Testosterone Boosters

In the never-ending battle to pack on every possible extra ounce of muscle mass, every anabolic edge is a crucial one. One key potentiator of mass and strength increase that simply cannot be overlooked is T-levels, which is where testosterone boosters come into play. Every bodybuilding and male fitness goal is inextricably entwined with testosterone production. Now you can help raise your T-levels with an array of natural testosterone boosters. The best T-boosters in today's marketplace are a far cry from the old-school formulations of yesteryear. But as always, it is vitally important to choose a product from a well-respected manufacturer such as MHP, Universal, BioQuest and of course, ProSource's leading T-booster AndroTest, which is clinically validated in product specific testing. If you've hit a plateau in your workouts, testosterone support products might be your ticket to getting back in the fast lane. Restore and enhance your body’s T-levels to optimum effect with a high-quality and natural testosterone enhancement formula. <<

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  1. Testrol


    Item GAT005
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    Testrol contains numerous compounds intended to help enhance testosterone levels, including zinc, saw palmetto, fenugreek, tribulus terristris, avena sativa and eurycoma longifolia. Other ingredients provide added support such as gingko biloba, saw palmetto, arginine and mucuna pruriens.
  2. Blue Up Stimulant Free
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    Unlike the original Blue Up, this version is free of stimulant content but still contains a complex of key testosterone support ingredients such as Tribulus terrestris, standardized for saponins, including protodioscin, along with Avena sativa and Eurycoma longifolia, which are both recognized for their support benefits as well.
  3. Animal Test
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    Not your standard testosterone support product, Animal Test contains a somewhat unusual line-up of primarily herbal extracts supported by other key compounds for the enhancement of androgen receptor magnification and muscle growth benefits. Each canister contains 21 single serving packets.
  4. A-HD Elite

    A-HD Elite

    Item BPI030
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  5. Test-HP


    Item BNC028
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    Natural T-boosters have become a staple addition to the bodybuilding regimen. And like all categories, some are better than others. Test-HP takes the Testofen (fenugreek extract) approach to testosterone enhancement. It also includes big doses of vitamins D, B-6 and B-12, along with a proprietary blend of stinging nettle, rhodiola, serinaid phosphatidylserine and 7-methoxyisoflavone.
  6. Big T

    Big T

    Item JAY003
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    The T-boosting entry in Jay Cutler's line of sports nutrition products contains a number of botanical extracts sometimes associated with male hormonal support, plus Vitamin D-3, which is sometimes linked with support of bone mass, strength, and immune function.
  7. ZMA


    Item PMF016
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  8. N1-T


    Item UNV007
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    Another testosterone focused supplement from Universal, N1-T contains ingredients more readily associated with the category such as Eurycoma longifolia, Tribulus terrestris and Avena sativa among other support compounds.
  9. T-BOMB 3Xtreme

    T-BOMB 3Xtreme

    By MHP
    Item MHP068
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    The latest T-Bomb entry from MHP, 3Xtreme contains two major blends designed to help support testosterone levels. These key ingredients include Tribulus terrestris, standardized for 15% protodioscin, fenugreek, longjack, zinc, saw palmetto, flaxseed, glycine and much more.

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