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All Day Whey

All Day Whey

Tips For Increasing Your Protein Intake By Adding
Natural-Flavored Whey Isolate to Your Meals

If you’re a fitness-conscious person, focused on maintaining peak physique and performance, you already know the importance of maximizing protein in your diet. Protein supports the repair, recovery and growth of healthy muscle tissue, which in turn facilitates enhanced training capacity while burning excess fat for fuel. Protein intake also generates thermogenic activity, as it requires more energy to digest and utilize than either carbs or fats. In short, protein is a nutritional “win-win” proposition.
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You know this, and food manufacturers know it as well. That’s why “healthy protein snacks” now out-number candy bars in the checkout areas of your local convenience store or supermarket. You'll find protein bars, protein cookies, protein snack cakes, protein chips in every conceivable variety and flavor. It would seem that boosting your protein intake has never been easier. Right?

Well, no. Take a closer look at the ingredient panels of some of these protein products. Many of them list wheat flour or wheat gluten as a primary ingredient. Pea proteins and brown rice proteins are common as well. These protein sources contain incomplete amino profiles, which mean that they contain some but not all of the nine essential amino acids. They are particularly under-supplied in the branched-chain amino acids (leucine, isoleucine, valine) that are crucial to muscle repair and recovery. Leucine, especially, is critical to the facilitation of protein synthesis in muscle tissue.

Soy is no protein bargain either, as it contains phytoestrogens which have been shown to actually inhibit muscle building, while promoting fat deposition and water retention. And finally, there’s your garden-variety whey concentrates derived via crude ion-exchange filtration methods that yield damaged protein microfractions with little bioavailability. Don’t even get us started on the completely inert gelatins and filler agents that some unscrupulous manufacturers classify as “protein content.”

Suddenly your bag of Spicy Salsa Protein Chips isn’t looking like such a great nutritional strategy, is it? FNW Recipe 2ortunately, there’s a better way.

Adding Premium-Quality Whey Protein
Isolate to Nutrition-Packed Snacks

Okay, you’ve put down the peppermint-striped, wheat-gluten protein cake bites. Now what? Well, if you’re serious about your protein-based nutrition and you’re visiting us here at ProSource, you probably already have your solution near at hand. Yes! It’s the jug of super-high premium NytroWhey® whey protein isolate on your kitchen counter or in your gym bag. You already enjoy a delicious NytroWhey® protein shake after your workout or to bridge the gap between lunch and dinner. Why not add it to your favorite snacks?

You say you don’t want to add strawberry or chocolate flavored whey isolate to your pancakes or oatmeal? We’ve got you covered there, too, with Original NytroWhey® Natural Whey Protein Isolate. Original NytroWhey Natural has the same smooth, even texture and fresh, clean taste as our flavored NytroWheys, and it has no added flavoring at all, making it ideal for adding to any shake, cereal or baking recipe.

The difference between whey-protein-isolate-infused snacks and convenience store protein snacks is like night and day. Whey isolate contains a complete profile of all the essential amino acids and is particularly high in the branched-chain amino acids (leucine, isoleucine and valine) and glutamine (an immune-boosting amino acid and recovery factor). Whey isolate is a fast-acting, highly bioavailable protein source, meaning that if you consume it on an empty stomach, levels of blood amino acids peak about one hour afterward to support protein synthesis and overall muscle support.

Original NytroWhey manifests all the benefits of whey protein isolate and increases them exponentially with superior sourcing and processing. NytroWhey is sourced from the highest quality ingredients and processed via a superior cross-flow microfiltration method ideal at preserving the alphalactalbumin, lactoferrin, and glycomacropeptides that are essential catalysts for enhancing bioavailability, and boosting growth and recovery. NytroWhey also contains very high amounts of BCAAs, glutamine peptides and other precision growth factors the body needs for muscle support. You won’t get that kind of nutritional power from a brown-rice protein snack chip.

Be Creative With Original NytroWhey!

Once you start thinking beyond the shaker cup, the sky’s the limit regarding what you can do with NytroWhey premium whey protein isolate. Of course, you can get creative with shake recipes as well, adding Original NytroWhey Natural to fruit smoothies and even homemade ice cream treats. But why stop there?

Bake Original NytroWNW Recipe 3hey Natural into a blueberry muffin recipe and suddenly you’ve got “20 Grams of Power-Packed Protein Blueberry Muffins.” Keep a jug of Original NytroWhey Natural on your kitchen counter and add it to any sort of baked goods, whether its cakes, pies or cookies. Cooking on the stovetop? Whip some Original NytroWhey Natural into your scrambled eggs or spoon it into your pancake batter. Use it to thicken gravy or add some heft to chili or stir-fry. Basically, anything you can do with nutritionally negligible white flour, you can do with amino-acid-packed whey protein isolate powder. And using NytroWhey whey isolate ensures that you’re deriving maximum muscle-supporting, physique- and performance-enhancing power from every gram of food you consume.

In order to live a healthy, active, and fit lifestyle, preparation is key. Prepare and pack your own NytroWhey-powered snacks and pass up the convenience store goodies.

Post Your Original NytroWhey Natural Recipes to
Instagram and Win a Terrific ProSource Prize Package!

We’ve included a few of our favorite NytroWhey-based recipes here, but we’re always looking for delicious new variations. Post your most creative and mouth-watering NytroWhey Original recipe to Instagram with a picture and tag @TeamProSource. Add a #NytroWhey tag to it too. We’ll re-post your recipe to our Instagram account, and if we pick your NytroWhey Original Recipe as the NytroWhey Recipe of The Month, you’ll win a sensational prize package of ProSource super-premium supplements!

Spread the word and keep eating healthy with the power of NytroWhey!

Read more about Original NytroWhey® here.

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