Strength Training Equipment & Fitness Gear

No athlete's training program is complete without the proper fitness gear, and ProSource is a one-stop shop for everything you need. From weight-lifting straps, gloves and belts to body balls, ab wheels and jump ropes, and tote bags to carry all your new gear in - your workouts will reach the next level when you're armed with the proper strength-training equipment. <<

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  1. ProSource Sling Bag
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    Super light and convenient carry-all. Sports pack with drawstring closure and reinforced eyelets.
  2. ProSource Power Lifting Strap
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    Extra-wide wrist supports, handcrafted with 1/4" neoprene padding for added comfort.
  3. Wrist Support

    Wrist Support

    Item SCH016
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  4. ProSource Lifting Belt
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    Triple-patented, contoured Schiek® lifting belts designed to support both the lower back and abdominal area. With ProSource logo.
  5. Wrist Wraps

    Wrist Wraps

    Item SCH015
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    Retail $19.95

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  6. Knee Wraps

    Knee Wraps

    Item SCH017
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    Retail $39.95

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  7. ProSource Gym Bag

    ProSource Gym Bag

    Item PSP190
    Save 45%

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    Get carried away! Super durable gym bag features spacious zippered main compartment plus front and side zippered pockets, and padded carrying handle.
  8. ProSource Duffel Bag
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    Heavy duty ProSource-logo gym bag with self-contained, roomy compartments, plus tough, heavy-duty zippers, seams, and fastenings.
  9. Liquid Grip

    Liquid Grip

    Item LIQ001
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    Retail $9.99

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    Whether you compete or not, as long as you lift heavy weights Liquid Grip should be in your corner. This remarkable grip-enhancing liquid really works, without a mess or dust, no matter how sweaty your workout session. Liquid Grip is available in two sizes, a 1.5 oz container and an 8 oz container.
  10. Women's Lifting Glove Model 520
    Save 14%

    Your Price $29.95

    Retail $34.99

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