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It's common to turn to weight gainers when your fast-burning metabolism won't let you pack on quality pounds through diet alone. Weight gainers don't just fill you up with empty calories, such as low-quality ingredients or sugars, either, they contain formulations of high-quality protein blends, complex carbohydrates and healthy fats that make it easy to ingest an extra few thousand calories each day. To further increase muscle mass while minimizing fat gain, some products also include creatine, amino acids and fiber.

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  1. CytoGainer


    Item CMX008
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    9.6 out of 10 | 5 Review(s)
    CytoGainerCytoSport's Lean Muscle Maximizer CytoGainer is CytoSport's popular hard gainer formulation that contains 54 grams of protein per serving including pre-digested whey peptides, plus creatine, glutamine, complex carbs for slow absorption, and no sucrose, fructose, or aspartame.Benefits of Cyto Gainer: 54 grams of quality whey proteins, consisting of glutamine-rich, partially pre-digested whey peptides for easy digestibility Complex carbs only, consisting of long-linear chain maltodextrins for enhanced recovery 3 grams of Creatine Monodydrate to help fuel muscles after intense training 2 grams of L-Glutamine to help preserve muscle tissue and boost immunity 98% lactose free 97% fat-free No simple sugars, fructose, or sucrose Mixes instantly - no blender required
  2. Super Mass Gainer

    Super Mass Gainer

    Item DTZ057
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    6 out of 10 | 1 Review(s)
    Super Mass Gainerby Dymatize NutritionSuper Mass Gainer—This new weight gain formula delivers a huge 1300 calories per serving, including 52 grams of quality protein, 17 grams of branched chain amino acids, 252 grams of carbs, 1.5 grams of creatine monohydrate and a full blend of vitamins and minerals. * These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.
  3. Real Gains
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    9.8 out of 10 | 22 Review(s)
    Universal NutritionReal GainsHigh Calorie Weight GainerReal Gains is a high calorie weight gain formula consisting of 610 calories per serving. It boasts 52 grams of protein from a blend consisting of whey concentrate, micellar casein and whey isolate. Real Gains provides 87 grams of carbohydrates from maltodextrin and 6 grams of fat from flaxseed and MCT oil to help bulk you up.
  4. 100% Pure Muscle Mass
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    10 out of 10 | 1 Review(s)
    100% Pure Muscle Mass by Cutler Nutrition High-Calorie Weight Gainer Jay Cutler's weight gainer formulation provides 1300 calories per 4-scoop serving and is anchored by a 50-grams-per-serving dose of protein composed of whey protein concentrate, milk protein isolate, calcium caseinate, micellar casein, egg albumin, and whey protein isolate. Pure Muscle Mass also provides creatine and taurine for cell volumization, glutamine and glutamine peptides for recovery, and plenty of carbohydrates, mostly in the form of dextrin. * These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.
  5. Massive Whey Gainer
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    Ultimate NutritionMASSIVE WHEY GAINERNaturally Sweetened Weight Gainer Protein PowderZero SugarThe "original" Gainer formula is better than ever. To gain muscle weight, you need a high caloric formula with a 2:1 ratio of carbs to protein and a proper workout. MASSIVE WHEY GAINER has over 30% high quality whey protein per serving. Many so called gainers are 5-10% protein; the balance is sugars. MASSIVE WHEY GAINER is the ULTIMATE weight gain formula on the market. Each nutritionally complete dose supplies your body with 55 grams of the highest quality (as measured by Biological Value, BV) peptide-bonded and free form amino acids, predigested complex carbohydrates (glucose polymers), pure crystalline fructose, and vitamins. No soy protein or artificial sweeteners are used.
  6. Arnold Iron Mass
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    8 out of 10 | 2 Review(s)
    Arnold Iron Massby Arnold Schwarzenegger Series Targeted weight gainer formulation In a category in which too many products offer plenty of calories and too little muscle fuel, Arnold Mass Gain takes a well-considered approach to supporting real muscle growth. This weight gainer provides 40 grams per serving of hydrolyzed beef protein with added lactoferrin, plus added creatine monohydrate for cell volumization, BCAAs (L-leucine, L-valine, L-isoleucine) for recovery and D-ribose for enhanced ATP levels. In addition, Arnold Iron Mass includes complex carbohydrates in the form of sweet potato powder and barley starch, as well as a healthy fats matrix (sunflower oil, MCTs) and digestive enzymes. Arnold Iron Mass is low sugar, gluten-free and provides 485 calories per serving. * These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.
  7. True-Mass


