Whey Protein Blends

A high-quality protein derived from cow's milk, whey protein is the preferred choice of most bodybuilders because it is easy to digest, efficiently absorbed into the body, contains all the essential amino acids and is a rich source of BCAAs. Whey protein blends most often consist of both whey protein isolate (the more pure version, which has more protein and less fat and lactose per serving) and whey protein concentrate. They are often found blended together to better balance the faster absorption of whey protein isolate with the slower absorption of whey protein concentrate. Higher-quality versions of whey protein blends incorporate whey isolate with hydrolyzed whey, which offers even faster, more immediate absorption and subsequent bioavailability. <<

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  1. Syntha-6


    By BSN
    Item BSN012
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    SYNTHA-6® is a 6-ingredient protein matrix consisting of ultra-filtered whey protein concentrate, micellar alpha and beta caseins, microfiltered WPI, egg albumen, calcium caseinate, and milk protein concentrate, intended to fuel muscle support over an extended time period.
  2. COR-Performance Whey
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  3. Complete Whey Protein
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    This is a classic econo-whey protein that keeps it simple and affordable. Complete Whey Protein is a 5-pound container that delivers 20 grams per serving of ion-exchanged whey concentrate, and really little else, which is basically the hallmark of an economy protein. It’s available in Cocoa Bean and Vanilla Bean flavors.
  4. Elite 100% Whey Protein
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  5. JavaPro


    Item NAB043
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  6. UMP - Ultimate Muscle
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  7. Whey-HD


    Item BPI027
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    BPI's first foray into the protein category provides 25 grams of protein in the form of a whey isolate, whey concentrate, and milk isolate blend. It also includes 5.5 grams of BCAAs and added digestive enzymes.
  8. Perfect RX

    Perfect RX

    Item NAB001
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  9. Elite XT

    Elite XT

    Item DTZ048
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  10. PRO Complex Pro Series
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