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Not taking the proper pre-workout formula of food and supplements is like trying to race your car down the street with no gas, you're not going to get anywhere. In fact, you may actually be doing more harm then good, as your body will begin to use the muscles you worked so hard to develop as the next-best energy source. So, after your pre-workout meal, but before your workout, get a boost in energy, strength and endurance from one of the many Pre-Workout formulas on the market. Supplements such as BioQuest's testosterone-charged AndroFury and MusclePharm's Assault include nitric oxide for increased pump, creatine monohydrate for building more muscle mass faster, caffeine for increased focus and energy, and the amino acid arginine for muscle growth, thanks to its vasodilating properties. Other formulas also contain such ingredients as phosphates, taurine, beta-alanine, B vitamins, L-glutamine, antioxidants, electrolytes and tyrosine, while some are most revered for what they don't contain: sugar, caffeine and fillers, such as high-glycemic maltodextrin or artificial dyes. For an explosive workout with gym-rattling muscle pumps and through-the-roof endurance, set the tone of your workout before you even set foot in the gym with these pre-workout products.

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  1. C4


    Item CLC001
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    Cellucor's pre-workout formula contains a buffered form of creatine (creatine bonded to nitrate), plus 1.6 grams of beta alanine, one gram of Arginine-AKG, as well as a blend of energy support catalysts. C4 has long been a popular workout maximizer, and this latest evolution in the offering is likely to continue that trend.
  2. AndroFury


    Item BQT022
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    This pioneering testosterone-charged pre-workout formula contains a super-potent, highly processed, protodioscin-rich botanical compound associated with support of testosterone levels, plus a matrix of performance optimizers precision-targeted to support work output, endurance, and intensity.
  3. Assault


    Item MPH032
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    MusclePharm has redesigned its popular pre-workout mainstay, Assault, adding an ATP amplifier in the form of a beta alanine catalyst, as well as tweaking its muscle pump matrix to include a fusion of arginine and nitric acid to support vascularity and strength. In addition, the new Assault contains nitrate-bonded forms of creatine and BCAAs.
  4. Nitrix 2.0

    Nitrix 2.0

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    Item BSN042
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  5. Xtend


    Item SVT004
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  6. Fusion Force

    Fusion Force

    Item BQT009
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    BioQuest’s pioneering FusionForce pre-workout established the benchmarks for performance optimization upon its introduction, providing clinically indicated dosages of creatine monohydrate for cell volumization and strength support, arginine-AKG and citrulline malate for nitric-oxide potentiated vasodilation, plus energy support agents and more critical co-factors.
  7. Myo-Surge


    Item PSP038
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    10 out of 10 | 1 Review(s)
    ProSource’s Myo-Surge® was and still is one of the most influential and groundbreaking products to appear in the pre-workout category. Myo-Surge is designed to create an ideal bodily environment for growth and strength increase via BCAAs, glutamine, and essential vitamin co-factors.
  8. Animal Pump
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  9. 1.M.R. VORTEX

    1.M.R. VORTEX

    Item BPI028
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    1.M.R. Vortex is an updated version of the original 1.M.R. pre-workout, centered around stimulant-based components such as caffeine, yohimbe and herbal extracts, plus components such as glycerol for muscle pump and Indigofera pulchra for potential anti-inflammatory support.
  10. Muscle Maize

    Muscle Maize

    Item BQT016
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    10 out of 10 | 1 Review(s)
    An ideal, all-in-one, throughout-the-day technology for supporting muscle mass, MuscleMaize contains an advanced whey isolate/hydrolyzed whey blend, plus a cutting-edge carb complex anchored by waxy maize, as well as a matrix of endurance, strength, and natural T-boosting ingredients. MuscleMaize is an extraordinary supplement value for bodybuilders!

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