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10 Years Of Excellence

Posted in: Superfeature Articles, Articles by ProSource | Feb 21, 2006

The release of this latest edition of the ProSource Performance Nutrition Buyer's Guide marks a decade of excellence and leadership in the sports nutrition industry. Since 1996, ProSource has been dedicated to providing bodybuilders and f itness enthusiasts all over the world with the latest, most cutting-edge information on sports supplements and all other key methods of physique enhancement, including the latest techniques on training and diet. Following are chronological highlights of some of the major innovations ProSource was involved with over the last ten years:

  • 1996 : Creatine Price Breakthrough When a kilo of creatine was selling for $140 (or more), the buyers at ProSource set out on a mission to bring this super supplement within reach of all athletes. Thanks to a massive volume-purchasing deal, ProSource was able to slash the price by nearly 70% and quickly became the nation's leading creatine discounter. While other mail-order discount catalogs were charging well over $100 per kilo, bodybuilders were ordering kilo's from ProSource for as low as $50. And best of all, ProSource offered this price breakthrough on the world's highest-quality-source--100% pure creatine from SKW labs in Germany.
  • 1997 : Exclusive Mail-Order Distributor of EAS In 1997, during its heyday under the leadership of industry pioneer Bill Phillips, EAS was the hottest supplement line in the world. The only problem was their high-powered supplements were simply too expensive for many struggling athletes. At that time, ProSource was the first and only mail-order company authorized to distribute this premium line and offered them at huge discounts (up to 60% lower than retail stores). Back then virtually no other supplement distributor could get their hands on EAS products so consumers had basically two options: pay $98 at retail stores for their Betagen or get it from ProSource for less than $60.
  • Mid 1997 : Bodybuilding's Ultimate Protein Source Discovered When bodybuilders were getting bloated using low-grade, poorly processed whey concentrates, ProSource made a huge splash with the introduction of its NytroWhey protein formula, which was one of the first proteins in America made with pure top-grade whey isolate processed using the superior cross-flow micro-ultrafiltration method (as opposed to the cheaper ion-exchange or acid treated methods widely used by other manufacturers). Bodybuilders immediately noticed the difference using this super protein and NytroWhey quickly became one of the best-selling products on the market, and remains so today. Due to the high manufacturing cost of this superior protein, there are still only a few companies that use pure CFM whey isolate, even today.
  • 1998 : The First Distributor of Xenadrine-RFA-1 When LEAN became the hallmark of the fitness craze, athletes were desperate for a product that could help them get there fast. In its search for a true thermogenic agent, proven to burn fat, ProSource was the first distributor to recognize the extraordinary potential of the brand-new, and then obscure, fat-burner Xenadrine-RFA-1. ProSource was in fact the FIRST distributor or retailer in the nation to offer this extraordinary product and offered it months before it was available anywhere else. And in our January 1998 catalog, we predicted this product would revolutionize the industry. Less than a year later, it became the all-time best-selling product of its kind. Over the next several years, our assumptions proved correct when numerous clinical trials confirmed its extraordinary efficacy. In fact, it remains to this day one of the most thoroughly tested products this market has ever seen.
  • 1999 : The Industry's First Supplement Buyer's Guide By this time, the sports supplement industry had exploded and the market was flooded with literally thousands of new and unknown products. As a result, consumers were left scratching their heads as to which products to use. But the dilemma was soon solved with the release of the premier edition of the ProSource Performance Nutrition Buyer's Guide. This was the first publication of its kind that provided consumers with objective, in-depth reviews and ratings on hundreds of supplements, while also featuring special feature articles on emerging new developments in the nutritional field. It turned out to be a major hit in the marketplace and went on to become one of our highest-read issues ever. Subsequently, we received literally thousands of letters from enthusiastic customers who used it as a roadmap to success in achieving their fitness goals.
  • 2001 : Anabolic Potential of New Isoflavones And More This was another busy year for the researchers at ProSource. That year we were one of the first to identify and report on a number of new innovations that went on to become big hits in the industry, such as L-Dopa as a GH booster, methoxyisoflavone as an anabolic agent and cyclodextrin delivery systems, just to name a few. At the same time, we were one of the first to warn consumers of the dangers of triacana, GBL, and dinitrophenol (all three of which were taken off the market by the FDA shortly thereafter).
  • 2002 : Ephedra-Free Thermogenics Even before the anti-'fat-burning legends of yesterday' climate began heating up, the ProSource product testing team was busy scouring the globe for effective thermogenic alternatives. Our research led us to a combination of a specialized form of green tea, caffeine, methylxanthines, and tyrosine, which was first introduced here and eventually went on to form today's most popular thermogenic stack (in fact, ProSource was the first to distribute an early generation of this stack two years earlier). This effective trio now forms the foundation of virtually every thermogenic product on the market today.
  • 2003 : Bodybuilding's First Real Protein Bar By this time, the market was literally flooded with protein bars, but what few athletes realized was that most of them were made up predominantly of low-grade, almost useless proteins such as gelatin. ProSource was the first to address this real dilemma by developing a protein bar that contained just pure cross-flow micro ultrafiltered whey protein isolate and milk protein isolate as its only protein sources. With the introduction of Supreme Protein bars, bodybuilding's first truly nutritious and anabolic protein snack was created. As a result, word spread fast and these bars quickly became the best sellers in their category. As of today, they are still one of the only bars available made with pure, high-grade protein as its only source.
  • 2004 : A New Weight-Loss Revolution With 'fat-burning legends of yesterday' gone, a noticeable void could be felt in the weight-loss category. But not for long. In its mission to find a weight-loss product that could deliver comparable results, the ProSource product testing team spent the better part of six months finding and testing literally hundreds of new, potential alternatives. In the summer of that year, when we received a prototype sample of Tetrazene ES-50 from BioQuest, we knew immediately that the void was about to be filled. A few weeks later, Tetrazene ES-50 was formally introduced here at ProSource months before it was available anywhere else. Tetrazene ES-50 quickly went on to earn the highest ratings ever in the diet category and has become the number-one-selling product of its kind out of hundreds of products in this ultra-competitive category.
  • 2005 : A Test Booster You Can Feel In the wake of the prohormone ban, many manufacturers haphazardly rushed to the market hoping to fill the void with new, herbal-based test boosters. The problem was that many of these formulas were poorly designed and used inferior grade ingredients that just didn't deliver the goods. At the same time, ProSource was busy diligently working with leading scientists in Bulgaria and other parts of Europe to develop something that could boost testosterone levels to a new high. Enter AndroTest. Before it was even formally introduced, the demand for this amazing new product literally exploded as word of its effectiveness spread like wild fire through the bodybuilding world. Today AndroTest is considered by many top researchers to be the most significant breakthrough in natural testosterone enhancement seen to date.
These highlights represent just a fraction of the many major industry innovations ProSource has been involved with over the past decade. As we now enter our second decade serving you, our research team is working diligently with other leading sports nutrition experts all over the world to continue to find new and even better ways to enhance athletic performance, improve body composition, and promote overall better health. We at ProSource sincerely appreciate your loyal support over the past ten years and look forward to the opportunity to continue assisting you with your fitness and bodybuilding goals. Stay tuned--the best is yet to come!


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