra-bioactive thermodynamic ingredient matrix is based upon a radical new understanding of the processes of fat mobilization and fat burning and how to redirect and up-regulate those metabolic mechanisms for maximum physique-ripping results. An early and compelling wave of ecstatic testimonials to Zycor's transformative power and efficacy have been making the rounds from the first days that test samples of it were made available to elite bodybuilders. And now, validation of those experiences has arrived in the form of two different clinical studies on its core ingredient.
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Significant results in just two weeks: The Fat-Loss Power of Meratrim

A landmark report, recently presented during the 29th Annual Scientific Obesity Meeting in Orlando, Florida, documented the combined results of not one, but two preliminary, randomized, double blind, placebo-controlled clinical studies using the primary thermodynamic super compound in Zycor, called Meratrim. In these two, eight-week studies, subjects lost an average of 4.5 pounds-- in a mere 14 days! This result alone signals unprecedented efficacy.

These same test subjects using Meratrim went on to lose an average of a remarkable 11.5 pounds by the end of the 8-week studies, while also achieving truly amazing reductions of 4.7 inches in waist circumference and 2.5 inches in hip circumference. These latter two sets of data suggest strongly that the active ingredient in Zycor is helping to specifically attack body fat. Needless to say, this groundbreaking report is certain to create enormous buzz among bodybuilders nationwide.

State-of-the-art thermogenic also delivers a powerful and long-lasting energy boost

The innovators at BioQuest have already demonstrated their expertise in the energy and endurance boosting category with BetaStax, the long-established sales leader in this category here at ProSource, so it should come as no surprise that they have once again set a lofty new standard for excellence with their new Zycor extreme performance product.

Even as bodybuilders have raved over the transformational power of Zycor in recent months, they have been particularly emphatic in praising the advanced formulation's capacity for generating a dynamic and long-lasting upsurge of energy. Indeed, even already lean athletes who have little interest in fat loss have given Zycor only the most positive reviews. Overall, athletes are crediting Zycor for substantial increases in stamina and work output, resulting in the most productive and intense workouts they've ever experienced.

The importance of Zycor's unique mechanism of action, the test results associated with it, and the revolutionary nature of the technology that generated them cannot be overstated. The BioQuest R&D team has revitalized the category of fat loss from the ground up, providing athletes with a transformational tool unrivaled since the era of ephedrine-based thermogenics over a decade ago. Distributed exclusively by ProSource, Zycor is an ingenious weight-loss marvel that has raised the bar to an entirely new realm.

Scientific Reference: Stern, et al (2012). Manuscript in preparation.
"Meratrim brand proprietary blend of two natural plant extracts."
"Meratrim is exclusively distributed by InterHealth Nutraceuticals, Inc.