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In Search of Power, Part 4

Posted in: Articles by ProSource, Training Articles
By John Davies | Dec 22, 2008

Following parts 1, 2 and 3, it is likely best to take a step back and review development as well as address potential concerns of early users of the DMC system. For those who have gone through the program to-date, the typical problems experienced relate to basically insufficient lower body strength as evidenced by the inability to maintain body position during longer holds. Not only does this suggest the lack of appropriate balance between the upper and lower body, as well as poor relative, posterior-chain and core strength, but it reveals an insufficient work threshold.

As you consider the advanced demands of DMC as shown by these problems, you'll come to the conclusion it is possibly the best form of weighted general physical preparation work available, while requiring no costly and cumbersome equipment. That might not make it too popular amongst the equipment providers, but it is for this reason that professional coaches, athletes and elite-level trainers have made it an indispensable part of their training.

Returning to typical stumbling blocks an individual usually runs into with " In Search of Power, Part 4," we're going to augment our DMC training session with additional resistance work that is not only taxing but continuous along the overall theme of minimalist equipment needs. It is important to understand the addition of resistance work is an important consideration for professional trainers and coaches as it bears on some of the errors prevalent in weight-training today. It's worth noting that far too often external loading (i.e. "weights") are added before an individual can maintain posture / proper body position while under duress. At no-time should an individual perform exercises with poor posture when equally "supplemental" work can be added that will shore up weak spots, particularly targeting the posterior but in a manner to ensure perfect technique.

This is, of course, a slippery slope as you must find exercises that address weaknesses but can be done correctly. As an example, I might recommend that an individual perform Squats, while emphasizing that they must be done correctly.

While most users note a shockingly high demand on upper-body strength in the DMC™ system, which is due to the result of having poor weight distribution in the upper-body itself, the overwhelming problem relates to weak glutes and hamstrings. Getting the glutes firing is no easy hurdle to cross and to augment our training we're going to add three major exercises to get to the crux of the matter:
  • Ham split step-up
  • Single Leg Box Squat Eccentric
  • Russian Split Jump
Ham Split step-up; With two boxes placed far enough apart that as you stand in a wide lunge position your shin is perpendicular to the ground and back knee is slightly below lead foot. The back foot should be straight so that the top of the foot is in full contact with the box and the upper body should be completely upright and hips stretched. This position should be held for 30-60 seconds after which you will push off lead foot and stand upright. I want to emphasize body position because all too often individual hips are too tight and they will lean over. Using a dowel as a make shift guide, create a 90 degree measure from the ground and ensure the upper body maintains this alignment.

Single Leg Box Squat Eccentric:

Please note this is not a basic "pistol squat". To perform, place back of heel against box which is knee height. With one leg raised as in Rx position 2, push butt back to box and lower to box. For more advanced athletes I prefer a type of weight release system which emphasizes heavy weight at the apex of the lift and gradually lightening as you lower. Chains are perfect in this situation and can be clipped to a bar. With this lift once at the bottom, bring raised foot back to ground and simply stand-up and repeat with opposite leg. Repeat for three reps per leg.

Russian Split Jump:

While the "RSJ" might appear to be a "simple" exercise it is in-fact one that is typically done poorly. To perform the movement properly, jump as high as possible alternating legs and landing in deep lunge position and immediately repeat to opposite leg. Repeat with three reps with each leg dominant.

The above three exercises are performed with two to three sets each (i.e. 6 sets per workout) twice per week. Using a simple five day training week use the above on Days 1 and 5 with one set each on Day 3 for optimal success.


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