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ZMA - 90 caps rating
(139 Reviews)

ZMA Description Supplement Facts and Usage Reviews

We hear a lot of athletes who ask, “Aren’t all ZMA formulas the same?” The answer is a resounding no. ProSource’s ZMA is an ultra-premium-grade complex that provides real results for those looking to increase testosterone, strength and vitality. This complex of zinc, magnesium and vitamin B-6 has been shown in university research to provide significant gains in college athletes. (See chart at right.)

In an 8-week double blind, randomized clinical study, tests were conducted to determine the effects of ZMA on strength levels of college athletes. Among the results was a remarkable 11.6% increase in strength compared to the placebo group (4.6% increase). The overall study findings showed that ZMA significantly increased strength and power in athletes.
The World's Best ZMA
ProSource ZMA is the same SNAC Systems formula used in that study. When it was time to add a maximally effective ZMA product to our ProSource line, we knew right where to go for the absolute-best, ultra-premium grade zinc-magnesium aspartate. SNAC (Scientific Nutrition for Advanced Conditioning) Systems has long been the leader in ZMA research and formulation. This should not be surprising given the fact that SNAC pioneered, formulated and introduced the very first ZMA product. In keeping with its research criteria, SNAC uses only the best zinc, magnesium aspartate and vitamin B6 in the exact ratios shown to be effective in clinical trials. It’s important to note that many similar products out there are not the same studied SNAC System formula.

A Powerful Synergy
It should also be noted that zinc and magnesium each play important roles in optimizing performance and recovery. Strenuous physical exercise causes significant increases in the loss of zinc in the urine, and studies have shown that even small deficiencies in zinc can lead to reductions in testosterone production. There is also evidence that zinc has antioxidant activity, so it may help fight free radicals generated during exercise that can hinder recovery. Finally, there is evidence that zinc deficiency is related to under-production of insulin like growth factor 1 (IGF-1), a potent anabolic hormone. As for magnesium, a Western Washington University study indicated that subjects taking a magnesium supplement following a seven-week leg-training program increased their leg strength by 20% compared to those taking placebo.

An Unrivaled Value
As if this isn’t enough, ZMA is also one of the most affordable T-boosters on the market. Though it doesn’t have the unprecedented T-boosting power of an advanced technology like ProSource's ZMA, it does have a great price, proven performance results and premium quality ingredients, so it’s no wonder ZMA holds strong in this category. It works perfectly as a stand-alone or can be incorporated into other supplementation regimens for added effect. Combat zinc and magnesium deficiencies, help boost testosterone levels and increase your strength and growth potential with this immensely popular anabolic agent.

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ZMA Reviews
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"Helps with deep restfull sleep" - Darcy

"I just started using this for a steady week now and I feel the difference, a good product even for the not so serious lifter!" - CHESTER A

"I have been training for over 40 years now and I was looking for a natural way to have better sleep, but most of all to restore my testosterone levels and finally got it with ZMA along with Dopa Tech HGH during night time. I checked my Test levels in a lab and got astonishing results. Really recommended." - A great product.

"Wouldn't think about going to sleep without it. Be prepared for the occasional vivid dream." - DUNHAM

"This is my 2nd bottle and have ordered another one. Helps me sleep great and reduces soreness. Only bad thing is I wake up and my mouth is so dry it is unreal. Other than that it's great" - Caleb

"Good product. Sleeping great" - DARREN

"I'm on my second bottle and since I've started taking ZMA I sleep like a baby through the night. I also noticed I have more energy and it aids in my recovery after a hard workout. I take 3 capsules about an hour before bed and lights out! I highly recommend this product. Also, a good price." - LARRY

"Definitely helps weight training and sleep. Can't beat the price." - NICK

"ZMA is a great supplement to have on hand. I'm 45 & although my genetics favors me to look very young, my testosterone dropped quite a bit. After taking ZMA I regained my stamina, drive & sleep great. I make sure that this supplement is in stock in my arsenal…" - Greg

"Some supps we take simply because of the science. Especially when the low cost makes them so accessible. Certainly many bodybuilders know this. It is impossible to differentiate (in many cases)the specific results of each supplement when we are regularly stacking a dozen items or more. In my view, ZMA is a must for any serious fitness enthusiast and/or bodybuilder." - Richard W.

