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A Warrior With A Secret Weapon
After almost a decade away from the WWE, the Native American Tatanka has returned, stronger than ever, but now packs a supplement "secret weapon". Here's how he staged his incredible career comeback and amazing physique transformation. In the early 90s, Tatanka was an electrifying force in the wrestling ring, battling the likes of Rick Martel, Bam Bam Bigelow, Yokazuna and Lex Luger as he reached the upper echelons of the World Wrestling Federation. Turning his real-life, 100% Native American background -- he's a descendant of the Lumbee Nation in North Carolina, his home state -- into a memorable and resonant character, his trademark battle cry, Tomahawk Chop and Indian Death Drop earned him legions of fans worldwide. Then, in 1996, his promising career came to a sudden halt. At 36, he stepped away from the business to spend more time with his wife and start a family. But his fighting days weren't done yet. After two years out of the limelight, he began touring with regional wrestling promotions, working as many as 21 days per month because of his enduring popularity. On August 1, 2005, he finally returned to the organization where he enjoyed his greatest triumphs, where he had led audiences on a roller-coaster ride as a babyface and then took a shocking heel turn during his feud with Luger. The name was different, as "Federation" was since replaced with "Entertainment," and the new crop of talent he would face was younger and hungrier than ever, but it was still just like home to step into the WWE ring at The Mohegan Sun Casino in Connecticut on " Monday Night RAW". He literally made fans breathless displaying his new physique that appears to be carved from steel. The Native American Tatanka was reborn, and in the best shape of his career. In His Grasp "My comeback has progressed very positively and I'm very thankful for the great response from the fans and how WWE has truly taken care of me since my return," says Chris "Tatanka" Chavis. Just weeks out from his planned appearance on WWE's "No Way Out" pay-per-view, the 6'2", 256-pound athlete took time out to talk about his impressive re-emergence into the wrestling big leagues and the supplement that helped shape his muscular physique. "I've always worked out five days per week and believed in physical fitness 100%," Chavis explains. "But to compete in the world of professional wrestling on the greatest stage of all, the WWE, you have to be on top of your game. I was approximately 280 pounds at that first RAW appearance, and knew I needed to lose more weight but I needed to find an edge. The look at WWE now is more cut and defined, and also, you move better in the ring at a lower weight. I knew I needed to drop 20 or more pounds to be at my best, but I also knew that at 46 years old getting lean was not going to be easy anymore. So I started asking around and everyone was raving about Tetrazene ES-50. Once I tried it, I IMMEDIATELY knew it was the edge I needed to get back in top shape. I was blown away by how fast it works. In order to help, Chavis recruited the assistance of fitness expert and friend Rich Minzer (owner of, who helped him analyze his current training and diet program to tweak it for enhanced results. Sticking to his five-times-per-week workout schedule, he doubled his cardio to an hour on each of those days to crank up his metabolism to fat-burning mode. Having a major impact on that increase in metabolism and fat-burning was his discipline with his supplement regime. He took 2 Tetrazene ES-50 capsules before his morning, afternoon, and evening meals which Chris says, "vaulted my fat burning into overdrive and gave me the energy to power through my workouts." "On Mondays I would train chest, Tuesdays would be back day, Wednesdays were triceps and biceps, Thursdays were shoulders, and Friday was legs," Chavis says. "I trained abs three times per week, and finished up with a one-hour cardio session each day fast walking and running on the treadmill for 30 minutes, then hitting the stair-stepper for an additional 30 minutes. I geared my cardio to higher pace due to the great conditioning you need as a pro wrestler. Also, at 46 years old the Tetrazene ES-50 gave me energy to train like I did when I was 25 years old. It definitely made my workouts much more intense and was a critical element in transforming my physique." Chavis used a lot of basic compound movements in his weight training, employing both free weights and machines, doing 20 sets total for most body parts like legs and back, while cutting back to 16 for triceps and 10 for biceps. He