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BioQuest: MyoZene

Grow With The Best!

Dec 22, 2014
Posted in: Articles by ProSource, Supplement Articles, BioQuest: MyoZene
It has been well established that heavy resistance training is the best way to stimulate the protein synthesis that is the foundation of muscle growth (1). However, resistance training also ramps up the catabolism of skeletal muscle protein which can lead to muscle loss if you are in a continued ...

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Mass Impact: Rapid-Action Protein

Apr 1, 2010
Posted in: Articles by ProSource, Superfeature Articles, BioQuest: MyoZene, Research Articles
Ultra-Hydrolyzed Proteins Emerge as the Key to Extreme Muscle Growth When it comes to protein supplementation, the Golden Rule hasn't changed: Quality still beats quantity. However, in light of recent scientific investigation, it has become apparent that the Golden Rule should be amended as follows: "Quality still rules, but timing ...

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Search for the Ultimate Post-Exercise Bodybuilding Supplements: the Anabolic Edge

Apr 10, 2007
Posted in: Articles by ProSource, Supplement Articles, Protein, Amino Acids, BioQuest: MyoZene
Reproduced, with permission, from Muscular Development "Performance enhancement is not against the spirit of sport; it is the spirit of sport. To choose to be better is to be human. Athletes should be given this choice." --J Savulescu et al. British Journal of Sports Medicine, 2004;38:666-670. Bodybuilding Supplements, Insulin, Amino ...

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Macronutrient Update

Feb 21, 2007
Posted in: Articles by ProSource, Supplement Articles, Phosphatidylserine, BioQuest: MyoZene
"The soft minded man always fears change. He feels security in the status quo and he has an almost morbid fear of the new. For him, the greatest pain is the pain of a new idea." Martin Luther King Jr The validity of the low-fat/high-carb diet is challenged when those ...

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MYOZENE: Where Science Meets the Gym

Feb 21, 2007
Posted in: Articles by ProSource, Supplement Articles, BioQuest: MyoZene, Protein
"Frankly, it's the most scientifically sound nutritional supplement formulation that I have seen in a long time." Over the last 20 years, the nutritional supplement industry has evolved from marketing of products with little scientific evidence supporting the use to the development of high quality functional products based on solid ...

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MyoZene User Testimonials

Feb 21, 2007
Posted in: Articles by ProSource, Supplement Articles, BioQuest: MyoZene
In 10 years in this industry, we've never seen a new product have such an immediate and significant impact among competitive bodybuilders. Literally every athlete we've interviewed reported truly extraordinary results. "Damn I found a home run! MyoZene took me to a level that I never thought possible. The size ...

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MYOZENE: The Most Powerful Muscle-Building Agent Ever Created?

Feb 21, 2007
Posted in: Articles by ProSource, Research Articles, Supplement Articles, BioQuest: MyoZene, Protein
Can a single drug-free product really produce the kind of extreme muscle growth you can visibly see week to week? Gains of up to 30lbs of rock hard muscle in a matter of just a few months? Along with dramatic increases in strength? Up until recently, we would have said ...

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