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It's been said that the bodybuilder's most important body part is his brain. Clearly, mood is central to your workout performance, muscle recovery, and rest. Looking to power your way through an ultraproductive workout? You would surely benefit from caffeine or a potent focus intensifier like tyrosine. Looking to maintain your overall vigor and aggressiveness? Look no further than Tribulus terrestris or other T-boosters. When it's time to mellow out and get the sufficient rest your body needs, melatonin could be just the thing. To achieve bodybuilding results, put yourself in the right frame of mind!

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  1. Extreme Caffeine

    Extreme Caffeine

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    9.1 out of 10 | 67 Review(s)
    Extreme CaffeinePure and Powerful Natural Caffeine, with Tyrosine Extreme Caffeine is a highly thermogenic, pre-workout stimulator that contains 200mg of the highest-quality natural caffeine available. Caffeine has been clinically shown in numerous studies to deliver significant boosts in energy and increase resting energy expenditure, time to exhaustion and cellular thermogenesis. It also enhances muscle metabolism and significantly increases performance. Extreme Caffeine is further supercharged with 250mg of L-Tyrosine for added focus and performance enhancement, and 200mg of calcium. Put the full value of pure, high-powered caffeine to work for you with Extreme Caffeine from ProSource. Learn more about Caffeine: Pre-Exercise Nutrition: The Blueprint For A Perfect WorkoutRead Research articles: Caffeine Helps Strength Athletes Too CAFFEINE INCREASES SPRINT PERFORMANCE Click to read about An inside look at the ProSource headquarters: See What Sets Our Brand Apart
  2. Animal Pak
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    9.8 out of 10 | 93 Review(s)
    Animal Pak Complete Vitamin and Minerals SystemAnimal Pak is a combination pack of vitamins and minerals, performance optimizers such as pyridoxine alpha-ketoglutarate (PAK), IGF colostrum, nucleotides, lipotropics, L-arginine, Protogen A, eleuthero.... over 55 key ingredients that are delivered in the right amounts at the right time, every time. Each of the 11 tablets included in each pak has been specifically formulated to deliver the goods.A good multi-vitamin supplement is key to every bodybuilder's regimen. Every Animal supplement has been designed to work together, creating a unique, powerful, and comprehensive nutritional system.Each precisely formulated Pak contains:Mega-Vitamin/Mineral/Antioxidant Complex Key Amino Acid Blend Performance Optimizers Joint & Bone Support EFA Complex Digestive Enzymes
  3. DopaTech-HGH


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    9.6 out of 10 | 70 Review(s)
    DopaTech-HGHMost Potent Source of L-Dopa! The product development team at ProSource has done their homework once again by researching and formulating this cutting edge supplement. DopaTech delivers the highest-quality and most potent extract of the vaunted Mucuna pruriens, standardized for a remarkable 15% L-Dopa. Its precision-targeted biological action can provide support for restored vitality and even mood enhancement. Mucuna pruriens has proven to be something of a wonder nutrient of late. A recent study has shown that Mucuna pruriens cotyledon powder treatment significantly restored the endogenous levodopa, dopamine, norepinephrine and serotonin content in the brain.(1) Another key study showed that Mucuna pruriens exerts antioxidant benefits, specifically that it has an antilipid peroxidation property, which is mediated through the removal of superoxides and hydroxyl radicals(2). In other words, the in depth science behind this compound is significantly impressive at multiple levels. The more you research and understand this compound and product, the more of an edge you are sure to gain.Maintain youthful vitality and maximize your performance in and out of the gym with DopaTech-HGH, the most potent and productive product of its kind. 1. Manyam BV, Dhanasekaran M, Hare TA. Neuroprotective effects of the anti-Parkinson drug Mucuna pruriens. Phytother Res. 2004 Sep;18(9):706-12. 2. Tripathi YB, Upadhyay AK. Effect of the alcohol extract of the seeds of Mucuna pruriens on the free radicals and oxidative stress in albino rats. Phytother Res. 2002 Sep;16(6):534-8. Learn more about the key ingredients in DopaTech: The New "GH Culture" in Pro Sports and the Emergence of Advanced Technologies for Natural Stimulus of GH Production  Mucuna Pruriens: Dopaminergic Dynamo   Click to read about An inside look at the ProSource headquarters: See What Sets Our Brand Apart  
  4. B-Power Super Energy Factors
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    9 out of 10 | 10 Review(s)
    B Complex Vitamin FormulaEnergy Support, Anti-Stress If maintaining enhanced energy production and mental focus over extended intervals is important to you, then adding a high-potency B complex to your regimen should be of paramount importance. ProSource's new B-Power Super Energy Factors contains a uniquely wide spectrum of highly bioactive B vitamins, incorporating two forms each of B-12, B-5, and B-3, where most other companies try to trim costs by making due with just one form of each. ProSource's high-potency B-Power Super Energy Factors is the athlete's best weapon for counteracting the effects of stress.
  5. Ultra GTX

