RTD (Ready to Drink) Formulas

Who wouldn't choose convenience when given the option, especially on those days where every minute counts? That's why manufacturers have worked so hard to combine the right balance of protein, fat, carbs and taste found in ready-to-drink products. RTDs represent the ultimate in convenience for those seeking a quick boost of protein and other valuable nutrients. Just grab one from your office drawer, gym bag or car, open it and drink?no mixing required. Providing supplemental support for muscle-building diets, RTDs can be used pre-workout, post-workout or, depending on their formula, as a meal replacement. Most RTDs, such as CytoSport's Muscle Milk, Labrada's Lean Body and ISS Research's Oh Yeah!, contain proteins (in the form of milk protein isolate, whey protein concentrates and calcium caseinate), carbs (in ranges as low as 7 grams, for low-carb diets) and fats (usually from healthy choices, such as sunflower oil, medium-chain triglyceride oil or flax oil). Of course, a few specialty ingredients are found throughout the category, including amino acid blends, phyto-nutrients, vitamin and mineral blends and fiber. And in flavors that will make you think you're drinking a forbidden milkshake, you're bound to look forward to RTD time each day!

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  1. Lean Body RTD

    Lean Body RTD

    By Labrada
    Item LAB029
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    LEAN BODY  RTD Ready to Drink Hi-Protein Milk Shake 40g LeanPro® Protein Zero Sugar, Trans Fat-Free, Lactose-Free Award-Winning Taste! 12 Bottles per Case The new Lean Body® 17 oz. Ready-to-Drink shake is the perfect nutritional boost for those on the go! Each 17oz. TretraPak serving packs in 40 grams of lean muscle-building protein, and with 0 grams of sugar, it's ideal for any carb-restricted diet. Lean Body®. It's the delicious, convenient way to enjoy your nutrition on the go!!Lean Body® RTD contains zero sugar, 25% more protein, and 50% less fat than the leading brand of aseptic RTD. It's the hands down winner that RTD fans have been waiting for: a nutritional powerhouse with a delicious ice cream taste!Check out the benefits of Lean Body® Hi-Protein Ready-to-Drink Shakes: No Sugar---ZERO! Lactose-Free! Award-Winning Taste. Tastes like a delicious, creamy milkshake!  40 grams LeanPro® Muscle Building Protein Patented flash-heat aseptic processing results in less denatured protein than canned protein drinks. 25% more protein than other aseptic RTD's 50% less fat than other aseptic RTD's Patented New Container -Resealable top---drink it now and later! No Trans Fat. No hydrogenated oil. Nutritional Powerhouse. Fortified with 22 vitamins & minerals!
  2. Zero Carb Isopure RTD
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    Zero Carb Isopure RTDBy Nature's BestThis tasty whey-based ready-to-drink by Nature's Best provides 40 grams of ion-exchanged whey protein isolate (per 20-oz. bottle), with no carbs, sugars, or aspartame.* These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.
  3. Muscle Milk RTD

    Muscle Milk RTD

    Item CMX006
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    Muscle Milk RTDby CytosportPopular, High Quality Nutritional Drink Muscle Milk more than makes the grade when it comes to providing great taste—as legions of customers will attest. Of course, it's not the only quality Muscle Milk's RTD brings to the table. Along with its delicious flavor, Muscle Milk provides high-grade nutrition with its EvoPro Protein Complex (containing micellar alpha and beta caseins and caseinates, whey concentrates rich in alpha-lactalbumin, whey peptides, L-glutamine and taurine), and a vitamin and mineral blend that covers vitamins A, C, D, E and all the essential B vitamins, along with 200 mg calcium, iron, phosphorous, iodine, 100 mg magnesium, 30 mg zinc, copper, 120 mcg chromium, sodium and potassium. This popular ready-to-drink is additionally fortified with healthy fats, among them canola oil, sunflower oil and polyunsaturated longchain vegetable oils, which have been shown through scientific study to provide antioxidant protection as well as support muscle recovery and enhance energy. Rounding out the list is an amino acid blend (L-leucine, glutamine and BCAAs) plus phyto-nutrients including green tea and grape seed extract with a digestive enzyme blend. A comprehensive and anabolic formulation with great taste too, Muscle Milk RTD provides high quality in all aspects.
  4. Myoplex Original RTD

