Considered an amino acid superstar because some studies show it may offer more long-term benefits than creatine, glutamine supports the immune system, serves as a direct regulator of protein synthesis and breakdown in muscle, lowers the amount of exercise-induced ammonia, improves digestion of nutrients and is an important precursor to arginine. Daily supplementation, both before and after your workout, will help keep your glutamine stores at sufficient levels to maximize recovery and growth. <<

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  1. T.A.G (Trans Alanyl Glutamine)
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  2. Glutamine


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  3. Myo-Surge


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    ProSource’s Myo-Surge® was and still is one of the most influential and groundbreaking products to appear in the pre-workout category. Myo-Surge is designed to create an ideal bodily environment for growth and strength increase via BCAAs, glutamine, and essential vitamin co-factors.
  4. Ultra Glutamine

    Ultra Glutamine

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    Glutamine’s value with regard to post-workout recovery is highlighted by how quickly it is depleted in muscle tissue during high-intensity exercise. Thus, it is well-recommended for pre- and post-workout supplementation. ProSource’s Ultra Glutamine is an N-acetyl-glutamine formulation that stays exceedingly stable during digestion, enhancing its bioavailability for muscle recovery support.
  5. Mega Glutamine Caps
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    Glutamine is a conditionally essential amino, important for recovery, that is depleted swiftly by athletes in high-intensity exercise mode. ProSource  Mega Glutamine contains 100% pure, free-form L-glutamine in a convenient capsule form.
  6. Glutamine


    By Gaspari
    Item GSP044
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  7. L-Glutamine Powder

    L-Glutamine Powder

    By Met-rx
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  8. Glutamine Fuel Powder
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    Glutamine has long been revered for its essential abilities to help enhance muscle growth and repair, as well as offering valuable intestinal and immune system advantages. Glutamine Fuel contains 4500 mg per serving of the free-form version of this important amino. Free form glutamine is purported to be better tolerated by users, in particular, allergy sensitive individuals.
  9. Aminodrol


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    The direct descendent of the revolutionary Cytodyne anabolic/anti-catabolic formulation, Aminodrol provides L-carnitine L-tartrate to support androgen receptors in muscle cells, beta alanine for endurance support, plus ingredients to facilitate protein synthesis and recovery.
  10. Glutamine Decanate
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