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The Next Generation Of Thermogenic Fat Burners

Feb 1, 2008
Posted in: Articles by ProSource, Supplement Articles, Caffeine, Oolong Tea Extract , Razberi-K
Carving out a lean, hard body, with washboard abs is the ultimate goal for bodybuilders. It's what we all should strive for. In the last few years, however, it has been more and more difficult to find truly effective thermogenic supplements to help us get there. Fortunately, there are new ...

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Pre-Exercise Nutrition: The Blueprint For A Perfect Workout

May 21, 2007
Posted in: Articles by ProSource, Training Articles, Supplement Articles, Caffeine, BCAA
Research on caffeine shows effective doses in the range of 1.8mg to 4mg per pound of bodyweight, taken about 30 minutes prior to exercise. Is it possible to develop the perfect workout and bottle it? Could you gather up all the intensity, the unexpected strength, the supercharged endurance, the freaky ...

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Healthy Mind, Healthy Body

Apr 23, 2007
Posted in: Articles by ProSource, Supplement Articles, Tyrosine, CDP-choline, Caffeine
The understanding of the mind-body relationship has come a long way since the beginning of Cartesian dualism. In fact, we can all pretty much agree that, in order for optimal performance to occur, we must have both the mind and body ticking like a fine Swiss timepiece. Since you are ...

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Brain Boosters : For The Winter Blues & Blahs

Feb 21, 2007
Posted in: Articles by ProSource, Supplement Articles, Tyrosine, Caffeine, Green Tea
Your strongest muscle is, and has always been, between your ears. Eons ago, pre-humans evolved big brains, which allowed us to avoid or beat-out predators, maximize our reproductive potential, and populate the whole planet at the expense of other species. And we've obviously done a great job at that! The ...

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Holiday Eating And Supplementing

Feb 21, 2007
Posted in: Articles by ProSource, Supplement Articles, Diet Articles, Glucomannan, Caffeine
If you have a hard time packing on muscle and consider yourself a member of the "Hardgainers Club," your favorite time of the year is among us...The Holidays! But if it is more difficult for you keep fat off and stay lean than it is to gain muscle, this is ...

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(2004) America's Most Popular Diet Plans

Feb 21, 2005
Posted in: Diet Articles, Supplement Articles, 5-Dexe-Triamine-HCl, Caffeine, CDP-choline
A Comprehensive Overview of Today's Leading Weight Loss ProgramsOne of the more alarming health concerns we face as a nation is the shocking fact that approximately three of every four adult Americans are either overweight or obese. This startling admission may help to explain the bombardment of weight loss systems, ...

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