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Up Your Mass

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Up Your Mass - Vanilla - 2lbs
Serving Size: 4 Scoops
Servings Per Container: 7
Amount Per Serving% Daily Value *
Calories: 510
Calories From Fat 99
Total Fat 11g
Saturated Fat 2g
Trans Fat 0g
Cholesterol 5mg
Sodium 490mg
Potassium 830mg
Total Carbohydrates 58g
Dietary fiber 11g
Sugars 2g
Protein 46g
Other Ingredients: SLOW CARB GLYCEMIX-LG Low Glycemic Carbohydrate Blend (barley, oats, oat fiber), PROBOLIC Sustained Release Protein Matrix (Supro soy protein isolate [with calcium phosphate and lecithin], calcium caseinate, whey protein concentrate), leucine, isoleucine, valine), safflower oil creamer (safflower oil, corn syrup solids, sodium caseinate (a milk derivative), dipotassium phosphate, mono and diglycerides, lecithin, tocopherols, natural flavor, silicon dioxide (anti-caking agent), natural and artificial flavor, Lipid Complex (medium chain triglycerides, Essential Fatty Acid Blend [borage seed oil powder (GLA), flaxseed powder (ALA), omega III complex (EPA & DHA))], Gum Blend (xanthan gum, cellulose gum, carrageenan), silica, acesulfame potassium, salt, Vitamin Pre-Mix, Sucralose, Banaba Leaf Extract (Lagestroemia speciosa).

Up Your Mass
Top quality weight gain formula from MHP

Up Your Mass contains the same quality protein matrix of soy protein isolate, whey concentrate and casein found in MHP's premium Probolic-SR formulation. This protein blend provides a quick, medium, and slow release of amino acids for both fast and long-term nitrogen retention. Up Your Mass also supplies glutamine to support recovery. Notably, Up Your Mass incorporates a unique complex of low-glycemic carbohydrates (barley, oats, and oat fiber), which is one of the most impressive features of this product. Up Your Mass takes quality to completion with a sizable dose of essential fatty acids (consisting primarily of medium-chain triglycerides, plus some CLA). Add to this a smooth, delicious flavor with excellent customer response and you have a solid choice in the weight-gainer category.
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Recommended Usage: As a dietary supplement to support lean muscle growth and recovery, use one serving (4 scoops) mixed with 15 to 18 oz of water, 1 to 3 times daily.
Recommended Usage: As a dietary supplement to support lean muscle growth and recovery, use one serving (4 scoops) mixed with 15 to 18 oz of water, 1 to 3 times daily.
Recommended Usage: As a dietary supplement to support lean muscle growth and recovery, use one serving (4 scoops) mixed with 15 to 18 oz of water, 1 to 3 times daily.
Recommended Usage: As a dietary supplement to support lean muscle growth and recovery, use one serving (4 scoops) mixed with 15 to 18 oz of water, 1 to 3 times daily.
Recommended Usage: As a dietary supplement to support lean muscle growth and recovery, use one serving (4 scoops) mixed with 15 to 18 oz of water, 1 to 3 times daily.
Recommended Usage: As a dietary supplement to support lean muscle growth and recovery, use one serving (4 scoops) mixed with 15 to 18 oz of water, 1 to 3 times daily.
Recommended Usage: As a dietary supplement to support lean muscle growth and recovery, use one serving (4 scoops) mixed with 15 to 18 oz of water, 1 to 3 times daily.
Recommended Usage: As a dietary supplement to support lean muscle growth and recovery, use one serving (4 scoops) mixed with 15 to 18 oz of water, 1 to 3 times daily.
Recommended Usage: As a dietary supplement to support lean muscle growth and recovery, use one serving (4 scoops) mixed with 16 ounces of whole milk or water twice a day.


Customer Reviews 58 item(s)

