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The Best Protein for Building Muscle

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By Jeff Volek - Chat with Doug on the ProSource Fitness Forum | Mar 3, 2011

The Best image The cellular details of how muscles get bigger are magnificently complex, but fortunately the basic steps to add muscle mass are pretty straightforward.  In order to accumulate muscle, on average muscle protein synthesis has to exceed protein breakdown.  Scientists have known for over a decade that a simple way to increase muscle protein synthesis is to ingest protein. More recently it has become clear that this protein-induced increase in muscle protein synthesis is augmented after resistance exercise. Translation ... protein intake and exercise are synergistic. This is the background for the common practice of supplementing with protein after resistance exercise. When practiced over several training sessions, the greater anabolic stimulation provided by a high quality protein supplement leads to increased gains in muscle size.

Taking it a step further, the last few years have brought great progress in refining what an optimal protein supplement should look like. Whey protein has emerged as a superior source of protein for rapidly elevating protein synthesis. It's quick digestion and absorption rate, high proportion of essential amino acids, and high leucine content are principle reasons it repeatedly beats out other sources of protein for inducing large increases in protein synthesis after exercise.

[Read here for An In-Depth Look at Leucine and Muscle Growth Activation]

When comparing various whey proteins there is wide variation in quality. Gram for gram, whey concentrates contain less proteins, fewer essential amino acids, and a lower leucine content than whey isolate. Even when looking at isolates, recent work has discovered that specific peptides within whey protein contain unique peptide sequences and varying amounts of leucine. Isolation of these bioactive peptides represents the next generation of designer proteins.

This is exactly the science behind the new NytroWhey Ultra Elite (NWUE) from ProSource. NWUE is a combination of three  unique whey protein isolates produced by Glanbia Nutritionals, the leading producer of innovative whey peptides in the US.

The most innovative protein source in NWUE is Leuvon.  This totally unique whey protein isolate is produced using a flow nanofiltration process that results in a final product that contains peptides rich in leucine. The selective process targets and isolates specific peptides within whey that contain leucine. Then free leucine is added which forms bonds with these leucine-containing peptides. These advanced fractionation and separation technologies result in a final product that contains 45 grams of leucine per 100 grams of protein. That is more than 4x the normal leucine content of whey and 6-to-10-fold more than casein and soy protein. Research has shown that leucine is the key amino acid that triggers muscle protein synthesis by activating the regulatory element mTOR in muscle.

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[For More on the Importance of Leucine and BCAAs, read here.]

Along with Leuvon, NWUE incorporates two other revolutionary proteins in Provon and TherMax. These are both highly purified whey protein isolates (90% protein on dry basis) created using a novel cross-flow microfiltration technology. The specific peptides naturally found in whey are thus preserved and there is less than 1% lactose and fat. The resulting leucine content is high at 11 grams per 100 grams protein. A proprietary instantizing process results in a final product that readily disperses in solution making it dissolve easily in beverages. TherMax is a hydrolyzed 'pre-digested' whey protein isolate derived from Provon that contains a high percentage of small peptides that facilitates rapid absorption. This ensures quick delivery of amino acids to their target, the muscle. TherMax is an excellent source of leucine and other BCAA as well as glutamic acid.

One serving of NWUE delivers an efficient and ideal 21 grams of protein. The combination of these unique whey protein isolates delivers a product with a final protein breakdown of 45% Beta-lactoglobulin, 16% Alpha-lactalbumin, 16% Glycomacropeptide, and 16% Peptides and amino acids. These are higher percentages compared to intact whey. Leucine content is markedly higher than native whey delivering 3-4 grams per serving which has been shown to be the ideal amount to stimulate muscle growth.  Moreover, leucine's presence in the free form and in both small and larger peptides allows for it to exert rapid effects as a stimulator of mTOR, the molecule switch that turns on protein synthesis, as well as unique effects attributed to its presence in di- and tri-peptides.

When searching for the best protein to build muscle, look no further than NWUE.  ProSource has achieved a remarkable product in combining three state of the art proteins from the leader in whey protein innovation. When combined with hard training, regular use of NWUE will deliver optimal levels of leucine in a unique matrix.  If you want the best results, you have to use the best protein supplement. Right now that is NytroWhey Ultra Elite.

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