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Passion, Pride, image1

Posted in: Articles by ProSource, Featured Content, Superfeature Articles, Supplement Articles
By Harry Fessel, ProSource Website Editor / Senior Writer | Oct 5, 2012

At ProSource, the Quest to Be the Best
Never Ends

The best things are built to last.

In a supplement marketplace where trendy new manufacturers and retailers come and go on a monthly basis, there's always been one constant bastion of peerless quality. For over 16 years, athletes have known that ProSource is their one and only destination for ultimate premium-quality supplements. Born of cutting-edge research and development, infused with the purest and most potent ingredients, and priced affordably by virtue of a direct-to-consumer merchandising model, ProSource performance supplements are, quite, simply, the best our industry has to offer. As a result, ProSource has grown by leaps and bounds over the years, while accruing a large and loyal family of satisfied customers.

A Tradition of Excellence, As Reflected In the Remarkable History of AndroTest

When the first products bearing the ProSource brand began appearing over a decade ago, the immense advantage in quality was instantly recognized by consumers. Word of this tremendous value spread like wildfire throughout the bodybuilding community, turning ProSource into an industry leader in rapid order.

ProSource has always put the focus squarely on scientific research and development in its quest for innovation.  In an industry filled with untested and unproven products, ProSource stands out for its steadfast refusal to compromise its lofty standards, a company philosophy illustrated by the story of AndroTest, ProSource's legendary testosterone booster.

AndroTest: The Path To Potency
We start with a mountain of top-quality raw Bulgarian Tribulus, and process until the super-potent extract that remains can fit easily into a small barrel.
Buy AndroTest T-Booster
Buy AndroTest T-Booster
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The foundation for AndroTest's superiority begins with ingredient quality. AndroTest's primary active ingredient is a standardized Bulgarian Tribulus extract that contains an unprecedented 40-48% protodioscin. This southern Bulgarian Tribulus has been put through a "multiple extraction" process (featuring up to 20 steps) to yield what lab tests have shown to be the absolute most potent Tribulus on the market. (Compare this to the standard procedure at most other companies, which put the raw Tribulus through one or two extractions at most.) To give you an idea of the nature of the AndroTest extraction protocol, it is not unusual for as much as 26,000 pounds of raw Tribulus to be extracted so many times to yield the desired potency that only 60 pounds of super-potent Tribulus remains at the end of the process.

Not surprisingly, the original AndroTest formula was hugely popular and one of the biggest-selling products in the ProSource line. Most companies would have stopped right there. But the ProSource team wanted to know exactly how superior AndroTest was to other test boosters. So AndroTest was subjected to the rigors of a brand-specific, comprehensive 8-week double-blind clinical study to assess its efficacy, the results of which were nothing short of extraordinary. Few products in the test-boosting category have been subjected to even a single day of clinical testing, let alone a full 8 weeks of intense scientific investigation.  

Tranining TipSubjects in the study were randomized to take either AndroTest or an identical-looking placebo for four weeks. Statistical tests indicated a clearly significant increase in the AndroTest group compared to placebo for both free testosterone and total testosterone. Changes were seen as early as two weeks. AndroTest caused statistically significant increases in free testosterone levels, up to 218% over baseline, and statistically significant increases in total testosterone levels, as high as 275%. These results represent actual increases over baseline (as opposed to figures which are compared to placebo), which makes these numbers truly extraordinary. Equally impressive is the fact that the increased testosterone levels after 2 weeks were maintained throughout the duration of the study.

Even then, the ProSource team wasn't satisfied. Two short years later, despite the fact that no other manufacturer had launched a competing product that even approached AndroTest in quality, ProSource introduced AndroTest Extreme. This new test-booster incorporates the same protodioscin content as the original formula and amps its unprecedented T-boosting effectiveness up another notch with the inclusion of a specialized fenugreek extract standardized for 50% fenusides. Trade-named Testofen, this extract has demonstrated its own anabolic support activity in another clinical study. In that study, Testofen was shown to increase free testosterone levels by 98.81% (after 8 weeks in healthy subjects), with no reduction in bodyweight suggesting a direct reduction in bodyfat and an increase in muscle mass.

With AndroTest, as with so many other products, the ProSource product development team demonstrated a refusal to settle for mere success. Absolute perfection is always the real goal.

Buy Best Protein on Sale
Buy Best Protein on Sale
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NytroWhey Ultra Elite: The Industry's Gold Standard Premium Protein

Speaking of perfection, NytroWhey was added to a growing line of ProSource products in 1997 and instantaneously emerged as the elite brand for the highest-level competitive bodybuilders. NytroWhey's introduction marked one of the industry's first proteins to be processed exclusively through ultra-cross-flow-micro-filtration processing for optimal purity, potency, and muscle-building power.

ProSource could easily have coasted on its enormous lead over its competitors in the protein category. Instead, it introduced NytroWhey Ultra Elite, a super-premium protein formula fortified with a host of dynamic, cutting-edge protein technologies. This stunning new development in cutting-edge protein technology contains an elite-quality, growth-factor-rich CFM whey isolate paired with a premium, ultra-rapid action super whey hydrolysate (WPH), both from Glanbia, America's premier protein manufacturer. Its potency is further enhanced with Leuvon 590, a highly bioavailable Leucine-Bound Leucine Peptide with a remarkable capacity to help switch on anabolism. As a result, NytroWhey Ultra Elite contains up to 4 times the leucine content of other premium protein brands. No other protein even approaches the anabolic power, purity, and precision of this revolutionary complex of ultra-advanced anabolic triggers, muscle-fueling super-nutrients and recovery agents.

Buy Green Coffee Bean Extract
Buy Green Coffee Bean Extract
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The attention to detail and commitment to excellence reflected in NytroWhey Ultra Elite's protein matrix has resulted in a product favored by bodybuilders across the nation. Indeed, a first-time consumer of NytroWhey is almost certain to become a fan for life. And so it is with products across the ProSource brand line, from mass builders to fat-loss catalysts to vitamins, aminos, and specialty products. This year has seen the introduction of a premium grade form of the diet support compound Razberi-K, a Green Coffee Bean Extract far superior to those extracts found in popular fat-loss products, and a new Immediate Release Niacin. And, as always, there are a number of exciting new technologies in late stages of development that will be helping athletes attain their physique and performance goals in the very near future.

All in all, the secret to ProSource's success over the years is fairly obvious.  Since day one, ProSource has maintained an unwavering commitment to quality and value second to none in the industry. In fact, no other supplement company in America offers bodybuilders a more diverse array of products and values than ProSource.

These superior grade products are a reflection of great passion, enthusiasm, and pride.  It's no wonder that legions of bodybuilders, other athletes, and fitness enthusiasts across the nation have become such passionate ProSource loyalists.

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