    Ultra GTX

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    8.8 out of 10 | 12 Review(s)
    Ultra-GTX Industry's Most Powerful Green Tea Thermogenic AvailableHighest Grade Available! Unlike competing green tea products, ProSource Ultra-GTX is specifically formulated to provide the maximum strength dosage of epigallocatechin gallate (EGCG) for truly extraordinary thermogenic power. A treasure trove of clinical studies all continue to document and tout EGCG, as well as green tea's other polyphenol components, as the industry's most extraordinary performance enhancing, thermogenic compounds. As a result, many manufacturers have been quick to jump on the green tea bandwagon, but slow to provide legitimate documentation of proven potency.In fact, while other green tea products may list high amounts of EGCG on their labels, many actually test out at much lower percentages than claimed. This alarming revelation puts into serious question the actual intent of these manufacturers, or at the very least, their ability to maintain quality. Conversely, ProSource Ultra-GTX is independently lab-tested and officially assayed to contain a certified 95% polyphenol content and an extraordinary 45% active EGCG content, making it the world's highest-grade green tea supplement ever developed. In addition, Ultra-GTX was specifically designed to yield only a minimal amount of caffeine so that it is without the jitters or sleep disturbance of caffeine-spiked formulas.In addition to guaranteeing potency, this unparalleled lab testing is also designed to ensure consistent quality and purity from batch to batch. And that means, with every 500 mg capsule of Ultra-GTX, you're guaranteed these unprecedented percentages of polyphenols and EGCG with every single dose! Learn more about the benefits of Green Tea: Ultra-Gtx (THE THERMOGENIC POWERS OF GREEN TEA) Healthy Mind, Healthy Body Green Tea Weight Loss: The Ultimate Wonder Nutrient For Fat Loss, And Health Protection Keep Training: Never miss a workout by incorporating these ten antioxidants into your nutrition regimen Fall Fat Inferno: basic science behind the newest key ingredients that should be included in a good fat burning/diet aid supplement Enter the Burn Zone: 8 Quick Fat-Loss Tips You Can Use Today  Read Research articles: Green Tea Targets Belly Fat Green Tea Promotes Fat Oxidation During Exercise And Increases Insulin Sensitivity EGCG, The Major Polyphenol In Green Tea Extract, Enhances Compliance To A Weight Loss Program EGCG, The Bioactive In Green Tea, Promotes Fat Oxidation Green Tea Boosts Thermogenesis And Weight Loss Click to read about An inside look at the ProSource headquarters: See What Sets Our Brand Apart
  6. L-Theanine


