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All Fired Up

All Fired Up
New Zycor Torches the Competition, Emerges as #1 Selling Fat Burner
[Editor's Note: Although we were aware that the new weight-loss product from BioQuest was primed to make a huge impact in its category, nothing could have prepared us for the remarkable customer response we've seen for Zycor. From the very first day it was made available exclusively on the site, it has been our #1 seller among weight-loss products, by an enormous margin. Most significantly, we've seen an astounding percentage of re-orders, as the initial wave of first-time buyers have registered their overwhelming satisfaction by stocking up on Zycor at the first opportunity.

Clearly this is a level of enthusiastic consumer engagement with a product that we haven't seen since the heady early days of the rollout of Xenadrine RFA-1 over a decade ago. Each day, we're receiving new reports from our customers, sharing accounts of phenomenal week-by-week results and newly intense workouts driven by Zycor. (In our continuing reporting on Zycor, we'll be bringing you many of those athlete's stories as we reach out to those who have communicated with us.) With regard to Zycor's transformational power, we'd seen the science, seen the results of clinical testing, and now we're seeing those results replicated out in the real world. It's an inspiring thing.

Below, we have a new and very extensive overview of all the levels of research and testing behind Zycor, written by supplement expert Chad Kerksick, PhD. It's a lot of new material that anyone interested in fat-loss generally and Zycor specifically will want to read. Be sure to keep an eye on in the coming weeks, as our reporting on the Zycor phenomenon continues.]
The New Year has come and gone and already it's spring. How much closer are you to those physique goals you set for yourself during the holidays? Hopefully, you're on your way. If you're not, you still have time before the beaches open and the summer is upon us. Which brings us to the subject of today's update on one of the more promising developments in the weight-loss category, Zycor from BioQuest.

Zycor & Meratrim -- The Boost You Were Looking For

For many, adding a thermogenic supplement of some kind helps to provide a boost of energy and sustains both greater mental sharpness and focus to better stick to your program, push through hard periods and of course burn more calories, which in the end should lead to greater weight loss. Of course, a disciplined diet and regular exercise program are also needed ... that goes without saying!

Recently, BioQuest launched Zycor, a new thermogenic supplement which arrived accompanied by a considerable amount of buzz in scientific circles. The excitement derived from a key component of Zycor called Meratrim. Preliminary research using Meratrim was presented at the 29th Annual Conference of the Obesity Society in Orlando, FL, one of the largest international gatherings of scientific researchers, clinicians and consumers interested in obesity. While preliminary in nature, the presentation highlighted a series of three studies that summarized a well-constructed approach to researching the impact of Meratrim on weight loss, fat loss, and a number of important markers found in the blood (Lau 2011).

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Phase 1 Research: Off To A Good Start

The first phase of research involved in vitro work in fat cells extracted from laboratory rats. In vitro work is usually very specific and technical research performed on a small number of specific cells from tissues of interest, thus it makes sense why fat cells were used. In this study, the Meratrim extract was found to significantly reduce the growth of fat cells and increased the rate of fat cell breakdown. This research also provided evidence that Meratrim works by favorably impacting the formation of fat droplets, the uptake of fatty acids into fat tissue as well as fat metabolism overall (Lau 2011). In other words, the first phase was deemed a glowing success!

Phase 2 Research: We May Have Something Here!

The researchers then took the next logical step and moved on to in vivo work in laboratory animals. In this 2nd phase of research, Meratrim prevented weight gain by more than 8-fold in animals eating a high-fat diet over an eight week period compared to animals fed an identical high-fat diet but were not given Meratrim. The researchers also performed a toxicity study where they determined that even extremely high doses of the extract in the animals were not responsible for significant adverse outcomes (Lau 2011). At this point, it was time to get excited as the 2nd phase results showed a powerful effect to prevent weight gain when eating a diet which should promote weight gain.

Phase 3: Where Can I Buy That Stuff?

The 3rd and final phase of research was equally rigorous, but more convincing because it consisted of not one, but two preliminary randomized, double-blind, placebo-controlled studies using Meratrim over an 8 week period. Close to half (n=49) of the subjects ingested 400 mg of Meratrim 30 minutes before both breakfast and dinner each day while the other group (n=46) consumed a blinded placebo. All subjects consumed a 2,000 calorie per day diet, which contained 61% carbohydrate, 14% protein and 25% fat and walked five days per week. All participants were measured for changes in body weight and hip and waist circumference as well as key markers of health.


When Meratrim was ingested, body weight was reduced by 11.5 pounds after eight weeks versus three pounds lost when the placebo was taken, a 3.5-fold greater weight loss than placebo (p<0.0001). Similarly, waist circumference was reduced by an impressive 4.7 inches and hip circumference was reduced by 2.5 inches, significant reductions in this group from the beginning of the study. Finally, favorable changes in several markers of health were also reported when Meratrim was ingested. In this respect, adiponectin, glucose, triglyceride and cholesterol levels were all improved to a greater extent when compared to placebo; collectively, these changes can be viewed as general improvements in health (Lau 2011).

While a number of thermogenic products are available, the three-phase research approach surrounding Meratrim is both comprehensive and impressive. BioQuest and ProSource have entered an exclusive partnership to bring this exciting technology to you in the form of Zycor. While the preliminary research is exciting and convincing, more research is ongoing to further confirm the value of Meratrim as a weight loss ingredient. Remember, products like Meratrim and Zycor are best used in conjunction with a restricted calorie diet and regular exercise program. To get similar results as the human participants in the Meratrim studies you need to be doing these things as well, but if you do and do it well the results should speak for themselves.

Lau, FC, Golakoti, T, Krishnaraju, AV and Sengupta, K (2011). Efficacy of a novel herbal formulation for weight management: A randomized double-blind placebo controlled clincal study. 29th Annual Obesity Socity Conference. Orlando, FL.