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  1. Explosive Pre-Workout
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    Performance Inspired's Explosive Pre-Workout contans a comprehensive array of energizing, muscle-pump-facilitating, and focus intensifying co-factors intended to ramp up your workouts and make them maximally productive and physique-enhancing.
  2. Performance Whey Protein
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    The back-to-basics philosophy behind Mark Wahlberg's line of super-premium sports nutrition products is embodied in Performance Whey Protein, a 100% all-natural, high-performance protein blend flavored with equally all-natural ingredients, and augmented with 5 grams of fiber and a digestive enzyme complex for enhanced nutrient absorption.
  3. Ripped Whey Protein
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    The Ripped Whey Protein entry in Mark Wahlberg's Performance Inspired line of sports supplements combines a 100% all-natural protein blend with a unique complex of thermogenic and energizing co-factors to support physique enhancement and elite performance.

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