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Gaining weight seems like the easiest thing in the world to do, right? But for many bodybuilders, it's hard to intake enough calories a day, especially when eating clean, to combat a fast metabolism. Weight gain bars help you gain the weight you want by combining protein, carbohydrates and fat, usually along with vitamins and minerals, into a high-calorie, convenient package. Great for a snack or even to replace a meal in a pinch, these high-calorie bars are the best way to pack on the pounds. ProSource offers unbeatable shipping prices and eliminates mark-ups to bring you the lowest possible prices on weight gain bars! <<

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  1. Hi Protein Bar
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    With 33 grams of protein, the name is aptly suited, although the carb amount is about equal as well. This is a good thing for adding mass while enjoying a tasty snack at the same time.
  2. Big 100 Bar

    Big 100 Bar

    By Met-rx
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    The Big 100 bars are more of a meal replacement than your standard protein bar, with a substantial amount of carbs (50 grams), a fairly large calorie count (360) and 28 grams of protein (Met-Rx’s Metamyosyn® blend). Available in Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough and nine meal-bars per box.

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