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Once and for all, can you tell me what is the single best muscle-building product, period!

Posted in: Ask the Experts | Sep 17, 2010

Once and image After much consideration, in my opinion, MyoZene from BioQuest is our industry's premier muscle builder. Here's why. The MyoZene formulation incorporates ingredient-specific scientific data from cutting edge research on the interaction of nutrients to augment muscle anabolism and gains in lean body mass like no other supplement.


At the core of this amazing product is a specialized form of hydrolyzed whey isolate. Hydrolyzed (pre-digested) whey isolate gets absorbed faster than any other forms of protein since the intact whey peptides have been partially pre-digested and are absorbed directly into the bloodstream. The ultra-high-quality whey protein hydrolysate in MyoZene is a greatly superior source of protein for muscle anabolism. The rapid absorption provided by its unique hydrolysate form results in more effective delivery of amino acids into skeletal muscles, which translates into rapid increases in plasma amino acids, especially leucine and in turn leads to  more pronounced anabolic effects. The latest research indicates that leucine levels in the blood need to reach a certain threshold to stimulate protein synthesis. The fast-acting hydrolyzed whey in MyoZene provides the optimal source of leucine for rapid and large increases in plasma leucine levels that translate into strong bursts in protein synthesis and subsequent anabolism. This element alone places MyoZene at the forefront of the category, but adding to its mass building superiority is the key additions of carbohydrates, which serves to augment the insulin response.


In skeletal muscle, insulin has anabolic effects by increasing amino acid uptake and protein synthesis and inhibiting protein breakdown.  Insulin is generally accepted as a stimulator of protein synthesis only when adequate amino acids are available so it will only be useful when provided along with rapidly absorbed amino acids.  This idea of combining carbs and rapidly digested protein has been recently studied and shown to maximize insulin secretion and augment glycogen synthesis after exercise compared to the same amount of carbohydrate only. Some studies point to protein and carbohydrate being additive in terms of their affect on protein synthesis. In one study, the inclusion of free leucine stimulated muscle protein synthesis and optimizes whole body protein balance beyond that achieved with carbohydrate alone or carbohydrate combined with protein, an affect likely mediated in part by higher plasma leucine and insulin levels. When you combine the rapidly absorbed hydrolyzed whey isolate protein and the carbohydrate content with the well known anabolic effects of premium creatine monohydrate that makes up the third contributing factor to this explosive mass gainer you have an unprecedented product with tremendous growth-producing potential.


In fact, in a recent product-specific, open label clinical study of MyoZene by a well-known pharmaceutical research firm, Miami Research Associates (Lidia L, et al. Medicine & Science in Sports & Exercise 2008;40:S97-98) subjects took one serving of MyoZene on training days only, for four weeks. And in that relatively short period of time, the results rendered by MyoZene were extremely impressive if not outright unprecedented! The subjects experienced dramatic increases in muscle strength of 24% mid-study and 32% at study's end. Subjects also achieved significant gains in lean body mass within the month, while actually reducing body fat levels. Typically, significant changes in lean body mass take 8 to 12 weeks to be detectable, underscoring its potency for producing rapid growth. In addition, the test subjects who benefited from this study were experienced resistance-trained weight lifters who were using just one dose per training day. To my knowledge, such results are entirely without precedent. So what is the best muscle builder out there? Now you know-it's without a doubt- MyoZene!


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