RTD (Ready to Drink) Formulas

Who wouldn't choose convenience when given the option, especially on those days where every minute counts? That's why manufacturers have worked so hard to combine the right balance of protein, fat, carbs and taste found in ready-to-drink products. RTDs represent the ultimate in convenience for those seeking a quick boost of protein and other valuable nutrients. Just grab one from your office drawer, gym bag or car, open it and drink?no mixing required. Providing supplemental support for muscle-building diets, RTDs can be used pre-workout, post-workout or, depending on their formula, as a meal replacement. Most RTDs, such as CytoSport's Muscle Milk, Labrada's Lean Body and ISS Research's Oh Yeah!, contain proteins (in the form of milk protein isolate, whey protein concentrates and calcium caseinate), carbs (in ranges as low as 7 grams, for low-carb diets) and fats (usually from healthy choices, such as sunflower oil, medium-chain triglyceride oil or flax oil). Of course, a few specialty ingredients are found throughout the category, including amino acid blends, phyto-nutrients, vitamin and mineral blends and fiber. And in flavors that will make you think you're drinking a forbidden milkshake, you're bound to look forward to RTD time each day! <<

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  1. Lean Body RTD

    Lean Body RTD

    By Labrada
    Item LAB029
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    Retail $55.08

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  2. Amino 1 RTD

    Amino 1 RTD

    Item MPH043
    Save 40%

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    Retail $36.00

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    Ready-to-Drink verson of MusclePharm's popular Amino 1 supplement, meant to support hydration and muscle recovery.
  3. Assault RTD

    Assault RTD

    Item MPH044
    Save 40%

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    Retail $36.00

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     A Ready-to-Drink version of MusclePharm's popular Assault pre-workout supplement.
  4. Zero Carb Isopure RTD
    Save 53%

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    Retail $67.00

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  5. Muscle Milk RTD

    Muscle Milk RTD

    Item CMX006
    Save 54%

    Special Price $25.56

    Regular Price $55.99

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  6. Myoplex Original RTD

    Myoplex Original RTD

    By EAS
    Item EAS077
    Save 43%

    Your Price $31.96

    Retail $55.95

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  7. Isopure Tea RTD
    Save 53%

    Your Price $31.16

    Retail $67.00

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  8. CHARGE! Super Shot

    CHARGE! Super Shot

    By Labrada
    Item LAB035
    Save 53%

    Your Price $8.40

    Retail $17.94

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  9. Redline Xtreme RTD

    Redline Xtreme RTD

    By VPX
    Item VPX022
    Save 48%

    Your Price $45.86

    Retail $88.56

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  10. Pure Pro 50
    Save 29%

    Your Price $30.00

    Retail $42.00

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