Ultra Ripped Stack

Ultra Ripped Stack

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Ultra Ripped Stack

The Fastest-Acting Weight Loss/
Definition Stack Ever Assembled!

There's no question that the most difficult goal in physique enhancement is that elusive "cut look", diligently sought after by anyone who is serious about bodybuilding. If you're like the majority of athletes, you've found that one supplement or one single method (ultra low-carb dieting, calorie restriction) is never enough to hone the ultimate wash-board abs and paper-thin, shredded physique. Instead, it takes a comprehensive, multifaceted attack, involving fat loss, appetite control, diuretics, proper protein supplementation and a pristine diet. For the multitudes that have struggled long and hard for a simple, balanced solution to this seemingly  insurmountable problem, the answer has finally arrived, the new Ultra Ripped Stack.

The Ultra Ripped Stack includes:

1 bottle of Zycor™ (120 caps)

In the combined results of two preliminary, randomized, double blind, placebo-controlled studies on Meratrim™, Zycor's ultra-potent main ingredient, subjects lost an average of 4.5 lbs in a mere 14 days! Subjects also achieved significant reductions in waist and hip size, which further underscores the fact that this formula is specifically attacking body fat. The importance of these test results cannot be overstated.

Additionally, Zycor contains a proprietary combination of premium grade energy factors that is earning raves for its smooth and efficient rush of intensity and focus. The BioQuest R&D team has revitalized the category of thermogenesis from the ground up, providing athletes with a transformational fat-loss tool unrivaled in the category.

1 container of Vectron™ (80 servings)
Burning fat while trying not to lose hard-earned muscle at the same time has always been a major frustration for bodybuilders. Vectron from ProSource was scientifically formulated to address this dilemma in the most effective way possible. The power behind Vectron is a unique proprietary bioactive peptide matrix, plus whey mineral complex called Prolibra® that was shown in a 12-week clinical trial to help provide significant improvements in the ratio of lean to fat mass. Adding to this great news, it only took 24.4 grams of Prolibra® per day to accomplish this amazing body transformation. A first of its kind, Vectron, with its highly bio-active fractionated protein complex represents a revolutionary new and effective way to lose the body fat and hold on to your hard-earned muscle, making it the perfect addition to your regimen and this stacking system. 

1 bottle of Razor Ripped™ (60 caps)

This cutting edge formula contains key electrolytes, vitamins and a compendium of powerful botanical agents recognized for years for their efficacy in this category. In fact, this potent diuretic complex is designed to support water-weight loss from your body faster than any other product of its kind. As a result, in a matter of days, Razor Ripped works to reveal every rugged muscle, rippling abs and striking striation to get you contest ready or just looking your best for that special occasion. It's designed to be used the first three days to jumpstart results and then the last week to maximize definition. Razor Ripped is the last piece to the puzzle. After all, this would not be called the Ultra Ripped Stack without it.

Clearly, for the ultimate in rapid-action weight loss, proven muscle preservation and extreme water-weight loss, this superior, ultra-fast-acting combination of products is our #1 recommended stack.

Prolibra® is a registered trademark of Glanbia® PLC.

This stack includes its own instruction guide detailing the precise times and sequences at which each supplement should be used, plus important information on fluid and nutrient intake and more.

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