Super AKG - 180 caps

Super AKG - 180 caps

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180 cap(s)
Super AKG
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Serving Size: 3 Caplets
Servings Per Container: 60
Amount Per Serving% Daily Value *
Arginine alpha-ketoglutarate (A-AKG) 3000mg**
**Daily value not established.
Other Ingredients: Dicalcium phosphate, cellulose, magnesium stearate and stearic acid.

Super AKG
Maximum Strength Vasodilator at an Affordable Price!

Nitric Oxide Potentiator

All too often, the story of the new NO-producing hemodilators can be summed up thusly: Big Pumps, Big Prices. ProSource Super AKG was created specifically to provide those colossal a much more reasonable price.

Super AKG is scientifically formulated using superior premium-grade Arginine AKG and is designed to pump out maximum nitric oxide production equal-to and even beyond the leading NO products available today.

This mass-building, pump-producing dynamo is highly reactive and plays a critical role in increased blood flow by a process called vasodilation, for improved nutrient delivery, amplified growth signals, muscle recovery and increased endurance. In fact, in a standard Time to Disintegration test, Super AKG reached full disintegration in 180 minutes, which is identical to the leading Nitric Oxide product.

Utilizing a unique extended release delivery system, Super AKG is able to sustain levels of nitric oxide production in the muscle cells for extended periods throughout the day. As a result, users are reporting greater strength gains, recovery and increased endurance.

The other great advantage to choosing Super AKG is that you get all the pump and mass producing benefits of the leading NO products, but at about half the price!

The amazing Super AKG represents the ultimate product of its kind in this powerful mass-building category. One try and you'll see why it's the only NO product you should use.

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Recommended Use: Take 3 caplets twice daily-- once in the morning on an empty stomach and again 30 minutes prior to lunch. To maximize results, drink at least 64 ounce of water daily, while using Super AKG.

Caution: Read and follow all label instructions prior to use. Not for use by individuals under 18. Do not use if you are pregnant or nursing Consult with your physician or a licensed health care professional before taking this product if you have any medical condition, if you are taking any medication, and before starting any diet or exercise program. Do not use this product if you are being treated for or at risk of high blood pressure, thyroid disease, psychiatric disorder or diabetes. Use this product with caution if you have a history of cold sores. The effectiveness of Arginine alpha-Ketoglutarate may be reduced by caffeine, ephedrine or ephedra based products. Maintain an adequate level of hydration while using this product.

Customer Reviews 17 item(s)

I like buying value. This is not only a great product but it is affordable too. I have spent more on similar products, but they didn't work any better. Works great in combination with creatine.
(Posted on 10/31/2014)
Great product. Gives me great pumps. I just hate that I have to cycle off of it for a month.
(Posted on 8/24/2014)
great product, been getting good pumps, increased vascularity
(Posted on 5/9/2014)
it's cheap and it works. I get some nice pumps off of this stuff
(Posted on 6/28/2013)
Great product. I've been using Super-AKG for about a month and it's ok. Less expensive than [others].Good product. I'll come back at the end of the month to give you an update. 10/01
(Posted on 8/28/2012)
Great product. Gives you great pumps along with energy. Easy to take. Will continue to buy this in the future.
(Posted on 7/25/2012)
Great product. I like the pump & lost some weight. Reordered. I will stay on this product for awhile.
(Posted on 6/3/2012)
I have read reviews on this product and so I took the chance and purchased it. I won't be going back to any other NO product on the market. Great price makes this a no-brainer too!! I take this in conjunction with a herb call cnidium monnieri and I get awesome pumps!
(Posted on 5/2/2012)
This is a great product, lowers my blood pressure buy increasing the size of my veins, also allows more nutrients to flow and enter the muscle, this is a must have for anyone especially fitness pros and athletes. I notice increased energy due to more oxygen and blood flow, and when working out, wow what a difference, are those my veins, and how much did I just lift. at $20 a bottle good deal.
(Posted on 3/20/2012)
Definitely one of the best NO's that I've ever used. In the first week you notice it working, it brought out veins in my body I never knew I had. Awesome product, already got a couple friends to order a bottle as well.
(Posted on 3/5/2012)
I have used various NO enhancers. This product is wonderful compared to the other products on the market. I have used Force Factor at a cost of $70.00 per bottle. This product is priced unbelievably well.
(Posted on 11/8/2011)
I ride my bike to and from the bus stop. That is about 3 miles. Before Super akg I have to go chase. Now, no more chasing unless I feel like it.
(Posted on 10/18/2011)
Super pumps! This is a great N.O. product, everything you need without all the bull, I mix this with a serving of Prosource, Creatine Mono and P.S. BetaAlanine in some juice for an awesome (and budget friendly) pre-workout supp
(Posted on 8/21/2011)
This Stuff is great. I Take it for footballweight training. I may be tired for 4-5 minutes. Then I'm back at the weights. Pair it with creatine. There is no better combo out there for me at least. Thumbs up
(Posted on 7/28/2011)
This product works. Simple as that. I hadn't taken this supplement for several months. Once I started back on it, I noticed it's benefits within a couple of hours.
(Posted on 7/18/2011)
I gotta say I was skeptical on this one, because it's so inexpensive. I've noticed more strength and faster recovery for sure. I destroyed my back a few days ago and was hardly sore afterwards. I'm DEFINITELY getting more -
(Posted on 6/10/2011)
(Posted on 4/2/2011)

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