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For all but the lucky mesomorphs, gaining quality weight can be a difficult task, you can only stomach eating so much in one day and your fast metabolism makes you feel like you're swimming upstream. But even the most stubborn hard gainers can experience extraordinary gains by turning to the Weight Gainers category of supplements for a little help. These formulas help increase your size by offering proteins, carbohydrates and fats combined in the right ratios. Packing on new mass no longer means filling up on empty calories just to keep up with your racing metabolism. And gone are the weight gainers of yesteryear, which were filled with low-quality ingredients, laced with sugar and fat, and an insult to your taste buds. You can now reach for a trusted weight gainer or mass gainer, such as MHP's Up Your Mass, or Gaspari's Real Mass to get the results you desire. High-calorie meal replacements, such as the aforementioned, pair high-quality proteins, healthy fats and various blends of carbohydrates with BCAAs, CLA, vitamins, minerals and fiber to ensure a well-rounded formula that provides the many key nutrients bodybuilders need. <<

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  1. Carnivor Mass

    Carnivor Mass

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    This power-packed mass gainer contains an alternative to whey-based proteins, relying on beef protein isolate to do the job instead. In addition to the 50 grams of beef isolate, Carnivor Mass also provides 125 grams of carbs from a technology touted by Muscle Meds called iSpike™. It also contains the key mass gain compounds, creatine, glutamine, BCAA’s, AKG and more.

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