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For all but the lucky mesomorphs, gaining quality weight can be a difficult task, you can only stomach eating so much in one day and your fast metabolism makes you feel like you're swimming upstream. But even the most stubborn hard gainers can experience extraordinary gains by turning to the Weight Gainers category of supplements for a little help. These formulas help increase your size by offering proteins, carbohydrates and fats combined in the right ratios. Packing on new mass no longer means filling up on empty calories just to keep up with your racing metabolism. And gone are the weight gainers of yesteryear, which were filled with low-quality ingredients, laced with sugar and fat, and an insult to your taste buds. You can now reach for a trusted weight gainer or mass gainer, such as MHP's Up Your Mass, or Gaspari's Real Mass to get the results you desire. High-calorie meal replacements, such as the aforementioned, pair high-quality proteins, healthy fats and various blends of carbohydrates with BCAAs, CLA, vitamins, minerals and fiber to ensure a well-rounded formula that provides the many key nutrients bodybuilders need. <<

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  1. Up Your Mass

    Up Your Mass

    By MHP
    Item MHP013
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    8 out of 10 | 1 Review(s)
    Looking to pack on a few extra pounds? Up You Mass from MHP is one of the most popular weight gain protein powders on the market. Visit ProSource today!
  2. Serious Mass
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    Serious Mass delivers everything you would expect from a serious weight gainer. Each 2-scoop, 1,250 calorie serving contains 252 grams of carbs, 50 grams of protein and loads of vitamins and minerals. It’s also fortified with glutamine and creatine. Packing on mass just got easier. It’s available in two huge containers (6 lb and 12 lb) with four flavors per size.
  3. Real Gains
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  4. True-Mass


    By BSN
    Item BSN011
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    At 700 calories per serving, True-Mass lives up to its name by offering within that count an extensive blend of six different proteins, a big-time dose of carbs (90 g), healthy fats, BCAA’s and valuable enzymes. This is a serious mass builder formulated specifically for the hard gaining athlete.
  5. Mass Tech Performance Series
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    Here is your classic hard gainer. A huge 7 lb container of a massive amount of protein (63 grams), carbs (168 grams), creatine (10 grams), leucine, enzymes and more. Mass Tech is over 1,000 calories of mass packing power. Available in Milk Chocolate, Strawberry and Vanilla.
  6. Pro Gainer

    Pro Gainer

    Item OPT016
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    Retail $78.49

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    More of a lean gain than a weight gain formula, Pro Gainer balances the heavy dose of protein (60 grams) and significant carb intake (85 grams) with more complex nutrition that includes a lipid blend, a good amount of fiber and an extensive profile of vitamins and minerals. Available in both a 10 lb and 5 lb container and four sweet flavors.
  7. Arnold Iron Mass
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    Five separate blends make up most of this serious weight-gain formula, starting with lots of calories (490) from well-thought-out ingredients such as hydrolyzed beef protein, sweet potato, sunflower oil, MCT, creatine monohydrate, BCAA’s, protease, amylase and more. Iron Mass is available in a 5 lb and huge 10 lb container.
  8. Elite Mass Gainer

    Elite Mass Gainer

    Item DTZ042
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    Retail $80.99

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    Here is Dymatize’s answer to the weight gainer category. At 600 calories per serving (3 scoops), Elite Mass Gainer contains 54 grams of protein, 75 grams of carbs, vitamins, minerals, healthy fats and enzymes. For added mass gain support it also contains creatine, glutamine and BCAA’s. It’s available in both a 6 lb and big 10 lb container and up to four flavors.
  9. True Mass 1200

    True Mass 1200

    By BSN
    Item BSN043
    Save 46%

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    Retail $90.99

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  10. Carbo Gain - 8lbs

    Carbo Gain - 8lbs

    Item NOW005
    Save 34%

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    Retail $34.99

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