"I work 8 to 10 hours a day six days a week running heavy equipment, farm on the side, have 3 young kids and workout at least 3 times a week so needless to say I don't get anywhere close to the 8 hours of sleep. When I take ZMA I feel like I've had 8 hours of rest when I've only had 5. I have noticed a small gain in the gym but a good nights sleep is worth every penny!" - CODY

"I rate my ZMA products based on tangible evidence such as morning hard on and how hard I slept the night before. This brand never disappoints. And how often does that happen where it is also the cheapest? Look no further." - MICHAEL

"i am grateful how this products works it help improve my zinc level which was below average will continue to buy" - ronald w

"i take ZMA an hour before bed, then about 10 min. before bed i take 2 grams(4 caps) mega taurine(regulate heart rate) and sleep amazing..i haven't had good nite sleep for 15 years..hope i don't jinx it" - GABE

"I am amazed how quickly I noticed it was working. My sleep patterns changed to were I could sleep all night without waking and I awake to work out my morning workout and cardio with more spring and spunk. I am sold." - Wilson

"My number 1 go to supplement !" - Silverback

"I sleep like a rock, and I lift like a beast the next day. This is probably my 5th bottle in the last 2 years. This time I was working out with a friend the next morning after my first night taking it and I just felt good. My strength seemed to be through the roof. I could not figure out why, (i kinda forgot i took the ZMA) Then it clicked the next night, it was definitely the ZMA that helped so much." - HODSON

"I have been taking this product combined with ProSource DopaTech HGH for several months and I firmly believe that it helps to promote deeper sleep and improved recovery between workouts. I highly recommend it as part of a recovery program." - Marcus

"I have taken ZMA in the past but did not get the same results as the Pro Source brand. I am sleeping much better and my energy level and strength have increased dramatically. I highly recommend this product." - Kevin

"I sleep like a champ and feel great since i started taking this about 2 weeks ago. good stuff" - THOMAS

"Great product. I stack with DopaTech HGH just prior to sleeping and it works great. I believe I get a deeper sleep. Great value on a quality supplement." - Steve

"I really started putting on size once including ZMA into my supplement and exercise routine." - Captain america

"My husband takes ZMA and he said this is the best on the market and will continue to have me order for him as he needs to reorder it..Would highly recommend.." - Lynn

"Most ZMA supplements contain the same ratio, however, this one appears to be exceptional. Try it" - JJay

"Definitely sleep better will buy this again too" - Jeffrey

"I work night shift, so there is a change of hormone, if you do not sleep at night time you always feel tired and sleeping day time is really hard. after i start taking ZMA I am getting a good sleeping time before i go to work and feel it really works for me." - SOLOMON

"Prosource ZMA, great price and super results. Much better sleep." - STEPHEN

"Best $10 supplement ever. Wake up feeling refreshed. Great deep REM sleep. Crazy Vivid Dreams!" - Michael

"Have taken Prosource ZMA for about 4 years. I sleep great and have a tighter schtick. I will always have this in my regimen!! NO SIDE EFFECTS!!" - ERIC

"This product not only helps me sleep but makes me feel better during the day." - John

"best product value that works well!" - ROBERT

"Best $10 you can spend that lasts a month! Promotes a restful sleep with the occasional crazy dream(bonus). I wake up refreshed and ready to go to the gym when taken as directed on an empty stomach 30+ mins before bed." - Justin

"Good stuff. Better sleep at night,and not as tired in the morning, even after a long workout the day before." - Tom

"I take it 45 minutes before bed and I am out. I wake up refreshed in the morning. I will definitely keep this in my supplement regimen." - MICHAEL

"I have been taking this product for years and it continues to be a staple in my regime. I sleep better and wake up more refreshed with more vigor." - Ben

"I have been buying this product pretty regularly. It works really well. I take it about 45 min before bed, and it helps me sleep and feel refreshed of a morning. It also aids in recovery. I will keep buying ZMA!!" - Mark

"I have used this product for about three years now and very pleased with results and price" - Sean

"The rest alone is worth the recovery this provides!!ZMA is a staple in anyones "bodybuilding" regiment! Ive tried [others] a few times and absolutely love this one better!" - Geoffrey

