Why NytroWhey Ultra Elite Really Can Super Charge Your Gains

By Jeff Volek - Chat with Doug on the ProSource Fitness Forum
Sep 24, 2010

[ EDITOR'S NOTE: We've just introduced the newest and most anabolically powerful NytroWhey yet-new NytroWhey Ultra Elite -and the response has been truly remarkable. Long-time fans of the NytroWhey line of premium proteins have been ecstatic over the power and potency of the new matrix of muscle-growth agents incorporated into NytroWhey Ultra Elite. These proteins, formulated by Glanbia Nutrition, the USA's foremost protein manufacturer, are far and away the biggest protein breakthrough the industry has seen since the appearance of original NytroWhey over a decade ago. We're also getting a tremendous amount of positive feedback on the taste and texture of the new NytroWhey. The NytroWhey line has always been famous for its rich and delicious flavor. This time, if sensational consumer response is an accurate indicator, we've really outdone themselves.

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Just like the computer or cell phone industry, new advancements are continuously being made in protein technology. Glanbia Nutritionals is recognized as a worldwide leader in production and development of the highest quality peptides and proteins in the business. ProSource has harnessed the power of three unique proteins developed by Glanbia into a single product called NytroWhey Ultra Elite (NWUE). What sets this protein supplement apart? First, a brief overview of what we know about protein nutrition and resistance exercise.  

The main factors related to protein supplementation that affect the anabolic response to resistance exercise are quality of the protein source (mainly related to amino acomposition) and its speed of absorption.  

We know that consuming protein induces an increase in muscle protein synthesis, which is why protein supplements are popular to consume after exercise. Now researchers are refining their knowledge on why protein stimulates anabolism in muscle and which components of protein are most effective. In a series of elaborate experiments, various protein formulations were compared to glucose ingestion. When a protein consisting of a combination of non-essential and essential amino acids was consumed, protein synthesis increased. When the non-essential amino acids were removed and just essential amino acids consumed, the same increase was noted indicating nonessential amino acids are not required to stimulate protein synthesis. When only BCAAs were consumed, there was again the same increase in protein synthesis. Finally when just leucine was consumed, protein synthesis still increased to the same magnitude. These findings provided strong evidence that leucine was the driving force behind the ability of dietary protein to stimulate protein synthesis.   

Why is leucine so important? Leucine is one of the branched chain amino acids (BCAA) which collectively make up about one-third of muscle proteins. The BCAA are unique because they are preferentially oxidized in muscle in proportion to energy expenditure. That explains why blood and muscle levels of BCAA decrease during exercise. That means if you are exercising vigorously, you are burning more BCAA as fuel and therefore your dietary requirement is increased. Leucine in particular has received an enormous amount of attention among researchers. In addition to being a substrate like all the other amino acids for building protein, leucine is unique in that it also acts as signal to turn on protein synthesis. Think of leucine as a metabolic switch that turns on anabolic pathways while at the same time turning off protein degradation in muscle.

Leucine directly activates a critical compound in muscle called the mTOR (mammalian target of rapamycin). It turns out mTOR is like a molecular switch that turns on the protein synthetic machinery in muscle, and leucine is one of the major activators of mTOR. Thus, leucine not only provides the building blocks for protein synthesis, it also has a critical role in up-regulating the process. Even when an overabundance of amino acids are available to provide the building materials for new muscle, adding extra leucine augments protein synthesis rates further.

Leucine may also play a role in weight and fat loss. Research has shown that including 10 grams of leucine per day and 125 grams total of protein per day with a minimum of 2.5 grams of leucine at each meal is associated with greater weight loss, greater fat loss and better preservation of lean body mass. There is some evidence leucine may increase resting metabolism by boosting levels of uncoupling protein 3, which causes the body to lose energy as heat rather than storing it as body fat.

The protein source with the highest leucine content is whey which contains about 10% leucine or 10 grams per 100 grams of protein. If you drink a whey protein shake that has about 25 grams of protein, you would get about 2.5 grams of naturally occurring leucine. Other protein supplements like casein and soy contain less leucine. A cautionary note-supplementing with just leucine alone will not result in optimal effects if the your diet is low in protein. This is because other BCAAs (isoleucine and valine) will be preferentially oxidized and lead to a BCAA imbalance that compromises anabolism.

Managing all this information and translating it into a practical meal and supplement plan is daunting. That's where NytroWhey Ultra Elite is a life saver. It takes the guess work out. The unique formulation is naturally high in leucine and other BCAAs due to the three proprietary proteins provided by Glanbia.  You see, whey protein is actually a very complex food that consists of several different types of proteins. Some of peptides (small sections of protein) are more bioactive than others, and Glanbia has been exhaustively searching for ways to identify and isolate the most important whey-derived peptides. Leuvon is a product that contains leucine-rich peptides isolated from whey proteins. Provon is a whey protein isolate that is created using a highly innovative process that retains many of the bioactive peptides in whey in an undenatured form while also maintaining excellent dispersability.  Finally, NytroWhey Ultra Elite contains TherMAX heat stable whey proteins that are hydrolyzed to produce smaller peptides that are absorbed rapidly.  The combination of these 3 proteins delivers an extremely high quality protein source much richer in leucine, BCAA, and other bioactive peptides than native whey or other protein sources. It also will be digested and absorbed quickly, mix easily and taste great.

Summary:A growing body of evidence indicates that increasing leucine and BCAA intake can have multiple benefits. The multifaceted effects of leucine include providing an important building block for muscle protein, activating key events in the complex process of protein synthesis, augmenting weight loss, improving body composition, and correcting metabolic disturbances such as elevated glucose and cholesterol levels. NytroWhey Ultra Elite hits the mark in providing a great tasting and bioavailable source of leucine and other key peptides. NytroWhey Ultra Elite is perfect for pre-exercise and post-exercise applications or even as a between meal snack or a meal replacement.

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