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14 Days to a Leaner You

14 Days to a Leaner You

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The thing about science is, it doesn't advance smoothly and evenly over time. It idles in place for great stretches and then launches forward in huge, startling leaps. In 1995, you didn't have worldwide instant access to everything. If you had a cellphone or a computer, they didn't do much. By 2002, almost everything you did was enabled in some way by the Internet and the world was transformed.

That's how it works in the world of supplemental science, too. Even more so, in the world of fat-loss science. For years and years, it seems that every fat-loss product is a minor variation of every other product. They work decently and most people are happy with them. 

Then one day an athlete gets an advance sample of a new fat-loss technology based on a unique mechanism of action without precedent in the category. He takes his first dose. And the effect is immediate.

He feels terrific, focused and engaged. His workout that morning is off the charts, in both intensity and productivity. Then, as days go by, he can see the results in his physique. He's leaner and he's seeing refinements in his abs and thighs and chest that he's never seen before.

Two weeks go by. His eyes are opened to new possibilities.

This, he thinks, is how fat-loss products should always have worked.

The product is Zycor. And the future has arrived.

Brian Ahlstrom Owner, Ahlstrom Fitness Consulting
"I had heard a lot of good things about Zycor, but honestly never expected to see this caliber of results in such a short time. In fact, I could see truly visible changes literally within a few days of starting, and have continued to as long as I've been on it. Even now that I've reached my goals, I'm still seeing further refinement from week to week. Now I see why so many people are talking about this product. There's really nothing else like it!"
--Brian Ahlstrom
Owner, Ahlstrom Fitness Consulting
*These results not typical
Zycor arrives on the scene as a direct result of years of intensive research and product development, a far-reaching scientific effort that has been decisively validated in clinical testing. In fact, in the combined results of two preliminary randomized, double blind, placebo-controlled studies on Meratrim, Zycor's key weight-loss component, subjects lost an average of 4.5 lbs in a mere 14 days! These extraordinary results continued with subjects losing a remarkable amount of weight by the end of the 8-week studies. Subjects also achieved significant reductions in waist and hip size, which further underscores the fact that this formula is specifically attacking body fat.

Yes, you read that correctly. Two weeks. And further refinements through eight weeks and beyond. In addition to this clinically validated weight-loss mechanism, Zycor also contains a unique energy-boosting component. These ultra-bioactive, premium-grade energy factors are precision-targeted for ultra-rapid delivery and a dramatic energy rush that can be felt literally within minutes.

In short, taking Zycor is an exhilarating experience for athletes. Gone forever are the times when you'd take a diet-support product and hope for some effect somewhere down the road, maybe. Those days, to return to the metaphor we started with, are like that beep-blooping dial-up modem you used to own.

From the very first day Zycor was made available exclusively on the site, it has been a runaway sales phenomenon. The praise it has received from athletes has traveled like wildfire, making Zycor the #1 seller among weight-loss products, by an enormous margin. Most significantly, re-orders have been the rule, as the initial wave of first-time buyers have registered their overwhelming satisfaction by stocking up on a product that is apparently and obviously in a class by itself in the category. Indeed, sales of other well-established diet-support products have slumped dramatically even as Zycor has set sales records. And there's a reason for that.

Of all the supplement companies in existence, no company is better placed to make significant breakthroughs in the field of fat loss than BioQuest. Their track record in terms of bringing cutting-edge technologies to market is unmatched. BioQuest's BetaStax was already the gold standard in the category in terms of efficacy and power. More importantly, BetaStax was an integral part of an ongoing and productive research and development effort that was already pointing in the direction of the massive Zycor breakthrough.

As for those other products, run-of-the-mill weight-loss supplements don't work because they use inexpensive stimulants and herbal extracts that allow manufacturers to keep costs low. Their commitment to original scientific research, unfortunately, is governed by the same budget constraints. In creating Zycor, BioQuest's R&D team threw out this "bargain" approach to product development and instead put a premium on actual results, even if they were cost-intensive. This approach enabled a game-changing breakthrough--a phenomenally effective weight-loss technology that is also affordable for the typical highly motivated consumer athlete.

Once you try Zycor, you'll find it hard to imagine how you ever settled for less than real, recognizable results on a day-to-day, week-to-week basis. Zycor is already changing the common perception among athletes everywhere of what is possible in terms of physique transformation. Put the clinical-strength power of Zycor to work for you and see results you never would have considered possible a mere few years ago!

Benefits of Zycor:

Cutting Edge New Weight-Loss Technology

Ultra-Fast-Acting Premium-Grade Energy Factors

Incredible Energy Rush within Minutes of First Dose.

Primary Active Ingredient Meratrim Has Demonstrated Significant Weight Loss in as Little as Two Weeks.

How to Use Zycor:

Take 2 capsules prior to morning meal and 2 capsules 30 minutes prior to mid-afternoon meal with 8 ounces of water. Do not take in the evening. Do not exceed 4 capsules per day. Begin use with one half the suggested serving for the first week (1 capsule twice per day). For best results, use as part of sensible diet and exercise program. Consult your medical doctor prior to beginning any diet or exercise program.

Zycor Q&A

Q: What makes Zycor different than any other weight loss product?
A: Zycor utilizes an advanced and unique bioactive thermodynamic ingredient matrix to achieve weight loss, while most other weight loss formulas have a limited and less comprehensive approach. Many highly bioactive energy factors along with a multi-faceted, clinically validated weight loss methodology truly sets Zycor apart from other weight loss products.

Q: Can women take Zycor?
A: Women can take Zycor and have seen some of the best weight loss results from this breakthrough technology.

Q: What do customers say about Zycor?
A: Praise for Zycor continues to pour in at an unprecedented rate and it has become our #1 seller here at in record time. Click here for a report on Zycor's remarkable rise to prominence

Q: Will I be jittery and awake all night from taking Zycor?
A: The advanced formulation is designed for focus and energy from several different methods and does not rely solely on caffeine and stimulant based thermogenics for effect. Users of Zycor report a powerful yet even energy with no crash.

Q: Do I need to take 4 capsules per day to get results?
A: Some customers have found that 2 capsules per day can have quite an impact on energy and weight loss. Women and smaller individuals can sometimes get by on lesser amounts of Zycor.

Healthy weight management and substantial weight loss are best achieved by making lifestyle changes that include lowering caloric intake and increasing exercise activity. When used in combination with a sensible diet and exercise program, the key ingredients in Zycor can support your weight loss program. Consult a health care practitioner before beginning any weight-loss program. Read and follow all label instructions before using. Brian Ahlstrom and Jeff Long used this product in conjunction with diet and exercise and were compensated for their appearance. These results are not typical. These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.