    By BSN
    Item BSN011
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    9 out of 10 | 18 Review(s)
    True-Mass"Hard Gainers" Protein PowderTrue-Mass is a calorie- and nutrient-dense hard gainer formula (protein powder), containing an AM-to-PM protein and carbohydrate blend derived from 6 protein sources and a spectrum of carbs, plus protein enzymes (Aminogen and Papain), MCTs, EFAs, glutamine peptides, and glutamine-AKG. Contains zero trans fats and aspartame. True Mass Highlights: Official lean mass gainer of TEAM BSN athletes Complete calorie/nutrient support for beginner through advanced mass-gaining needs A.M.-P.M. nutrient blend; 6 fast-absorbing, long-acting protein sources, plus complex ("good") carbs Fortified with BCAA's, Glutamine AKG, Glutamine peptides, MCT's, Fiber and active Protein Utilization enzymes Aspartame-free Great taste  
  8. Elite Mass Gainer

    Elite Mass Gainer

    Item DTZ042
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    8 out of 10 | 5 Review(s)
    DymatizeElite Mass Gainer High Protein Anabolic GainerElite Mass is a Hi-protein Anabolic Gainer designed specifically to provide the right formula for packing on quality lean muscle mass. This formula helps deliver more calories and protein gram for gram than other protein options on the market. Each serving contains 600 calories, 55 grams of protein, sustained release protein matrix, complex carb matrix, creatine fusion, branched chain amino acid blend, and an anabolic lipid complex.Sustained Release 55g Protein Matrix 100% Pure Premium Grade AjiPure? Glutamine & BCAA's Creatine Fusion Anabolic Lipid Complex Sustained Carb Matrix with Waxy Maize 99% Sugar Free
  9. Monster Mass

    Monster Mass

    Item CMX035
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    8 out of 10 | 1 Review(s)
    Monster Mass600+ Calorie, Protein & Carbohydrate Shake Monster Mass is a digestible, mass-building protein powder that tastes like an ultra-rich milk shake with 600+ calorie advanced protein and carbohydrate systems for building size and muscle. Fast & Slow Proteins: Monster Mass delivers multi-source sustained release proteins: Rapid-releasing anabolic whey, glutamine peptides and free form BCAA's, complemented by slower, anti-catabolic caseins and other complete milk protein isolates. This combination of fast and slow proteins creates an "anabolic window" that lasts for hours. Super Easy To Digest: Monster Mass uses of Aminogen« (Patented Bio-Active Polypeptide Enzyme System), bromelain, papain, and lactase ensures extreme ease of digestion. These enzymes ensure the proteins in Monster Mass are delivered as free-form amino acids and small peptide chains to ensure maximum uptake and absorption. Plus Monster Mass is 98% lactose free, making it even easier to process. Boost Your Nitrogen Balance: Monster Mass helps create positive nitrogen balance, the gold standard of anabolic potential. Monster Mass provides high levels of essential amino acids to bathe muscle fibers in an "anabolic soup" to stimulate protein synthesis and muscle growth (hypertrophy). MONSTER MASS HIGHLIGHTS: 50 Grams Multi-Source Protein Matrix Whey Concentrates Whey Isolates  Isolated Milk Protein  Caseinates  Lactoferrin  L-Glutamine  Glutamine Peptides  Freform BCAA's L-Valine, L-Leucine, L-Isoleucine 50 Grams Digestable Protein:500 mg of Aminogen« (a patented bio-enzyme proteolytic digestive system), bromelain, and papain ensure the breakdown of proteins into absorbable peptides. Monster Complex Carbohydrates:Waxy Maize Starch and Maltodextrin provide massive amounts of glucose energy to fuel muscle growth and recovery. These complex carbs trigger the insulin response necessary to maximize protein utilization and amino acid uptake. Leanlipids Plus:Calorically dense Sunflower and/or Safflower oil, Medium Chain Triglycerides, Canola Oil and Conjugated Linolenic Acid (CLA) are excellent sources of energy for muscle growth.
  10. Gain Fast 3100
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    6.7 out of 10 | 6 Review(s)
    Universal Nutrition   Gain Fast 3100 High Calorie Anabolic Weight Gainer Gain Fast 3100 has been designed to fuel your body with up to 3100 quality calories per day. But sometimes, even mega-calories aren't enough. Sometimes you need something more, something like anabolic boosters, performance herbs, natural plant sterols, EFAs, digestive enzymes, and muscle optimizers. We're talking about ingredients like L-arginine, MCTs, IGF colostrum, L-carnosine, vanadyl sulfate, plant sterols (e.g., beta-sitosterol, stigmasterol, fucosterol, campesterol), inosine, ginseng, pyridoxine alpha-ketoglutarate (PAK), choline, inositol monophosphate, and other good stuff. With Gain Fast 3100's exclusive Get Big Quick Formula, you get over 3100 calories from 150g of protein, 596g of carbohydrates, and only 15g of fat.

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