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  1. Angry Mills Peanut Spread
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    Caffeinated peanut spread seems a little on the edge, until you try it. This new energizing snack provides a quality protein blend of whey isolate and rice protein (12 grams) and 40 grams of caffeine in each serving. Angry Mills Peanut Spread is also available in a caffeine-free version to satisfy both tastes.
  2. Angry Mills Almond Spread
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    Almond spread with an energizing dose of caffeine may be the perfect snack for some athletes. And for those who like their nut spread without, Angry Mills has that too. Each serving provides protein (12 grams) nutrition, tasty almond flavor and the option of added caffeine (40 mg).
  3. Angry Mills Peanut Powder
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    Talk about convenience, Sinister Mills has made their caffeinated peanut snack into a powder form for easy mixing or adding to your favorite recipe or shake for a nutritious and ambitious alternative for an energized protein format. Angry Mills Peanut Powder contains 70 mg of caffeine and 10 grams of protein.

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