    Myoplex Original RTD

    By EAS
    Item EAS077
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    Myoplex Original RTDConvenient RTD Nutrition Shake! Myoplex Original RTD is a quick, convenient pop-open-and-drink version of the popular Myoplex meal replacement shake.  This RTD contains 42 grams of EAS's MyoPro 2 complex milk protein concentrate, calcium caseinate, and whey protein isolate, as well as sunflower oil, 20 grams of carbs (corn derived maltodextrin), 7 grams of fat, and 26 vitamins and minerals.
  5. Isopure Tea RTD
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    Isopure Tea by Natures BestIsopure is an Ion Exchange Whey Protein drink loaded with 8,880mg of BCAA's and 40 grams of protein per serving. Sweetened with Sucralose, preservative free, lactose free and fat free. Isopure Green Tea contains flavanoid antioxidants. Flavanoid antioxidants in tea may help the body protect itself against free radicals and maintain its good health.
  6. CHARGE! Super Shot

    CHARGE! Super Shot

    By Labrada
    Item LAB035
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    Charge!® SuperShot Energy Drink Charge!® SuperShot charges you up with healthy energy! Get energy-releasing B-vitamins, plus natural fruit-based anti-oxidants to support your body's natural defenses against cell-damaging oxidative stress.Charge!® SuperShot adds just the right amount of caffeine, to leave you refreshed and ready to take on the world! Charge!® SuperShot Highlights: Zero Sugar, Zero Carbs, Zero Crash Over 2435 mg Natural Anti-oxidants Mental Clarity Fast Acting, Long Lasting
  7. Redline Xtreme RTD

    Redline Xtreme RTD

    By VPX
    Item VPX022
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    REDLINE Xtreme  is a thermogenic RTD energy drink utilizing Caffeine anhydrous, Evoburn, vinpocetine, and yohimbine along with other stimulants as well as mood/cognitive enhancers L-tyrosine. The manufacturer recommends to not using product on an empty stomach and ingesting half of bottle to assess tolerance.   REDLINE Xtreme is Formulated to Support: Reaction time! Energy! Focus!
  8. Pure Pro 50
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    Pure Pro 50 50 Gram Protein Shake Pure Pro 50 comes on strong with 50 grams of protein from milk and whey with premium taste and muscle-building support. A superior resealable aluminum bottle further distinguishes this potent potion from the pack. It keeps your protein cooler longer while providing an easy way to save some for later. Work Pure Pro 50 into your workout routine and experience ABB superiority first hand.WHAT YOU NEED     Serious Protein     Incredible Convenience     Serious BCAAs     Minimal Sugar & Fat     Lean Muscle Support WHAT IT'S GOT     50 g of Protein From Milk & Whey     Resealable Aluminum Bottle     Essential Amino Acids Including BCAAs     2-4 Grams of Fat     3-4 Grams of Sugar
  9. Amino Energy RTD

    Amino Energy RTD

    Item OPT108
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    Amino Energy RTD by Optimum Nutrition Product Description Coming Soon!
  10. BANG RTD


    By VPX
    Item VPX061
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    BANG RTD by VPX Sports Ready-to-drink with a Few Unusual Ingredients Unlike most sports exercise drinks, Bang doesn't just contain a lot of sugar and stimulants. Included in its formula are the BCAAs L-Leucine, L-Isoleucine, and L-Valine which (when provided in suitable amounts) can support recovery, a bonded creatine glutamine complex which may support cell volumization and recovery somewhat, and zero grams of sugar. * These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.

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