kept his reps in the upper range, starting at 25 and working his way down to 15 by the last set, pyramiding up the weight as he went. Winning the War "My biggest change nutritionally was only getting carbs from vegetables from noon on," Chavis explains. "I cut all of the pasta and starchy carbs out of my diet, sticking with whole-grain carbs, oatmeal and an occasional sweet potato in the morning. But starting at 12 noon, my only carbs came from vegetables. Tetrazene ES-50 virtually eliminated my cravings for carbs so staying on track was easy and allowed me to stay focused. By helping me stay away from starchy carbs it excelerated my fat loss and got me cut." By using Tetrazene ES-50, eating clean six days per week, with a cheat meal sometimes on Sunday, Chavis was able to shed over 24 pounds while getting leaner, stronger and more aerobically fit. While not counting every single calorie he ingested, the former bodybuilding competitor -- he won three amateur contests between 1983 and 1988 -- did closely follow a high protein, moderate carb and low-fat regimen. Tatanka continued to rave about Tetrazene ES-50. "I have used it every day throughout my entire program," he says. "The results I achieved at my age prove that this is a seriously effective product for anyone who wants to lose fat while maintaining muscle. I lost over 24 pounds so far and I'm in better shape then I was 10 years ago and have to say this product has a lot to do with that. And to add to the physical appearance that Tetrazene ES-50 produces, being at a lower bodyfat with increased lean body mass is a great and healthy feeling." Chavis went on to speak with conviction about Tetrazene ES-50, "I noticed a substantial decrease in appetite and an amazing increase in energy without the "jitters" some other formulas on the market tend to produce. Most importantly I've seen visible results week after week using it and I continue to get leaner to this day. I received many compliments on how I was getting cut up while also maintaining my size, which is the golden key when losing weight. You don't want to sacrifice muscle to drop body fat, and with Tetrazene, I didn't. I strongly suggest Tetrazene ES-50 for anyone who is serious about obtaining results. In my 46 years, this is the absolute best fat-burner I've ever used!"
Tatanka's Stats
Name: Chris Chavis
Birthdate: June 8, 1960
Birthplace: Pembroke, North Carolina
Current Home: Tampa/St Petersburg, Florida
Family: Wife and three children
WWE Wrestling Career: 1991-1996, 2005-present; holds the WWE's all-time record undefeated streak at two years
Hobbies & Interests: "Health and fitness, travel, dancing with my wife and enjoying people as a whole, and being involved with my Native American people worldwide through Native Events and Pow Wows."
Favorite Supplement: Tetrazene ES-50
Personal Credo: "Believe in yourself and have faith In God, and all things are possible."
Lumbee Pride In many ways, as he makes his return to the WWE, everything's changed, yet seemingly everything has remained the same. "It has truly been a blessing since my return," Chavis says, reflecting on his resurgent career. "The fans have responded greatly to my character and remember it from the early 90s -- that is exactly what they want today. Who I portrayed then is who I portray today, a true proud Native American from the Lumbee Nation in Pembroke, North Carolina, who represents a whole race of Native Americans worldwide. I want fans to know the culture of our people." He adds, with the determination that made him a superstar, "But also know that all Natives are warriors. When I step into the ring, I'm a warrior ready to go into battle, with courage to make my people and all my fans proud." As for what he would still like to accomplish in the WWE, he gives a clear indication that he's not simply returning to soak in the residual glory of his previous run to the top of the sport. "Winners and leaders always have goals," he states emphatically. "To obtain a goal you must have a vision. I'm proud of my prior accomplishments, such as being undefeated for two years straight in the WWE, but this time around I'm focused on climbing to higher accomplishments. This time around, as it was before, I want to represent that, no matter what you have been told, or how life has treated you, or how a whole Nation of people can be oppressed, that hope is right around the corner. If you persevere long enough, good things will come your way and the desires of your heart will be fulfilled."
This athlete is not a paid endorser. He is an actual product user who achieved results using Tetrazene ES-50 along with proper nutrition and exercise.