Protein Snacks

It's every bodybuilder's dilemma. How do you consume enough protein to reach that 1g to 1.5 gram per kilogram of bodyweight standard? After the chicken and the fish and the beef and the protein shakes, it's time for a protein snack. Fortunately, protein snacks come in a wide variety of meal sources, from bars to breakfast cereals to puddings, protein shots and wafers. Whatever your supplement preference, there's a protein snack to suit your taste buds. <<

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  1. Muscle Brownie
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    Lenny & Larry's Muscle Brownies are the ideal alternative when you're looking for a change from "candy bar" style protein treats. Each bar provides 20 grams of a whey concentrate/soy isolate blend with 20 grams of carbs and 5 grams of fiber.
  2. Buff Bake Cookies

    Buff Bake Cookies

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    Buff Bake's Protein Cookies make a great high-protein treat when you're on the run. Each cookie has 16 grams of protein (milk protein concentrate and whey protein isolate), 17 grams of carbs and 10 grams of fat in 180 calories. Available in 5 mouth-watering flavor varities.
  3. Buff Bake Peanut Butter
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    Buff Bake's highly nutritious spread are available in 5 flavor varieties, each combining antioxidant-rich peanut butter, hormone-free whey protein, and omega-3-rich chia and flaxseed extracts in a luscious snack that provides 11 grams of protein.
  4. Buff Bake Almond Butter
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    There's more than one way to add high-quality protein content to your regmen! Buff Bake Almond Butter combines almond butter with added all-natural whey protein, and omega-3 rich chia and flax-seed extract in a delicious snack, low in sugar with 11 grams of protein.
  5. Met-rx Powdered Peanut Butter
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  6. Supreme Protein Carb Conscious Bar 86-96 gram-Box of 12
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    The world’s first quadruple-layer protein bar represents a great leap forward in the category with regard to flavor and texture, while providing a high-quality protein blend in a true high-performance protein bar.
  7. Power Crunch Bars
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    These delicious cream filled wafer bars are packed with 14 grams of quality protein making them a great nutritious snack any time of the day or night. Get a solid dose of protein and a taste treat at the same time with Power Crunch Bars, available in seven savory flavors.
  8. Ostrim Sticks

    Ostrim Sticks

    By Ostrim
    Item OST002
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    Getting quality protein can take a number of forms, including the ostrich and beef blend from Ostrim. Each of these sticks provide 13 grams of protein, only 3 carbs and a total fat amount of less than one gram. Available in a 10-count package and two flavors, Teriyaki and Barbeque.
  9. Nuts 'N More Peanut Butter
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    Protein combined with peanut butter seems like a natural fit and Nuts ‘N More proves it. Each two-teaspoon serving provides natural peanut butter and 12 to 14 grams (depending on flavor) of whey protein isolate. It also contains an omega blend and is available in a 16 oz jar and six different flavors.
  10. High Protein Pancake Mix
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    Take a break from eggs and try this High Protein Pancake Mix, which provides 12 grams of Met-Rx’s Metomyosyn® protein blend per serving (about three pancakes).  Simply add water, mix and ladle on the griddle.

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