Great product that actually works! I have tried most major brands. For the money You cant go wrong with this product. I have met my goal with this product and will buy again. I put on plenty of mass with taking this and working out. The downside to this product is the soy protein. This is ok because of the price. Will buy as long as I am trying to put on mass.
(Posted on 2/24/2015)
I've had vanilla and cinnamon bun, both taste great. I like that it doesn't make me feel bloated after drinking. Not sure how much mass it's helped me to gain. Not much but it tastes great.
(Posted on 2/24/2015)
Bought this for my younger brother. He is a 16 year old hard-gainer. He loves this supplement. Good price in comparison with other supplements of same caliber.
(Posted on 2/24/2015)
This product is awesome The cinnamon bun flavor is one reason to buy it,and the results will .speak for itself You will see noticeable gains in a few short weeks,a must for those serious about mass gains.
(Posted on 2/24/2015)
I love this product because not only does it taste great but I believe I owe most of my gain results to it. In 8 weeks I put on 10 pounds. Of course this with a heavy 3K + calorie dedication as well but...
I take normally 2 scoops in the morning and 2 before bed and I love it. I normally take Cinnamon Bun and blend it with blueberries and strawberries and it taste perfect. I can chug the whole thing like nothing.
(Posted on 12/26/2014)
Works Great! I just wish I had read the reviews of the flavors first. It helps to blend with milk, but next time I will try a different flavor.
(Posted on 9/15/2014)
I expected more sweet taste. However it is fairly good to buy this. Here are some reasons. First nice replacement-meal, second tastes good! Lastly balanced ingredients.
(Posted on 9/14/2014)
Love this stuff! Up your mass has been my go to weight gainer for years now, I have a crazy fast metabolism so when I want to add some pounds on I take this stuff along with my normal meals. I typically see about a 10lb gain in two weeks if I drink about 2-3 shakes a day. By far the best gainer I have tried & I have tried many.
(Posted on 8/8/2014)
Great product. Good Taste. Use it in morning and night on work days when Im not at home to get enough calories in. Quality ingredients. Little sugar. Will continue to use during mass phases.
(Posted on 6/3/2014)
Great product, taste, and Price!
(Posted on 5/5/2014)
I used this item exclusively for 3 months with some results I should've read the ingredients. soy protein suxs. no more up your mass for me cheap protein mediocre results
(Posted on 5/5/2014)
the serving size is a little much. only getting 17 shakes out of 5 pounds of protein powder might be tough on the wallet and the stomach. but if you can pull it off, you will put on the size
(Posted on 4/14/2014)
Great product for the price. Flavor's good, mixes well, does its job.
(Posted on 2/24/2014)
Flavor tastes awesome been taking for the past month just order the 5 Pound gain 4 pounds in 2 weeks
(Posted on 2/4/2014)
Awesome Product, Love the cookies and cream flavor.
(Posted on 1/2/2014)
This has been a great addition to my supps. Great weight gainer but the only negative is the taste. Peanut butter is absolutely awful. Will buy again in different flavor. GREAT Price
(Posted on 9/3/2013)
Awesome product and great flavor. Used to use [another brand] a lot til I tried Up your Mass. Great price and great results. Looking forward to getting more. Great job MHP!!!!
(Posted on 8/5/2013)
This product is awesome. it really helps to kick start any bulking phase
(Posted on 8/4/2013)
Great product highly suggested!!!
(Posted on 7/30/2013)
I've used over 50 lbs. of this flavor. Very good flavor and ease of mixing. This is the best profile of any "mass gainer" type product that I've found yet. I can highly recommend this as a meal replacement.Tip: add healthy oils to reduce foaming.
(Posted on 7/10/2013)
Great stuff. I've been using for nearly 6 months and have gained 20lbs of muscle. Peanut butter cookie mixed with dark chocolate almond milk and a banana is my favorite post-workout mix. I've tried Fudge Brownie, Cookies'n'cream and Cinnamon Bun and all taste great with the almond milk.
(Posted on 7/8/2013)
I have been a fan of the other Up Your Mass weight gainer flavors I have tried, but Fudge Brownie not only tasted "chalky", but it also gave me stomach issues. Flavor isn't the biggest factor to me, and I continued to see results from drinking this, however, I would advise you to try a different flavor. Cinnamon Bun and Cookies and Cream are both great alternatives in my opinion. Still one of the best products out there.
(Posted on 6/29/2013)
Great product. I starting using it two weeks ago and I have already started to see results. As a hard gainer, I was happy to see that this product really works! I'd recommend it to anyone, and the fudge brownie flavor tastes great and mixes great in 16 oz of water. Over all a great product.
(Posted on 5/28/2013)
Okay sure it's soy protein isolate but it's good to cycle protein sources. The fudge brownie flavor is amazing, i mix 2 scoops in one shake twice a day to get the full serving. It's delicious and i would reccomend it to anyone trying to up their calories. Also, the carbohydrate blend is very nutritious so i give this product 5 stars.
(Posted on 3/3/2013)
Fudge Brownie and Peanut Butter Cookie tastes amazing...very clean and lean mass gainer. Love the Carbohydrate blend. Healthy fat, and anabolic protein. Glutamine, and Leucine content is incredible. Definitely recommend!!
(Posted on 1/9/2013)
3 Stars only because I wasn't a fan of the fudge brownie taste and it didn't really saw some pretty descent gains while using this
(Posted on 11/12/2012)
This product works well and tastes great. I used the fudge brownie and it was actually good. I didn't even have to use a blender which is different from most mass builders. I am very pleased with the product and the results thus far and I am placing my second order now.
(Posted on 11/11/2012)
