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3 Forgotten Leg Exercises

Build a Sturdy Foundation With These Targeted
Exercises for Glutes, Hams, Quads and Calves

Do you want to lay a bet down with me? I’ll bet that you’re not doing the 3 leg exercises below and you really should be. I’ll elaborate on this further, explaining why these exercises are all great contributors to your transformation now. But first, you might want to go ahead and buy your RE-KAGED so that its ready for consumption immediately after you've finished your leg workout. As you get these 3 exercises nailed, your legs are going to be in urgent need of help to recover.  

Glute Ham Raises (GHRs)

There’s many variations of this exercise which you can do, but this is the most under-utilised hamstring builder out there. The really crazy thing about bodybuilders failing to use this move is that it’s maybe the best way to make your hamstrings grow. GHRs are so direct in the way they blast your hamstrings, you’ll feel like the backs of your legs are on fire right away.

Kris gethin Leg WorkoutThey’re not only amazing for building mass in your hamstrings, GHRs also help with lower back pain because they strengthen your posterior chain.

Like I already told you there are several ways you can do this exercise. You can either hop on the GHR machine and do these straight up in the conventional sense, or you can get creative and do them like I do. Using a lat machine seat, I hook my ankles underneath the knee pads and then get a barbell (or any item which can support my weight). From here I then let my torso go towards the floor until it’s parallel and sustain this position by using the end of the barbell to support me (against the floor). Starting from here, I will initiate the movement with my hamstrings and do my set. You only need to generate a few inches of movement to really blitz your hamstrings with this variation. You have to give this a go, man.

Alternating Lunges

I’m sure you’re already familiar with lunges, they’re a great exercise for leg development. Have you tried alternating lunges though? You do these from a standing position, lunging forward first then back to your starting position, then lunging outwards (about 12-15 inches to the side) and then back to your starting position. That’s one rep right there. It’s a double movement which totally fries your thighs from two separate angles all in one set.

To really isolate your thighs and turn the temperature up, you need to do one leg at a time. This way there’s no escaping the accumulation of lactate infested blood which will be gushing through your legs. This is an awesome targeted exercise for your quads and hamstrings, all in one.

Bulgarian Split Squats

This has to be one of my favourite quad isolation exercises out there, period. With one foot rested up on the bench behind you, you squat down on your standing leg and remain in the position until your set is done.

As you’re doing one leg at a time (and because of the shortened range of movement) you’ll quickly discover that this exercise really scorches your quads, fast. This is the perfect exercise to finish your quad workout off with, just to make sure there’s no gas left in the tank.

Don't procrastinate any longer, switch your leg day up with these 3 exercises and I guarantee your muscles are going to suffer for it. Suck that up and embrace the change, even if it presents itself as violent pain coursing through the core of your thighs.