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For all but the lucky mesomorphs, gaining quality weight can be a difficult task, you can only stomach eating so much in one day and your fast metabolism makes you feel like you're swimming upstream. But even the most stubborn hard gainers can experience extraordinary gains by turning to the Weight Gainers category of supplements for a little help. These formulas help increase your size by offering proteins, carbohydrates and fats combined in the right ratios. Packing on new mass no longer means filling up on empty calories just to keep up with your racing metabolism. And gone are the weight gainers of yesteryear, which were filled with low-quality ingredients, laced with sugar and fat, and an insult to your taste buds. You can now reach for a trusted weight gainer or mass gainer, such as MHP's Up Your Mass, or Gaspari's Real Mass to get the results you desire. High-calorie meal replacements, such as the aforementioned, pair high-quality proteins, healthy fats and various blends of carbohydrates with BCAAs, CLA, vitamins, minerals and fiber to ensure a well-rounded formula that provides the many key nutrients bodybuilders need.

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  1. Up Your Mass

    Up Your Mass

    By MHP
    Item MHP013
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    Up Your MassTop quality weight gain formula from MHPUp Your Mass contains the same quality protein matrix of soy protein isolate, whey concentrate and casein found in MHP's premium Probolic-SR formulation. This protein blend provides a quick, medium, and slow release of amino acids for both fast and long-term nitrogen retention. Up Your Mass also supplies glutamine to support recovery. Notably, Up Your Mass incorporates a unique complex of low-glycemic carbohydrates (barley, oats, and oat fiber), which is one of the most impressive features of this product. Up Your Mass takes quality to completion with a sizable dose of essential fatty acids (consisting primarily of medium-chain triglycerides, plus some CLA). Add to this a smooth, delicious flavor with excellent customer response and you have a solid choice in the weight-gainer category.
  2. Serious Mass

    Serious Mass

    By Optimum
    Item OPT050
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    Serious Mass is Optimum's weight gain formula Protein Powder. Serious Mass supplies you with the calories, carbs and proteins to help pack on the pounds for muscle, strength and size. Serious Mass Highlights: 1,250 CALORIES per serving 50 g of BLENDED PROTEIN Over 250 g of Carbohydrates with NO ADDED SUGAR Enhanced with Creatine, Glutamine, and Glutamine Peptides 25 Vitamins and Essential Minerals
  3. Real Gains
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    Universal NutritionReal GainsHigh Calorie Weight GainerReal Gains is a high calorie weight gain formula consisting of 610 calories per serving. It boasts 52 grams of protein from a blend consisting of whey concentrate, micellar casein and whey isolate. Real Gains provides 87 grams of carbohydrates from maltodextrin and 6 grams of fat from flaxseed and MCT oil to help bulk you up.
  4. True-Mass


    By BSN
    Item BSN011
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    True-Massby BSN"Hard Gainers" Protein Powder True-Mass is a calorie- and nutrient-dense hard gainer formula (protein powder), containing an AM-to-PM protein and carbohydrate blend derived from 6 protein sources and a spectrum of carbs, plus protein enzymes (Aminogen and Papain), MCTs, EFAs, glutamine peptides, and glutamine-AKG. Contains zero trans fats and aspartame. True Mass Highlights: Official lean mass gainer of TEAM BSN athletes Complete calorie/nutrient support for beginner through advanced mass-gaining needs A.M.-P.M. nutrient blend; 6 fast-absorbing, long-acting protein sources, plus complex ("good") carbs Fortified with BCAA's, Glutamine AKG, Glutamine peptides, MCT's, Fiber and active Protein Utilization enzymes Aspartame-free Great taste  
  5. Mass Tech Performance Series
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    MassTech Performance Series by MuscleTechMASS-TECH, More Protein, Better-Quality Calories, Bigger Results! New MASS-TECH is an advanced muscle mass gainer designed for any individual that has a tough time adding size, is in their bulking phase and/or wants to break through their strength plateaus. Power-packed with 80 grams of protein and 1170 mass-producing calories when mixed with 2 cups of skim milk!- Better-Quality Calories Designed for the Hard gainer MASS-TECH is the most versatile weight gainer available, which can be taken once daily or split into two separate half servings. The new, powerful formula now delivers a massive 1170 calories derived from high-quality protein and quickly digested carbohydrates, as well as specialized fats.- More Protein per Serving Than Other Weight Gainers New and improved formula features an 80-gram multi-phase protein system, when mixed with 2 cups of skim milk, that supplies fast, medium and slow-digesting proteins. The multi-phase protein system provides critical amino acids to the body at varying speeds for extended delivery of amino acids in the blood.- The formula's protein dose when mixed with 2 cups of skim milk supplies a massive 7 grams of L-leucine and 13 grams of BCAAs, which help fuel your skeletal muscles, preserve muscle glycogen stores and help to reduce the amount of protein breakdown.- Added Amino Acids for Enhanced Effects Beyond the key ingredients it supplies, MASS-TECH also provides additional ingredients, such as a 3-gram dose of L-alanine. L-alanine is the second-most used amino acid after L-leucine in protein synthesis. It has even been noted to play a role in glucose production for usable energy. The formula also delivers a 3-gram dose of glycine, an amino acid that may help in the formation of many other biological compounds in the body, such as proteins and creatine. Taurine was also included as it's the second-most abundant amino acid found in muscle, after glutamine, and aids cell volumization. Build Strength Faster Unlike other leading gainers that contain little to no creatine, MASS-TECH delivers a 10-gram clinically validated dose to increase strength fast. - Help Replenish Glycogen Stores Supplies 168 grams of carbohydrates through a multi-phase carb complex to both spike insulin, quickly shuttling creatine into the muscle, and promote muscle glycogen replenishment, helping to put the body into an anabolic state.- Formulated with Omega-Rich Fats The full-spectrum formula contains less saturated fat than other weight gainers and is formulated with 5 grams of omega-rich fats, which provides energy-dense calories * These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.
  6. Pro Gainer