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    10 out of 10 | 4 Review(s)
     L-Theanine Powerful Compound for Valuable Stress ReductionFeel a Wave of Relaxation with Just One Dose! Savvy athletes know that lean mass gains are the result of equal portions of high-intensity workouts and high-quality rest. If the second part of that all-important equation could use some improvement, ProSource L-Theanine is for you! The amino acid L-Theanine, found in green tea, has been shown to ease stress and help you relax, without feelings of drowsiness. Research illustrates theanine's capacity to stimulate the alpha waves within the brain, which create a state of deep relaxation and mental alertness normally achieved through meditation. L-Theanine is also involved in the formation of the inhibitory transmitter GABA (gamma amino butyric acid). GABA influences the levels of two other neurotransmitters, dopamine and serotonin, which produce a state of calm and relaxation. Ongoing research is showing that L-Theanine has the ability to lower blood pressure, act as an antagonist to the hyperactivity effects of caffeine, and works to calm nervous agitation. In addition, human studies on L-Theanine have also shown its ability to improve memory & concentration. Now you can take advantage of these valuable benefits with L-Theanine from ProSource --an innovative compound from an innovative company. Take it easy with L-Theanine!Made with Suntheanine« brand L-theanine, a registered trademark of Taiyo International, Inc.Learn more about L-theanine: Ultimate Guide for Amino Acids: Your Best Choice For Optimum Health, Growth, Energy And Focus. Read Research Articles: L-Theanine Promotes Relaxation Supplement Formulation Reduces Cortisol Levels And Stress Response To Exercise Click to read about An inside look at the ProSource headquarters: See What Sets Our Brand Apart  
  7. B-12


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    10 out of 10 | 6 Review(s)
    Vitamin B-12The "Energy" Vitamin B-12 - is referred to as the "energy vitamin" because of it's remarkable ability to facilitate the absorption and digestion of food. It is also a key component for the synthesis of protein, and metabolism of carbohydrates and fats. Along with folic acid, it is involved in modulating the formation of red blood cells. Fire up your energy levels with new ProSource Vitamin B-12.   Learn more about Vitamin B-12: B12: The Energy And Endurance Vitamin  Click to read about An inside look at the ProSource headquarters: See What Sets Our Brand Apart
  8. L-Tyrosine


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    8 out of 10 | 3 Review(s)
     L-TyrosineExperience Razor-Sharp Intensity, Drive & Focus This powerful amino acid offers a spectrum of important benefits for athletes looking to maximize their intensity level and even for non-athletes just looking to increase their focus and energy. L-Tyrosine is a primary precursor to important neurotransmitters and has recently become popular as a pre-workout stimulator for maximum intensity and focus with some users reporting up to a 41% increase in intensity. Read More About L-Tyrosine: Amino Acids: Your Best Choice For Optimum Health, Growth, Energy And Focus. Healthy Mind, Healthy Body Click to read about An inside look at the ProSource headquarters: See What Sets Our Brand Apart
  9. Choline


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    8.7 out of 10 | 3 Review(s)
    CholineVersatile Nutrient for Mental Focus, Energy and Low-Carb Diet Support! Athletes have long valued choline for its key role in improving neuro-muscular function and sharpening cognitive ability during intense exercise. Now, this essential B vitamin is proving equally popular with low-carb dieters. Because Choline has been shown to enhance mental focus and boost brain function, it has proven especially useful to low-carb dieters suffering from the "crash" sometimes associated with those regimens. In addition, Choline acts as a precursor in the biosyntheses of phosphatidylcholine and acetylcholine, which in turn are crucial to the repair and function of all living cells. Enjoy peak energy and focus with this versatile, premium quality Choline supplement from ProSource. Learn more about Choline: Carnitine And Choline Decreases Oxidative Stress  Click to read about An inside look at the ProSource headquarters: See What Sets Our Brand Apart  
  10. Sedazone PM

    Sedazone PM

    Item PSP034
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    10 out of 10 | 2 Review(s)
    Sedazone PMPrecision-Targeted Sleep Support for Athletes Newly reformulated Sedazone PM contains an advanced blend of the most powerful natural compounds designed to help promote deep, restful sleep, so you can awake feeling refreshed and recharged. Because so many of the body's recuperative processes occur during rest, sound sleep is essential for improving muscular development, growth, and maintaining good health. Sedazone PM supports restful sleep and muscle recovery with proven botanicals such as Valerian root extract, Rhodiola rosea root extract, Californian poppy herb extract and Melatonin.

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