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Aaron Yontz

Starting Weight: 320 lbs
Current Weight: 160 lbs

My Story: I was about 320 lbs at 6'1, I don't remember how I became so big. I just remembered one year for the holidays people took pics and I realized - damn I really need to get into shape. So the next summer I noticed in my basement was an old bench set with a few plastic enclosed concrete weights. One day I became really angry and started lifting, just a few reps of bench press every day that week. I noticed the soreness and how good it felt, a few months later after realizing all the exercises I could do I was still limited, my dad purchased a golds gym membership realizing I was serious about weight loss. Eventually I lost enough weight by December to notice that I no longer looked the same. Then I just wanted to be huge.

In the winter my basement is cold, frosted, the same temperature as it is outside. My hands heating the metal is the only warmth there. But when my 1 half hour work out is done I feel I'm stronger than I was when I entered.

I lift with one of my buddies now for squats and lower body but still use my golds gym for upper body. I now weigh 260. As far as measurements: my arms stand at 19 inches but i know I need more.

My goal now is to keep getting huge. I eventually want abs to show but that's just a silly dream because bulking and getting stronger as the months go by is to much fun to take a step back just for some abs. However, I notice with hard work and diet my body is becoming solid. I am a very thick and solid person and hoping my muscle definition shows as I become more solid and stronger.

I used Betastax when I first started. After that and a ton of cardio the first few months I started with gaining muscle mass. My lifting buddy recommended creatine. After reading everything on the net I was led to ProSource brand creatine monohydrate, instantly loved it. My next purchase was Syntha 6, NO Xplode, T-Bomb 2 (with milk thistle), and the occasional purchase of protein powders. I ordered the Extreme Transformational Stack and I lost about ten pounds (and really love my t-shirt, shaker cup, and of course my measuring tape).

I have been lifting using a 3-day-a-week program I found online that works well and is built around strength and mass.

Thanks guys!

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