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All-Natural Doc’s Whey Emerges As A Big Hit With Fitness-Conscious Consumers

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The all-natural foods marketplace is growing exponentially these days, as consumers grow increasingly wary of artificial ingredients, genetically modified food sources, and growth-hormone-linked products. One long-time advocate for the transition to healthier, natural supplement sourcing, sports nutrition expert and acclaimed trainer Dr. Carlon Colker, finds himself in the right place at the right time with the launch of his all-natural advanced whey protein formula Doc’s Whey.


“I conceived of Doc’s Whey in conversation with my high-profile celebrity and pro athlete clients,” Dr. Colker says. “They are very conscious of the purity and potency of their nutrition and they require the highest quality ingredients to support their training regimens and physique standards. I formulated Doc’s Whey in response to their needs. Doc’s Whey is a super-premium whey protein formula that is 100% natural, has no artificial flavors or sweeteners, and is composed of non-GMO and rBGH-free proteins. At first, I had it manufactured in very small batches for my clients, but word started to spread, and now we’re just trying to keep up with demand.”


Consumer response has been phenomenal., the exclusive online source for Doc’s Whey, is reporting that this product is now its #1 best-selling all-natural whey protein, with word-of-mouth commentary being overwhelmingly positive.


Experience the non-GMO, rBGH-free muscle-supporting nutrition of all-natural Doc’s Whey protein by visiting its exclusive retailer,