    Pro Gainer

    By Optimum
    Item OPT016
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    Pro GainerHigh Calorie Weight Gainer Protein Powder Pro Complex Gainer is a high calorie protein powder which derives a high percentage of calories from protein, 7 premium sources of protein to be exact. In addition, Pro Complex Gainer also supplies complex carbohydrates, dietary fiber, medium chain triglycerides (MCTs), digestive enzymes, vitamins, essential minerals, and great taste as well.   Pro Complex Gainer Highlights: Ultimate LEAN GAINER Formula 650 Calories Few Sugars 7 Superior Proteins Including Whey, Casein, and Egg High Protein to Carb Ratio Mixes Effortlessly with a Blender, Shaker, or Spoon Easy to Drink
  7. Arnold Iron Mass
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    Arnold Iron Massby Arnold Schwarzenegger Series Targeted weight gainer formulation In a category in which too many products offer plenty of calories and too little muscle fuel, Arnold Mass Gain takes a well-considered approach to supporting real muscle growth. This weight gainer provides 40 grams per serving of hydrolyzed beef protein with added lactoferrin, plus added creatine monohydrate for cell volumization, BCAAs (L-leucine, L-valine, L-isoleucine) for recovery and D-ribose for enhanced ATP levels. In addition, Arnold Iron Mass includes complex carbohydrates in the form of sweet potato powder and barley starch, as well as a healthy fats matrix (sunflower oil, MCTs) and digestive enzymes. Arnold Iron Mass is low sugar, gluten-free and provides 485 calories per serving. * These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.
  8. Elite Mass Gainer

    Elite Mass Gainer

    Item DTZ042
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    DymatizeElite Mass Gainer High Protein Anabolic GainerElite Mass is a Hi-protein Anabolic Gainer designed specifically to provide the right formula for packing on quality lean muscle mass. This formula helps deliver more calories and protein gram for gram than other protein options on the market. Each serving contains 600 calories, 55 grams of protein, sustained release protein matrix, complex carb matrix, creatine fusion, branched chain amino acid blend, and an anabolic lipid complex.Sustained Release 55g Protein Matrix 100% Pure Premium Grade AjiPure? Glutamine & BCAA's Creatine Fusion Anabolic Lipid Complex Sustained Carb Matrix with Waxy Maize 99% Sugar Free
  9. True Mass 1200

    True Mass 1200

    By BSN
    Item BSN043
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    True Mass 1200by BSN Super-High-Calorie Mass Gainer As its name suggests, BSN's True Mass contains a stupendous 1220 calories per serving, with 50 grams of protein and 220 grams of carbs, and is intended for athletes with high calorie requirements and difficulties adding mass. True Mass 1200's protein matrix consists of whey protein concentrate, calcium caseinate, milk protein isolate, micellar casein, egg albumin, hydrolyzed whey protein, and glutamine peptides, while its carb content is maltodextrin and whole oat flour. This mass gainer also contains some MCT fats and sunflower oil. * These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.
  10. Carbo Gain - 8lbs

    Carbo Gain - 8lbs

    Item NOW005
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    Carbo Gain100% Complex Carbohydrate Powder Carbo Gain is a 100% pure maltodextrin, an easily digestible complex carbohydrate derived from corn.  Maltodextrin contains "glucose polymers", linked sugar compounds that are easier for the body to assimilate and use.  Glucose polymers are metabolized at a slow, steady rate that can help to sustain energy levels during endurance-oriented workouts and/or athletic events and support weight gain.  Carbo Gain contains virtually no protein, fat or fiber and is a convenient source of energy for active individuals. Carbo Gain Highlights: 100% Complex Carbohydrate All Natural - No Aspartame, No Sucralose, No Acesulfame-K A Dietary Supplement Vegetarian Product

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