"Great test booster and great mass increase. I'm stuck with this product." - RENE

"I have used other ZMA products, and decided to try ProSource. I am impressed with this product. This will become my source for ZMA now. I sleep very soundly and after a good workout feel rested as well. Great price!" - Joseph

"I get a very good nights sleep with this product." - JIM

"Great for test support and muscle building" - NICHOLAS

"Just started using this product along with tributest. Have used other like androtest and extreme androtest before and i would say this stack works just as well and a lot cheaper." - Gary

"Good buy! I can feel it help me get to sleep and sleep more soundly. I do feel it supports muscle health. Well studied." - Steven

"Just want to say this product is amazing! Great sleep and when it comes to the bedroom I'm harder then a rock! I last a lot longer too. My girlfriend has no complaints, she loves how I'm ready to rock her socks at any moment! I recommend this product to everyone. 5 stars defiantly" - @oldnuggetz

"More bang for the buck!! I use to spend a lot on these types of products, but team this up with Prosource ZMA and you got what you need at a price you can afford." - PAUL

"By far the best ZMA available." - Logan

"Hands down this is perhaps the best supplement I have ever purchased! Like many I have a difficult time sleeping and have tried many products and NONE compare to ZMA by ProSource. An effective supplement and an almost give away price....try it!" - Daniel

"This stuff works great, slept like a champ and woke up enrgized and my muscles felt and looked like they recovered alot faster." - Philip

"Works great" - Tim

"This is an excellent product and you can't beat the price either. Before using this product I would would wake up multiple times a night. But as soon as I started taking this product I sleep very well through the night and have noticed an increase in my libido as well." - DAVID

"Nothing beats this product, great sleep, wake up ready to rip the weights, amazing strength gains! For 10 bucks I'll add to any order! Third bottle in and I still feel like its the first time taking!" - Mitchell

"Is what it is. Works" - patrick

"Works great!! Helps me go into a deep sleep and I feel well rested when I wake up." - David

"After taking this product for three days I had the best sleep in years. I wake up energized and ready for ACTION!!!!!!!!!" - Clinton

"Every night I take this product I feel well rested the next morning. I'm able to recover a lot quicker from previous workouts. Like Bryan who left comments below I'm 46." - TERRY

"good test booster and needs to be stacked with any other test booster for great results. will use again." - Turner

"I have tried numerous test boosters and this is the only one that has ever worked. How do I know it is working for sure? At 45 yrs old, a key indicator of early morning hormonal activity that was gone has now returned on a daily basis." - Bryan

"This product works great and it does what it said. It relaxes you in the night helping you sleep and recover. I recommend this product." - CARLOS

"Love this product will continue to use." - ROBERT

"It's awesome! A good, quality product. It's all true - great sex drive, sleep good like a baby, wake very well rested with a tent and body feels tight. It can't be beat. Buying more!" - Hitman

"I really do sleep better with this product. Don't know about the test boost yet, just started about 5 days ago, but for the sleep properties alone, it's worth the price." - Joseph

"Can't beat the price and the stuff works, defiantly feel a difference when I'm on it and when I'm not. Able to move more weight and sleep like a baby" - ALEX

"Great Product! I feel real good when I wake up after good deep sleep. Great recovery after long hours at work. My strength increased too. WOW!" - STEPHEN C.

"I started taking one pill at night, then two pills, wow, about 15 minutes after falling asleep I woke up and jumped on my wife, then sleep so deep and the dreams were like a movie! I went back to taking one pill before bed because that was reallly enough. Nothing beats great sex and a good night sleep and a rock hard body!" - CHAD

"I am 51 years old, ZMA and L-Ornithine have been part of my nightly regiment for the past 2 years and they have boosted my testosterone level. Prosource has the best prices on supplements." - OLIVER

"Very effective as a sleep aid. This product does cause very vivid dreams, less so if one cap less than full dose is used. I always awaken feeling very rested and energetic when using this product." - tornadokick80

"My husband loves this product. He wakes up every morning with a tent and I have to kick him out the bed." - Norma

"Excellent. Helps with sleep, waking up & the time in the gym. I personally work out early in the mornings, so I feel it helps me then as well. Assists in helping you stick to a schedule. Price cannot be beat." - MARC

"Good stuff" - MIKE

"I really like this stuff. I had my doubts it would do anything. I didn't expect it but I wake up sexually aroused almost like my teenaged years." - JEFFREY

"I can't live without this now. Sex drive is up--my wife loves it and i haven't slept this good since the kids were born. Wish I could give it 6 stars" - brain

"I like this stuff. It works. I sleep well and feel better in the morning." - TERRY

"Great stuff. I feel better in the morning and sleep better at night. I can get better workouts in too. AAAA+++" - James E.

