Egg Protein

Often said to be nature's perfect protein source, eggs have been a bodybuilding dietary staple since the beginning of the sport. But with the advent of egg protein powder, made with egg albumen, or the white part of the egg, athletes no longer need to stomach dangerous raw egg whites or dozens of hard-boiled eggs each day in order to benefit from this perfect protein. With a notable amino acid profile, which means the body can easily convert the egg protein to muscle tissue, it also has significant levels of glutamine. <<

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  1. Paleo Protein

    Paleo Protein

    By MHP
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    For those who prefer non-whey protein or are into the paleo diet, Paleo Protein from MHP is the logical choice. Each single scoop dose provides a 20-gram blend of beef protein isolate and egg white albumin. Add some maltodextrin and there you have it, a simple and solid protein powder available in two flavors, Vanilla Almond and Chocolate.
  2. Milk and Egg Protein
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    No surprises here. Universal’s Milk and Egg Protein consists of a 24-gram blend of whey protein concentrate (from milk), and egg white albumin. These slower absorbing forms of protein provide a steady supply of amino acids for enhanced growth. It’s also low in carbs (3 grams) and low in sugar (1 gram). Available in a 3 lb container and rich Vanilla flavor.
  3. Syntha-6


    By BSN
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    SYNTHA-6® is a 6-ingredient protein matrix consisting of ultra-filtered whey protein concentrate, micellar alpha and beta caseins, microfiltered WPI, egg albumen, calcium caseinate, and milk protein concentrate, intended to fuel muscle support over an extended time period.

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