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How did original MyoZene become our top selling post workout product shortly after its introduction several years ago? The answer is easy. When bodybuilders tried it, they loved it! This clinical grade formulation delivered the highest potencies of bodybuilding’s most proven compounds, including Creapure® creatine monohydrate, key anabolic aminos and just the right amount of high-glycemic carbs. The high-performance engine behind its cutting-edge muscle-building power, of course, was its ultra hydrolyzed, rapid action whey protein that’s absorbed directly into the bloodstream for immediate utilization resulting in unsurpassed muscle synthesis. In other words, MyoZene became the hardcore bodybuilder’s dream supplement, serving as their most essential tool for dramatic lean mass gains.

Buoyed by this enormous success, the research and development team at BioQuest meticulously went back to work in search of actually taking this remarkable achievement even further. And therein exists the difference between BioQuest and most other companies. The insistence of never being satisfied, always pushing the limits and leading the charge, has become the hallmark of this rising sports supplement brand. After years of investigation into numerous other compounds, returning back to the drawing board time and again, one ingredient overshadowed all the others enough to warrant its addition to the original powerhouse formulation. The result? New MyoZene is changing the rules again with the addition of a vital growth enhancing compound, called Leuvon™ 590. The addition of this proprietary leucine bound leucine peptide (LBLP) with the implementation of a new, gourmet, state-of-the-art flavoring system, ensures the unprecedented effectiveness of this legendary mass builder for years to come.

Leuvon™ 590 Leucine Peptides Supercharge
Muscle Anabolism

The essential amino acid leucine is the ultimate key to muscle recovery and growth. In its conventional, unbonded form, however, leucine degrades upon digestion, greatly inhibiting its growth-stimulating capacity. Leuvon™ 590’s revolutionary patent-pending peptide carrier technology enables leucine to remain soluble and stable, primed to super-efficiently trigger muscle synthesis through the mTOR pathway.

Greatly Improved New Taste Makes Building Muscle a Pleasure

The other great improvement, in addition to its increased anabolic power, is MyoZene’s advanced new flavoring system, which has dramatically improved the taste of all three original flavors of MyoZene, while adding a great new fourth flavor, Strawberry Kiwi. Athletes across the board will be delighted to find that their favorite mass builder now tastes more refreshingly delicious than ever!

Ultra-Rapid-Action Hydrolyzed Whey Facilitates Growth Instantly and Powerfully

Timing is everything when it comes to maximizing muscle building potential from intense training. Ordinary whey protein works a bit too slowly to stimulate the immediate protein synthesis needed to take advantage of the critical post-workout window of opportunity for muscle growth. There is a short period after training where the muscles are starved for critical amino acids needed to stimulate the recovery process and subsequent muscle synthesis. The extraordinary whey hydrolysate in MyoZene has undergone a highly advanced hydrolyzation process that yields extremely low molecular weight di- and tri-peptides for immediate absorption and rapid transportation to muscle cells. This technology, specific to MyoZene produces a higher degree of hydrolysis than any other product of its kind. As a result, it promotes immediate protein synthesis, while strongly augmenting insulin secretion, facilitating very significant growth. Meanwhile, a host of co-factors are further up-regulating the growth process.

Brand-Specific Clinical Study Demonstrates MyoZene’s Remarkably Powerful Results

In a product-specific study conducted at a major clinical research center, well experienced weight lifters underwent upper and lower body strength testing and body composition analysis, followed by a six-day-per-week split body part exercise routine. Within the test’s time frame (one month), the MyoZene-using subjects experienced gains of 24% in strength/muscular endurance at the mid-study point and a remarkable 32% strength/muscular endurance gain at the conclusion of the study. The MyoZene subjects also experienced dramatic gains in lean muscle mass and notable reductions in body fat as well.

The remarkable results of this study have come as no surprise to the legions of hardcore bodybuilders worldwide who’ve experienced firsthand the truly extraordinary muscle-building power of MyoZene. Rarely in the annals of sports science has a single product ever had such a profound impact on the world of athletics. Now with a whole new level of unprecedented potency and power, MyoZene is poised to totally redefine the muscle-building category once again.

© 2014 ProSource. All rights reserved. Use as directed and with a sensible nutrition and exercise program. Read all product labels and warnings thoroughly before use. Endorser used this product in conjunction with diet and exercise and was compensated for his appearance. Endorser’s results are not typical. These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.

Scientitifc Reference
Lou L, Kalman D, Feldman S, Krieger DR. An Open Label Clinical Trial Evaluating the Effects of MyoZene with Resistance Training on Changes in Body Composition and Muscle Strength. 55th American College of Sports Medicine Annual Conference. Med Sci Sports Exer 2008; 40(5): S98; 939.

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