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Amino Acids

Glutamine (L-Glutamine) The Supplement Superstar!

Nov 10, 2008
Posted in: Articles by ProSource, Glutamine, Superfeature Articles, Supplement Articles, Amino Acids
Glutamine has been touted as an indispensible exercise recovery agent and immune support supplement since the early 90's and medical journals were raving about it years before that. Now days, just about every bodybuilder on the planet knows, uses and has seen the amazing results this amino acid champion can ...

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Amino Acids: Your Best Choice For Optimum Health, Growth, Energy And Focus.

Aug 14, 2008
Posted in: Articles by ProSource, Supplement Articles, Research Articles, Amino Acids
The biological keys to exercise performance and muscle synthesis "I'm taking in enough whey protein that has the amino acids in it, and I'm eating right and taking a vitamin/mineral supplement, how important can it be to take in extra aminos? If you've avoided amino acid supplementation for the reason ...

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Protein/Amino Acid Supplementation Program For A Serious Strength-Power Athlete

Apr 30, 2007
Posted in: Articles by ProSource, Supplement Articles, Protein, Amino Acids, ProSource: NytroWhey
The Underappreciated Role of Proteins in Human Health Did you know that: The anabolic effects of resistance exercise are amplified by amino acids or protein. Higher protein/lower carbohydrate diet favorably affects body mass and composition independent of energy intake ("metabolic advantage"). High protein intake plays a key role in weight ...

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Search for the Ultimate Post-Exercise Bodybuilding Supplements: the Anabolic Edge

Apr 10, 2007
Posted in: Articles by ProSource, Supplement Articles, Protein, Amino Acids, BioQuest: MyoZene
Reproduced, with permission, from Muscular Development "Performance enhancement is not against the spirit of sport; it is the spirit of sport. To choose to be better is to be human. Athletes should be given this choice." --J Savulescu et al. British Journal of Sports Medicine, 2004;38:666-670. Bodybuilding Supplements, Insulin, Amino ...

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Fighting Nutrition: Winning By Smarts

Feb 21, 2007
Posted in: Articles by ProSource, Training Articles, Supplement Articles, Amino Acids, Arginine AKG
"Thwap", yup that is how this all started. You see, one day I was invited to go to a mixed martial arts studio to watch a friend train and lo and behold, since I was a collegiate wrestler I jumped into the fray and mixed it up with a few ...

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Post-Exercise Supplementation Update

Feb 21, 2007
Posted in: Articles by ProSource, Supplement Articles, Amino Acids, Creatine, Protein
Regular resistance exercise leads to significant skeletal muscle hypertrophy, which can occur through an increase in protein synthesis, a decrease in protein degradation, or both. While stimulus (i.e., exercise) is important for muscle hypertrophy, nutrient availability plays a critical factor regulating the degree of hypertrophy. Obviously, the muscle's hormonal milieu ...

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