HemodrauliX - 96 softgels

HemodrauliX - 96 softgels

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Hemodraulix- 96 Liquid Softgels 
Serving Size: 6 Liquid Softgels
Servings Per Container: 16
Amount Per Serving % Daily Value *
Sesame Seed Oil 4170mg **
Hemodraulix (Proprietary Blend) 3000mg **
 NE2 (Arginine Ethyl Ester Di-HCI) Beta-Alanine,
 Di-Arginine Malate, Arginine Alpha-Ketoglutarate, Arachidonic Acid (40% in a proprietary Fatty Acid/Oil Blend)
Other Ingredients:  Gelatin, Glycerin, Purified Water, Sunflower Lecithin, Yellow Beeswax, Titanium Dioxide, Ethyl Vanillin.

* Daily Values are based on a 2,000 calorie per day diet.
** Daily value not established.

Anabolic Hyper-Vasodialation System

HemodrauliX™ is a unique Nitric Oxide (NO) product designed to upregulate the nitric oxide producing enzyme Nitric Oxide Synthase (NOS). Upregulating NOS, combined with the most powerful Arginine on the planet, NE2« (Arginine Ethyl Ester Di-HCl) makes HemodrauliX™ substantially ahead of the entire Nitric Oxide category. Prepare yourself for even bigger pumps, more strength and deeper muscle stimulation. Additionally, HemodrauliX™ combines the power of Beta-Alanine to stimulate Carnosine production which reduces muscle fatigue while training. HemodrauliX™ feels so good you will never want to train without it.

- Supplies 30 Workouts
- Up-Regulates N.O. Production
- Unmatched Skin Bursting Pumps
- Incredible Strength Gains
- Deep Muscle Fiber Stimulation
- Improved Protein Synthesis
- Ignites Lipolysis (Fat into Muscle)
- Increases Bedroom Performance

What exactly is an Anabolic Hyper-Vasodialation System?
You may already know that Arginine is a precursor to Nitric Oxide. What you may not know is there are other factors involved that allow this process to happen. In the past, NO supplements were designed to flood your body with mass amounts of Arginine, which we actually did a great job of with NE2« by esterifying Arginine (Arginine Ethyl Ester Di-HCl). However, until now, there were not enough cofactors in your system to meet this enormous supply of Arginine thereby hindering the ultimate Nitric Oxide experience.

Nitric Oxide is a byproduct of Arginine being broken down in the body by an enzyme called Nitric Oxide Synthase (NOS). Your body only has a limited supply of NOS. Consequently, no matter how much Arginine you have flooded your system with, your NO will only be as high as the amount of NOS you have to break it down. We have a breakthrough way to create more of the key enzyme, NOS. The resultàRIDICULOUS PUMPS! We are talking pumps so big, they almost hurt. Excited yet?

Arachidonic Acid (AA). You may have seen AA in other products because it has so many benefits. But you have never seen it used this way before. AA has the ability to turn on (upregulate) NOS through a complex process. Once AA is released from the phospholipid layer of each muscle cell during exercise, it is rapidly converted to prostaglandins (PGE2). PGE2 upregulates the enzyme NOS creating the perfect environment for MASS Nitric Oxide production.

We only suggest taking HemodrauliX™ once a day and no more than four to five times a week.  No more choking down horse pills twice a day, everyday, all week. By preserving NO cofactors, HemodrauliX™ can work harder for you, build much more muscle and for less money.

 HemodrauliX™ caries a large anabolic component that is very noticeable after the first week of use. During beta-testing of HemodrauliX™, it was not uncommon to see 5 to 15 pounds of dense lean mass added within the first 30 days of use. It should also be mentioned that there is a respectable decrease in body fat. Lipolysis (Fat breakdown) is very noticeable, especially during training due to increased perspiration.

Component Breakdown

Arachidonic Acid
HemodrauliX™ is the first nitric oxide product ever to harness the power of Arachidonic Acid (AA). The powerful combo of AA and NO work together to ignite a cascading process that leads to pumps and endurance never before experienced by the bodybuilding and athletic world. Arachidonic Acid is the precursor to cell-signaling molecules called prostaglandins (PGE2). In addition to being highly anabolic, PGE2 works with Nitric Oxide to create massive vasodialation, feeding the muscles by increasing blood flow, oxygen and assisting with glucose uptake.

NE2« (Arginine Ethyl Ester Di-HCl) is composed of an Arginine molecule that is esterified, making it less polar and therefore more resistant to chemical breakdown and easily absorbed in the digestive track. The ethyl ester also protects the Arginine molecule from rapid degradation and consequently makes it much more effective in smaller doses than other nitric oxide products. What does this really mean? More Arginine in your system to create Nitric Oxide.

Moreover, HemodrauliX™ is powered by the ultra popular Beta-Alanine. Once in your system, Beta-Alanine combines with Histidine to create high levels of intramuscular Carnosine. The Carnosine buffers hydrogen ions created during exercise, which are directly associated with muscle fatigue, weakness and physical exhaustion. This means while on HemodrauliX™ you'll be able to train harder and stronger with less fatigue and faster recovery. If you feel tingling on thin areas of skin like your earlobes, don't freak out! That's the Beta-Alanine at work.

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Recommended Usage: As a dietary supplement, take 6 softgels 30 minutes prior to exercise. DO not take more than four (4) times per week.

Warnings: KEEP OUT OF REACH OF CHILDREN. This product is not intended for anyone under the age of 18, pregnant or nursing. Consult your physician before using this or any dietary supplement. Do not take this product if you have any medical condition and/or are taking any prescription medication(s). Do not use if you have, or are at risk of, a myocardial infarction (heart attack), diabetes, asthma, high blood pressure, high cholesterol, arthritis, cancer, stroke, or suffering from any inflammatory diseases, or are on a red meat restricted diet. Discontinue use if experiencing any adverse side effects.

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