Tried this for the first time because of the position given it by Prosource. It really did not create any significant gain. I tried the Fudge Brownie and the taste was like it was trying to be something but didn't quite make it. Did mix well in blender. It may be a very good product but not one that worked for me since everyone will not experience the same results. Have returned to using Muscle Juice which has a superior taste and does impact on my gains.
(Posted on 11/1/2012)
Love this product. Really helps keep my weight up especially with working long hours a day.
(Posted on 10/17/2012)
Great product the extra calories daily really helped me put on mass. I was quite pleased with the results; I noticed my thighs, arms and back got much thicker and wider without my abdomen getting fat. My abdomen has remained flat even with my increase in mass. Fudge Brownie tastes amazing, and the peanut butter cookie tastes awful and does not taste like peanut butter. Nonetheless, the mass gained outweighs anything.
(Posted on 10/2/2012)
I use it with milk and it tastes good. It helped me to add more calories to my diet since I am looking to gain weight
(Posted on 9/24/2012)
Great for the price. Mixes easy. Tastes good.
(Posted on 9/6/2012)
Mixes great with water, tastes good and gets results. Very happy with this product!
(Posted on 8/23/2012)
Cinnamon bun is so tasty! So is Peanut butter, Prob the best ive ever had. you really enjoy drinking daily. Used them both for a year and put on around 20 pounds of BEEFFF.
(Posted on 8/3/2012)
It's simply the Best! I have great mass and strength gains within four weeks. Great Mass stack with Trac Extreme-NO and post-workout and recovery. Very Satisfied.
(Posted on 8/2/2012)
Product was tasty and very satisfied with the results I got from using it.Gained 11 solid lbs to add to my 192lbs , great product and rate this a 10.-- Corey Flood
(Posted on 6/29/2012)
I've always been a little guy 5'8 at 135 lbs and a metabolism that could scare anyone but this stuff works very well! reached 150lbs and still gaining a lot! Tastes great too. I would recommend this to anyone.
(Posted on 6/8/2012)
This product really does work.I've always been skinny but drinking this everyday has helped me go up 20 lbs!If I can do it so can you.
(Posted on 5/19/2012)
Excellent product. I ordered Cinnamon Bun it didn't taste great at first, so I added one packet of sugerless apple cider mix with the 4 scopes of the powder heated up the water and drank it like that. It was really good, I'd suggest this to anyone that isn't fond of the flavor.
(Posted on 2/23/2012)
I have been on this product for 4 weeks and I have added 10 pounds of muscle. I have the cookies & cream and it tastes great and mixes well. I will definitely this product. recommend
(Posted on 2/20/2012)
Good product. Came quick. Tastes terrible. Doesn't mix excellently but works great.
(Posted on 1/9/2012)
I've been looking for a new mass builder. I've been on it almost a month and have gotten really good gains. Went from 159 to 168lbs. I'm 5'11" with a metabolism through the roof. I love this product. I'm getting better gains than cytogainer and the price is definitely right. This doesn't leave you bloated or make it mostly water weight. Truly a great product. Mixes well with milk or water. I ordered cinnamon bun. It taste great. I plan on stocking up.
(Posted on 1/2/2012)
Tastes like chocolate milk. Excellent for big gains but you need to hit the gym hard when you use it other wise you gain more fat than muscle. Try with soy milk but mixes with just about any thing.
(Posted on 12/19/2011)
Excellent product. Gained 4lbs of muscle on only half a container. PB cookie tastes great, mixes great and does the job.
(Posted on 11/22/2011)
Great light gainer. 5 lbs after week 1. It's lean. It tastes good and it has no fillers so it 12oz vs 30+. Overall great product & will re-order.
(Posted on 10/29/2011)
Hands down the best weight gainer on the market. Cinnamon bun is delicious. Great price and great carb blend.
(Posted on 10/10/2011)
Fudge brownie tastes not so good. Product says mixes easily w/spoon , but I ended up w/many clumps trying this and still a lot in a shaker. Tried in blender but it was way too thick. Makes me gag every way I've tried it!
(Posted on 8/16/2011)
Cinnamon bun is the best tasting gainer I have tried. And it really does work!! I have gained 10 lbs of pure muscle in just a few short weeks. It has helped me get past my weight I had been stuck at for months. I can't wait for my new jug of peanut butter flavor to get here!! Highly recommend this gainer
(Posted on 8/15/2011)
Many weight gainers get their carbs from sugar. UYM gets it's carbs from barley and oats. Good choice MHP. If you don't want the sugar, UYM is it. Cinnabun tastes great by the way.
(Posted on 8/1/2011)
Nice product. Easy mixing, that a plus. Reasonable price.
(Posted on 5/24/2011)
This stuff is the BEST Cookes and cream.
(Posted on 5/12/2011)
The fudge brownie is the flavor to get. This peanut butter cookie doesn't mix very well. But out of the several weight gainers I have used, Up Your Mass is the one to get.
(Posted on 5/10/2011)
I really liked the product. And it taste great!
(Posted on 5/3/2011)
Wonderful shake and it tastes great. It's good for adding weight, but you have make sure you get enough calories in per day.
(Posted on 4/20/2011)
The cookies cream tastes like chalk. Plus, the container says 62 grams of protein per serving but that's only when you mix it with 16 oz of whole milk. I was not impressed, but may try another flavor since it's rated so highly.
(Posted on 4/3/2011)
Great product But I'm getting tired of waiting for weeks on end for prosource to get flavors in stock.
(Posted on 2/9/2011)
i love up your mass fudge brownie it tastes great, mixes perfectly, no clumps. i take it 1 or 2 times a day and deffinately want to buy it again
(Posted on 11/13/2010)
I've tried other weight gainer products but was good because it doesn't make you full.After 30 minutes I feel hungry.I had no bloating or diaherra.But the only thing is that sometimes I feel lazy after drinking this shake.
(Posted on 7/21/2010)

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