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Total Workout and Recovery Stack

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Total Workout and Recovery Stack

For the Total Workout and Recovery Stack, a unique combination of premium-quality BioQuest and MusclePharm supplements, the emphasis is placed on supporting maximized endurance, output, and consequent growth throughout each phase of your workout: before, during, and after. Choosing the right products for this task can be a real challenge, buy each co-factor in the Total Workout and Recovery Stack adds to the whole and each one interacts with the others – generating a spectacular anabolic effect in response to high-intensity training. 

Factor 1: BioQuest AndroFury
BioQuest's AndroFury is scientifically designed to target key pathways that enhance the master of all power and strength hormones -- testosterone -- along with an ultra-high-yield nitric oxide pump complex and a synergistic blend of energy and endurance factors. The testosterone support it provides by way of its key active ingredient, a full-spectrum protodioscin-rich botanical super compound validated in clinical testing, can make a world of difference when it comes to optimizing strength and extending reps, not to mention the muscle growth assistance immediately following workouts.  Pre-workout formulas without this powerhouse T-boosting mechanism simply bear no comparison. Athletes supplementing with AndroFury offer ecstatic praise for its performance-optimizing capacity and the surge of power, endurance, and aggression it affords as they hit the gym floor.

Factor 2: MusclePharm Amino 1
The second formulation in this stack is a comprehensive amino acid blend that can be mixed and consumed as your workout is in progress. MusclePharm's Amino 1 includes 3 grams of BCAAs at its core along with energy and nitric oxide support agents such as glycine, alanine, citrulline malate, CoQ10, L-carnitine L-tartrate and a blend of hydration support ingredients. During times of physical stress such as intense exercise regimens, amino acids and electrolytes can be used up at a very rapid rate. Amino 1 is one of the most complete formulas of its kind and is a perfect complement to keep your muscles saturated with the required aminos and energy factors needed to support even the most intense workout sessions.
Factor 3: MusclePharm Armor-V
MusclePharm's Armor-V contains a blend of 26 vegetable and fruit concentrates, added vitamins E, C and A, 2,700 mg of naturally occurring antioxidants, vitamins, minerals, enzymes, polyphenols, and other natural compounds, along with a dose of essential fatty acids to provide anti-inflammatory support and recovery assistance. The free radical protection from natural greens, bioflavonoids, green tea extract and other antioxidant components in this formulation have been linked to reductions in muscle breakdown as well as improved muscle recovery. In addition, Armor-V provides B vitamins to assist energy for workouts and muscle synthesis along with electrolytes for muscle contraction support and chromium to help glucose utilization.

Factor 4: BioQuest MyoZene
The secret behind the success of MyoZene from BioQuest has to do with a "rapid action" protein derived from an advanced, cutting-edge protein source that undergoes an extensive hydrolysis yielding extremely low molecular-weight di- and tri-peptides that are absorbed directly into the blood stream, foregoing digestion and therefore capable of being more directly utilized for muscle synthesis. It also provides an infusion of L-leucine to further the anabolic response along with creatine and glutamine, still the two most clinically researched and vaunted compounds for optimizing muscle recovery.

MyoZene was the subject of a study validating its amazing quick muscle growth. In a report presented at the American College of Sports Medicine Annual Conference in 2008, normal well-experienced weight lifters underwent upper- and lower-body strength testing and body composition analysis, followed by a six-day-per-week split-body-part exercise routine. Within the test's time frame (one month), the MyoZene-receiving subject group gained 24% to 32% strength/muscular endurance. In addition, the MyoZene-drinking subjects (ingesting one serving within 45 minutes of finishing the exercise session) also experienced truly extraordinary gains in lean muscle within just four weeks. In short, we couldn't find a better way to wrap up the most highly effective energy and recovery stack available than with BioQuest's MyoZene.

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