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In Search of Power, Part 6

Posted in: Articles by ProSource, Training Articles
By John Davies | Jan 12, 2009

Continuing with the " In Search of Power" series part six, we're about to take a leap forward with the start of a multi-stage transitional program. During this transitional segment we will begin merging some of the various movements from ground-based DMC™ with the upright RED2 system.

It is crucial that those attempting this segment have started with prior stages and I would not recommend trying to simply "jump into" this area given the enormous demands. For many the basic two starting holds will be challenging and further work in improving glute / hamstring strength, hip flexibility and lowering body fat (suggested article) will be needed.

In consideration of prior sections this might be the most unique area because while the "holds" seem rather rudimentary, they are in-fact brutally challenging. Reminding readers of the three main methods of projecting resistance borrowed from a variety of articles with ProSource, in which you can basically eccentrically lower a weight, raise a weight or maintain a static hold, this quite obviously makes use of the later. However the dramatic time under tension, within a unique holding position, makes this an exhausting training session.

In performing this workout it should be merged immediately following one "set" from the session found in part 5 of the series and the initial RED2 section of walking and twisting lunges. Intense mental focus will be needed in this area as holds are performed over thirty seconds each and it will take your best not to "tap out."

A point of concern with this stage is the transition from a very slow, almost rigid pattern of movement with long holds to an even pace where holds disappear and the action is fluid. I have typically referred to these as "marches" as they are done in consideration of 112 beats per minute as the standard bearer (and I'll let historical buffs figure out the only necessary music with that in-mind).

Step 1: this position is "drawn" into from both standing and seated positions. Both a starting and a concluding hold, the incumbent should relax within this hold with deep breaths. Hips, hamstrings and the lower back will need to be pliable and strong enough to maintain this hold with ease as heels should be on the ground.

Step 2: will require plantar, hamstring and trunk strength. Without changing positions of the hands, squeeze plant leg up the slightest amount to allow opposite leg to extend straight. Extended leg will be parallel to the ground, toe pointed straight up and torso must not twist.

Step 3: After completing Step 2, the leg is swept back under the hips and the incumbent will "walk" hands back into a "table" position. From this position, torso should be parallel to the ground with perpendicular angles created from wrist to shoulder and instep of foot to knee. Heels must be driven into the ground as the hips are driven upwards.

Step 4: Using same leg that was extended in step 2, cross over opposite knee and simultaneously push knee (left) down while pushing plant heel (right) into the ground and hips upward.

Step 5: pivot on opposite leg (right) to hand (left) whilst driving right hip upwards in a punishing thigh and trunk hold.

Step 6: return to table position for full hold. Ensure deep restorative breathing and absolute focus.

Step 7: Using same leg that was extended in step 2, tuck under thigh knee, whilst pivoting on opposite (left) hand. In this stance, the thigh of plant leg (right) should be parallel to the ground with turned leg (left), avoiding contact with opposite leg and shin parallel to the ground.

Step 8: Continuing from step 7, complete turn-out swipe upwards but with control. Turn on plant leg (right) and raise opposite leg to a position that can be held with complete stillness. In this period and at this stage, the holds are still on a slower cadence and the raised heel (left) to upper back and plant leg (right) to hip relatively straight. A visual cue for professional DMC™ instructors in this developmental class is ensuring a vertical line from ground through both knees, creating angle of movement.

From step 8, reverse direction with grace back into table position (step 3) and finally back to Step 1 where you repeat with the opposite leg. Per leg, each set will last four minutes and therefore the required three total sets will be just under twenty-five minutes.

As the old adage goes "things worth having are worth working for", its not up to you. Get after it and I'll see you again for part seven of "In Search of Power."


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Disclaimer: The articles featured herein are for informational purposes only and should not be construed as medical advice. Specific medical advice should only be obtained from a licensed health care professional. No liability is assumed by ProSource for any information herein.

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