"Excellent product and the least expensive.......Thumbs up" - DWIGHT

"Super effects on sleep. I love these." - James

"Great product at a great price. Knocks me out after I take it, and wake up ready to go" - WILLIAM

"Great effects on sleep, and I feel quicker recuperation...most likely to improved quality of sleep. I've come to consider this an essential supplement. I take it daily without fail." - christiantjr


"ZMA in general is pretty sick, but this ProSource offering is potent and pure, and you really get your money's worth compared to other brands. I've used a certain Vit Shop's offering, and I think this one edges it out. I sleep great and feel awesome when I wake. I have always had a problem resting. Definitely some T support too, so be aware of that." - DAVID

"I lift 4 - 5 days a week and with a herniated disc in my lower lumbar. I took a 12 hr pain killer almost nightly to ease my inflammation. 2 nights on ZMA and I was sold! I can't tell you enough how well rested I felt and with no pain. My muscles felt refreshed as well. A very inexpensive way to more pain pills." - Eric

"This is a great product. Only side effect I have ever had is having crazy vivid dreams. I don't mind the dreams and lots of ZMA brands have that side effect. This is the best one I have taken." - Caleb MN


"This is one of the products the I been using for some time and am real happy with it. I will recommend it! Guys- right product for the money!" - RIVAS

"Very good ZMA supplement and is the best price I could find anywhere. Can't go wrong with ProSource products in my opinion." - JEFF

"One of the best products I've tried. Love the recovery and the sleep is worth the buy itself. I am 61 years old and the guys at the gym are always asking what I am using. Best product on the shelf for the money!" - RICKY

"Excellent product. Supplement is as advertised. Well done Prosource!" - JEFFREY

"Works well for me. I would recommend." - Shawn

"This is my third bottle of ZMA, I love it. Helps with recovery and puts me into a good deep sleep." - STEVE

"Helps with recovery and leaves my joints feeling way better. Good price." - MATTHEW

"Works great helps me get the sleep needed for recovery" - scott

"'top of the line. I wake up feeling anabolic and ready to go. Mag. is a must in any diet." - DAN

"I just started using ZMA. I read a lot about it and thought I would give it a try. Great. I take before bed as directed and wow, I get the best sleep ever so my muscles can rest. I wake up clear headed, ready to handle whatever the day may bring. Great product, great price. I will continue to use." - Ramiro

"Standard product at a fair price." - MICHAEL

"This helps me sleep. I have had trouble sleeping for 7 years and have been trying to get off of taking so many sleeping pills at night. I have only been taking this for a week or two, but can report a much easier time both falling asleep as well as staying asleep." - Great sleeping product

"About halfway through my first bottle and I can already feel my muscles feeling firm. Sleep is good. Might have messed with me in the beginning but I'm used to it now. Good product." - Eric

"Great product. Improved sleep quality and better recovery between workouts. Excellent price." - JASON

"great product works well for me. Sleep easier and deeper. Muscles fill repaired when I wake" - RUEAL

"Great recovery and deep sleep I love this stuff" - JASON

"Great product. I feel like my workouts are better, which is probably due to the sleep quality this stuff promotes." - JUSTIN

"great stuff and it works. tkx prosource" - DAVE

"Great Price Great Product Helps recoversleep and stacked w androceptandrotest extreme i easliy achieved mass gains and strength in two weeks" - LOUIS

"My sleep improved with the first week of taking it. I able to sleep longer." - CHRISTOPHER

"Just about done with my 1st bottle and am very please with product. My body is not sore in the morning and my muscles feel firm. Sleep has also improved." - JERED


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