Protein Snacks

It's every bodybuilder's dilemma. How do you consume enough protein to reach that 1g to 1.5 gram per kilogram of bodyweight standard? After the chicken and the fish and the beef and the protein shakes, it's time for a protein snack. Fortunately, protein snacks come in a wide variety of meal sources, from bars to breakfast cereals to puddings, protein shots and wafers. Whatever your supplement preference, there's a protein snack to suit your taste buds. <<

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  1. Muscle Brownie
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  2. Caveman Bar

    Caveman Bar

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  3. Supreme Protein Carb Conscious Bar 86-96 gram-Box of 12
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    The world’s first quadruple-layer protein bar represents a great leap forward in the category with regard to flavor and texture, while providing a high-quality protein blend in a true high-performance protein bar.
  4. Power Crunch Bars
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  5. Ostrim Sticks

    Ostrim Sticks

    By Ostrim
    Item OST002
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  6. Nuts 'N More Peanut Butter
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  7. High Protein Pancake Mix
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  8. Big 100 Bar Colossal

    Big 100 Bar Colossal

    By Met-rx
    Item MRX005
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  9. The Complete Cookie
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  10. Power Pak Pudding

    Power Pak Pudding

    By MHP
    Item MHP052
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    MHP has masterfully combined a delicious dessert into a muscle-building snack as well. Power Pak Pudding tastes great and at the same time delivers 30 grams of protein per serving. The other sweet aspect of this format is convenience. Open a can any time anywhere. Available in Chocolate, Vanilla and Butterscotch.

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